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  1. Hey, I'm running BTSync 2.0.105 on a Raspberry Pi 2 and successfully synced 1,8TB and more than 160.000 files from a Drobo 5N to this machine via a read only share. I did the initial sync via LAN, which took about a week. The two devices are now connected via the internet. I recently had to exchange the hard drive of the Pi. I used RSync to copy the data from the old drive and readded the same share using the path to the new hard drive. Unfortunately the reindexing seems to be quite slow. I roughly estimated it will take about a week to reindex and wonder if this is normal, even if there is no actual file transfer? I wish there was a feature to move folders of shares within BTSync. Thanks!
  2. Hi Y'all I have used BitTorrent Sync for almost a year now, and it has worked great. I have synced hundreds of gigabytes data between Windows-Linux and Linux-Linux. The speed has been extremely high, with an upload to 60 MB/S (Default settings, encrypted data etc.). However, when i recently changed to a Windows server, everything slowed down. Now I get speeds from 100 KB/s to 2 MB/s, a big difference if you have to upload 1 TB of data. My setup: Both windows Pc (8,1 and Server 2008 R2) BitTorrent Sync 1.3.109 with predefined hosts, disabled relay server and LAN for forced predefined, disk priority is set to high, no encryption, no limit on local peers, buffert size maxed to 99999 and everything manually port forwarded in Windows firewall Connected with Cat6 cables, gigabit router and computers. I tried with the latest release of Sync, the speed spiked for a minute at 120 MB/s, then dropped to the regular speed. What am I doing wrong? Appreciate ALL Help!
  3. I started the update to 2.0.93 from (.95) thinking this would take the normal 1min max. Little did I know it would take around 45min. The culprit was that there was a scan of all active volumes for .sync folders. Holy cow. My backup volume that uses dirvish to backup unix(ish) systems was included in that scan. dirvish uses hardlinks to minimize disk usage but ends up with TONs of hard links. I don't want to count the total number, but it is in the millions I'm sure. Autoscanning the full set of volumes on a NAS is probably NOT a good idea guys!
  4. I'm trying to sync my "iTunes" folder between two computers on my LAN at home. Computer 1: Hackintosh HP ProBook 4530s, running Mavericks 10.9.4 Computer 2: Ancient MacBook Pro (2007 model), running Mavericks 10.9.4 The folder is about 60GB, with 11,000 or so files. In an effort to speed the sync along, I copied the source iTunes folder on Computer 1 to the destination iTunes folder on Computer 2. I then initiated a read-only share from Computer 1 to Computer 2. 14 hours ago. And it's going nowhere fast. Computer 1 says "Sending; 100%; Remaining: A few seconds". Computer 2 says "Receiving 0B/s; 14%; Remaining: A few seconds." If I click on "1 of 1 peer" in the connection listing on Computer 1, I see that 8141 files are remaining. That number will stay frozen for about three minutes. Then there will be a sudden short burst of syncing activity for about 30 seconds: 8141, 8139, 8130, 8121, 8117. STOP. Frozen again for three minutes. Does this sound familiar to anyone?? I'm getting no indication that the source computer is busy indexing. But maybe this is the case? Still.... it's been 14 hours. I've tried connecting the two computers through my router (both wirelessly, and via ethernet cable), and I've tried a direct APIPA ethernet connection (169.254.x.x). In all cases, the behaviour is the same. On both machines I've toggled the following options, separately, with no luck:| GLOBAL OPTIONS: disk_low_priority -> Changed to FALSE folder_defaults.use_relay -> Changed to FALSE folder_defaults.use_tracker -> Changed to FALSE lan_encrypt_data -> Changed to FALSE TRANSFER-SPECIFIC OPTIONS: "Use relay server when required" "Use tracker server" Thanks for any help or advice.
  5. I know I'm supposed to post logfiles. But before I do that, I need some clarification where the log file in linux is. I saw on this thread that it says You can find the .sync folder in the same directory where the btsync binary is located.But the binary is in /usr/bin/ and there certainly is no sync folder there (or any folder). In fact, i did a system wide search for '.sync' and nothing came up. So before I can go on and paste linux log, please let me know where to find it. I'll then email the logs! Thanks. (ps: getting speeds of anywhere from 20b/s - 500kb/s) (yes, first one is in bytes) Info: Machine A: Windows Machine B: Linux Just got BTsync. Files are syncing from A to B, as they all originally resided in A. It's an internet connection. Download Speed: 7mbps Upload speed: 15mbps Although I'm transferring over the internet, it's to the same IP (both machines are right here next to me, on the same WAN)
  6. I have btsync 1.3.106 setup on two computers in the same lan (arrows show both ways so it should be a direct connection - on top of that I unplugged the router overnight so for sure it was running direct). 1 Win81u1x64, 1 server 2012r2u1, both connected via the same unmanaged 1Gb switch. Speeds between the sync (about 700GB total archive) is usually at best 13 MB/s (and this is even with advanced | disk_low_priority = false on both btsync with both restarted after making that setting). Indexing has long since finished so that is not an issue. If I copy a file via explorer from target drive on both machines I usually see consistent speeds of 30 MB/s. Would it be better to seed this remote folder manually via explorer & then just let btsync index & upkeep?
  7. Hi, I moved all of my Dropbox-files, ca. 15GB, into an BT-Sync-repos(itory) and turned Dropbox off. Next to these I have repos for my books, ca. 13GB, and picture-backup. For the lare repos I'm not using "auto sync" and sync only a couple of files. I turned off the mobile sync, also. At my Android mobile devices it takes ca. 50s to show these repos. Thats really annoying if I'm on public transport and have to wait a minute for access my files. Is there a way to get rid of these? What is BT-Sync doing? Setup: Android 4.4.4 CyanogenMod Device: Nexus 4
  8. Hello Guys, Recently i started getting a problem, when i click "Add Folder" on the WebUI, no folders are listed in the "popover". Here is the screenshot of the "popover" Here is the screenshot of my full WebUI I had a similar problem before, where it would take some time to list the folders, but now, it just don't show up. After i created my own "config file" ( before i was running default ) and the problem still don't go away. Here is my config file: { "folder_rescan_interval": 10000, "storage_path": "/home/btsync/.sync", "webui": { "listen" : "" }} Is there "logs" i could read to see what is going on? Is there a way of "dumping the list of shares" i have into a config file so then i can append more shares "by hand" ? Any ideas? Its running the arch version on a "Wd My Cloud", thank you very much
  9. Hi there, Love the theory of this program, but having significant issues in performance. I have it set up where a few remote computers send files to a central computer with this program. Works good, but kills the internet in the process. The central computer would only be downloading at a reasonable rate (so no limited required). When in the process of even a single file, the ping rate to the internet jumps from 45-50ms to between 500-600ms. when doing speed tests during the transfer, the speed is crippled. Download rate drops 80% (even though the file download is only sucking 40kbs due to upload speeds on the other end), and the upload speed (even though there's no upload) drops to 0.02mbs... worse than dial-up. As soon as I close the program, ping rates return to 45-50ms, download/upload rates return to normal. It's scary. I manage the site remotely, and need to be able to administer it over the WAN... when this program runs, I can't even RDP without drops, and hosted webpages from the site drop as well. Any thoughts?
  10. BTSync is only transferring data 50% of the time on a 19 Gig file as I have no "progress" indicator - I don't know how far this has got - but it has been running 5 days - and even at 50% rate - it should be well over any thoughts? during the on time it is 150-190 kB/s - for 60 seconds then stop during the off time it is "Nothing is being transferred at the moment" - 60 seconds I have 1.3.105 - on both Server 2012, WIn 8.1 with a VPN between them. the Device has two arrows indicating direct connect - on both computers I have set Preferences to Disk_Low_Priority to False, and Lan Encrypt to false - both ends I have set Use Relay off, use tracker off search DHT was off - on both ends - search LAN is on, Store Deleted is on I know the source end is only good for 200 kB/s and I can do FTP at this rate for hours no other use of the data bandwidth is occurring the destination end can receive at 700 kB/s I have not restarted either BitTorrent Sync Apps since doing the preference changes
  11. I got this problem with bitsync with my PC. Its just that when its start to sync my internet connection got slow. I mean when it start syncing and im browsing the web my connection will dramatically go slow. (really slow) Web pages takes minutes to load. I never got this problem with my mac. Just on windows. BTW im on ethernet cable and im not using WIFI. Is there any way to avoid this on my windows? THanks
  12. Hopefully someone can help me with my setup on two Synology NASs that I'd like to sync some folders on. I've followed the setup instructions for installing btsync on my devices at: (I've gone this route to keep my build up to date as the synocommunity has gone down along with their package). I have a default config setup onboth NASs. I've set up a folder on each NAS to be used for syncing and synced them using the web ui. They connect instantly (no issue there). However, when I put files in the sync folder on NAS 1, it takes an eternity to sync the files to NAS 2. Here are the specs: Both NASs connected on an internal gigabit LAN networksync folders on respective NASs newly create, containing no filesAdd 4 files of approx 16MB in total to sync folder on NAS 1Files are recognised and start transferring: ie !Sync temp files are createdAfter 1 hour, files are still syncing (not one of the 4 has finished)Transfer speeds are showing at between 2 and 70 B/s (ie barely moving)CPU and RAM usage on both devices are hovering around 10 - 20%, so that isn't an issueNow comes the interesting part: I put btsync for Mac on my MacBook ProI then added the sync folder to my MBPWithin an instant, all 3 devices are brought into syncSo the upshot is that the synology to synology sync is dire, but add a 3rd device using a different platform and everything works as expected. My assumption is therefore that NAS 1 syncs rapidly and as expected with the MBP which then syncs rapidly with NAS 2 (not proven, but still a strong assumption). Of course, I don't want to/can't leave my MBP on to continually keep the NASs in sync. My question, of course, is how do I get NAS 1 & NAS 2 to sync at anything approaching decent speeds? Is there maybe something in the default Linux setups/configs that conflict and needs to be amended to speed up Linux to Linux syncing?? Or something else??
  13. I am running the BitTorrent Sync app (version 1.2.92; ARM) on my ReadyNAS (version 6.1.7) and the download speed is prohibitively slow. I've left it running overnight and It's been averaging about 50kB/s. It's currently connected to 3 computers on the local network (gigabit connection), all of which have full copies of the sync folder. Those computers are running Windows and OSX. I've noticed that CPU usage is quite high while syncing, with the load average hovering around 3.9 (nothing else is using any noticeable amount of CPU). I disabled the antivirus scanning on the box, which helped a little bit due to less CPU overhead, but not much. I've tried upgrading to the latest btsync version, 1.3.87, but this did not solve the problem. It actually seemed to cause more issues as the web interface would go unresponsive for long periods of time. Using Transmission to download a torrent over the internet, I reached speeds up to 3MB/s without a problem. Anyone have any ideas? Here are the logs.
  14. Have set up sync on my home and work PC's and loaded up a 25.2 GB of files, some big, some small, on the work pc to sync back to home. Seeing transfer rates of 60kB/s max, so it's been chugging away there for a couple of days When I have the same folder in Dropbox, the upload from the work PC happened much quicker and when I download torrents at home using utorrent, I get up to 5 MB/s down. Nice fast connections. Is there some configuration thing that I'm missing?
  15. I may not be 100% up on everything network related, but I know that when I download a torrent from a legitimate site (linux distro per say) I can max out my 30megabit connection. when I FTP with multiple threads I can also usually max out my connection and when I use HTTPS I have no issues maxing out my connection. I was excited to install btsync on a linux box that I currently SFTP into in order to retrieve files, and although the program install and setup was a breeze, it's just too slow to transfer large files on a daily basis with. I'm maxing out at 300kB (kilobytes) and I see the occasional burst to 700 or 800kB, but nothing more or steady. Is it that the protocol, being adaptive as it is, is not aggressive enough? Could there be an aggressive mode in the future or something to that nature? It would be extremely helpful to be able to download faster than I'm currently able to and really make this program shine.
  16. Hi everyone. I finally seem to have solved the problems with the fixed port but I'm now experiencing very very slow syncing between my two computers (laptop with Linux Mint 14 at work and Desktop with Win7 64bit at home). I use BTSync to sync a couple of folders that contain important documents, so that I have them both at home and at the office. The sync is actually an upload from the laptop to the desktop, because I usually edit these files when I'm at work, and "backup" them to the desktop at home for both security and accessibility. I have a 50/10 mbit connection at home and a more "normal" ADSL connection (5/1 mbit) at the office. Not so good for upload, but still plenty of bandwidth for syncing just a few small files. Still, syncing is very slow, around 0.1 kB/s with peaks of 0.5 kB/s. But most of all, on both computers, one sync never completes (both ends saying the laptop has to upload 222.6 kB, which never happens though). [Edit: I solved this, it was a problem cause by two files with same name under Linux. Slow sync problem still happening though.] I can provide logs if needed. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  17. I have read through the recent posts on slow speeds and WAN and couldn't find a solution to this one. I have a Linux server in US that is syncing to a desktop in South Africa. My old method of transfer is SFTP where I was getting speeds of 440kBs. I am on a 4MB connection this end so that was as good as it gets. Using btsync I see occasional peaks of 100kBs, but mostly it is between 20-60kBs. I have the 2 arrows in the web interface. Listening port open on both machines. I can max connection on torrent traffic on the desktop with a normal torrent client. The files sizes are generally around 20-30MB I just tried with unison the same files and have max speed. Any suggestions?
  18. I get slow downloads with the 1.2.x windows builds. If I use btsync 1.2.71 on Windows my average download speed is 10 ko/s with occasional spikes >500ko/s, while if I install back btsync 1.1.81, I get a solid 3.5 Mo/s download speed. My setup is as follow: Windows 7 64bit, Intel I7 920 + 9Go RAM hosted at homeRaspberrypi hosted at home running btsync 1.2.71Ubuntu 13.04 server IntelĀ® Atom CPU D425 @ 1.80GHz, 2Go RAM, hosted on a datacenter, running btsync 1.2.71Ubuntu 13.04 server IntelĀ® Atom CPU N2800 @ 1.86GHz, 4Go RAM, hosted on a datacenter, running btsync 1.2.71My home Internet connection can give me download speeds up to 2.5Mo/s. The linux x64 and ARM builds aren't the cause of the slowness as I can get good expected download rates when using 1.2.71 for all linux and ARM machines while using 1.1.81 on the windows machine. Only when the Windows machine uses the 1.2.x builds does it get slow download speed (even from the raspberrypi which is on the same LAN) Does anyone else experiences such slow speeds with 1.2.x compared to 1.1.x ?Is this a known bug ?Do you need me to try anything or submit logs to help figure out the root of the issue ? regards
  19. I've seen some threads before but couldn't get any ideas where to start... So, the main issue is speed or rather the lack of it... Mostly around 2-5-10kB/s, even if I've seen shorter spikes over 100 Setup: - one-way sync from win8 machine to debian machine in another town. - 2 routers in-between, one of them over wifi (upload, ie source side) - 1 folder, 2,5K files, mostly BMP and DNG files, 58GB - interesting bit: 2/3 of that folder was already in target machine. when I "connected" them, it didn't seem to say "indexing..." as it did with another test folder (I wanted to know, if it is able to continue where other app left off) - first I tried regular cloud sync, but since I have dyndns assigned to that machine, I set up port in target router and listed server:port in source. I presume I did it correctly since the icon changed and sync works.. unfortunately, as slowly as before. With this kind of speed, it's impossible to continue as I indended to back up my photos mainly. Any ideas? Anything to check on my connection? Is it possible that service provider identifies btsync as torrent and throttles it's speed somehow?
  20. I have a server with 100mbit/100mbit connection and a home downstream connection of 150mbit. When using BTSync, I can't seem to get above 3MB/s no matter what the situation. If I use FileZilla and send the file via SFTP, I see a similar speed when sending a single file. However, if I have multiple files to send and I use FileZilla/SFTP with simultaneous connections enabled, I very easily max out my server and get a constant ~90mbit or so download speed to my home. See attached screenshot. The first portion is BTSync and then when that finished, I loaded up a bunch of files in FileZilla. I love BTSync's flexibility and ease of use, but the speed difference is hard to stomach sometimes. Is there anything that I can do to significantly increase my BTSync speed in the short term? Is there anything like the "simultaneous connections" that SFTP enables planned for BTSync? I thought it already used multiple connections or sent multiple files at once, but from further reading it sounds like thats only if you're sending very small files. Mine are anywhere from 100MB to 25 GB and I only see one ".sync" file being written at a time. I am currently using BTSync version 1.1.26 and could upgrade to the latest, but everything is rock-solid for me other than the speed. So unless that'll get me what I'm looking for, I prefer to hold off on upgrading. My server is an i3 w/ 8GB ram. Home machine is on a high-end i7 with plenty of memory. I don't think either of those are contributing to my issue but figured I'd mention it. I understand that BTSync continues to evolve and this issue may already be identified as something to resolve. I'm just looking for confirmation that it is in fact something that can be fixed/resolved given the way BTSync works or confirmation that BTSync will never be as fast (or even close to as fast) as simultaneous SFTP connections. Thanks BAZ
  21. Hi ~! I am Newbie!! kk. I had a problem, but I don't know what to do. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to sync very fast file system that consists of an internal network of 10 raspberry pie. We must be synchronized faster than P2P general model. So I've used the BittorrentSync but speed was very slow. Perhaps, there seems to be a limit on the maximum number of peer BittorrentSync. I want to know how that can be synchronized to the high speed by using the Bittorrent protocol. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Thx for reading. XD.
  22. I've already created a ticket, but thought it was worth posting here. Since the recent update last week, upload speeds on files has been incredibly slow, less than 2-3k in some cases. All files are over 200MB, it doesn't matter how many are being Sync'd it never gets past a painful trickle. I'm sending to a Windows 7 PC from my Windows 8 PC, previously I'd get 250-300k solidly. I've rebooted both machines, uninstalled sync, changed the sync folder after removing the link. I'm completely stuck as to what to do as it's next to useless at these speeds. Oddly, and I'm not sure if it's related, but I tried using Google Drive as a short term replacement, but this keeps disconnecting, and reconnecting too. Bear in mind I've tried this on two Windows 8 machines, a desktop and laptop. It's baffling why these two different applications are behaving similarly on different machines!!
  23. Hi, Here's my setup: BTSync is installed on my Synology NAS 1812+ and on a Linux. Sync is done aver Internet. I use BTSync to get files from the Linux machine to my NAS so I use the read-only key. My Internet speed connection is about 600kB/s and I usually see this speed in BTSyncbut since yesterday I can only see 30~40kB/s ! This is very very slow... I tried to download by FTP the files that are syncing and it was a normal speed (~600kB/s). I tried to restart BTSyncon the two sides but still the same... I've just installed BTSync, while I love the idea I'm having a bit of a speed issue. I don't know what to do, any help is appreciated.