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Found 1 result

  1. I installed BTsync at my Debian server (arm) but it keeps segfaulting after running a little while. After restarting BTsync the folder list in the webui is empty so I have readded the shares a few times (3 other machines were already synced so I added with existing secret keys). Suddenly the size column reported 0b in 0 files for one of the shares. Checking shares on another machine it rapidly decreased in size, deleting files. I quickly killed btsync on the debian server but about half of the files had evaporated from all synced machines. Luckily I had one machine that was turned off during all this so I managed to rescue my files from that one by booting it without network connection, making backups of the shares and plugging it to the network agian. The shared files on that machine then also suddenly we're removed... I then copied the files back from the backups and now all machines connected to the shares are back with all files. Except the debian server of course. I don't dare to connect that one again... No why did it start with this behaviour, deleting files? And how can I prevent this from happening again? Right now BTsync doesn't feel safe to use for me.