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Found 275 results

  1. Hi, I am syncing my home folder on 2 of my macs, all of the files have successfully synced except my Pictures folder which is taking ages to index and sync, I am also getting a wrong file size on both of my machines. My first machines shows me 117GB and the second shows me 77.1GB and my original Pictures file size is 175GB. I tried to delete the files and resync them again, but no luck, Anyone have experience such a thing? Any recommended solution? Thank you.
  2. Dear BitTorrent, I had a great idea after reading about Sync and I thought I'd mention it because I think it would come as a very handy product to a lot of people who will be using Sync. What if you made a piece of hardware that you could connect to your TV and it would let you login to your Sync account allowing you to stream any video or music files right to your TV? I think this would be a great idea to put into motion because I've struggled with the problem of lag well watching many of my high quality bluray's on a cheap computer. Not a lot of people can afford really nice computers these days and a lot of us like our digital copies of blurays which we like to watch on our computers but this fills up a lot of space really quick because as you know, blurays that are good aren't compressed meaning they take up a lot of space. This is the reason I find Sync amazing, it's going to be of great use to me and anyone else in my position. I think the hardware idea would be great because then not only do I have a ton of space for all my bluray movies but now I can stream them without lag right to my TV using a small hardware device that you could create and either give to people with no charge or sell for a really cheap price since it's probably going to cost money to ship it to people so you'll need to make something from each unit you sell in order to pay for all the shipping costs. This could change the way we watch our entertainment forever, Sync could not just become the greatest online storage client in the world but also the best way to watch your movies and music with the touch of a button. Let me know what you think, same with all the users on this forum. I'm a totally new user here but I'd love to hear user feedback on my idea. I'm not asking for anything in return for my idea if taken into consideration. You're consideration in my idea would be all that I need to make me a happy man.
  3. Updates fail when CryptoLocker precautions such as cryptoprevent in place or recommended Group Policies see =>
  4. A's computer's bittorrernt sync might have been off or paused. B's computer changed the name of the folder, not all files were done syncing. A's computer put files into .SyncArchive, probably any the files that didn't exist on B's. This is a bug. I want to be able to change a folder name even if the files in that folder are not synced on both computers. Bittorrent should be smart enough for this.
  5. I installed Bit Torrent Sync on two Macs. On one I set up 4 different folders to sync, and then on the other I chose the corresponding folders and put in the secret/code from the first Mac for each folder. While on the same network, I added test files in each of the 4 folders and it synced fine both ways. When I moved one of the Macs to another house, the syncing seemed to stop. -- I also had 2 different Macs set up on the same network at a second location. Just to try it out, I kept one on the wifi and connected the other one to my phone's internet. I created a new empty folder on one Mac and it wouldn't pop up on the other. As soon as I left the phone internet and connected to the wifi (so both were now on the same wifi) the folder immediately popped up and the syncing worked again Isn't the app supposed to sync even across different networks ? I thought the other forum thread had someone saying they sync their home and work computers.
  6. Just started. If I want to sync a folder from one computer to another, does the second computer have to be switched on? Or, will the secret work next time you switch on the second computer.
  7. Hi guys, Looking for some help. I have two computer that I have set up to sync, but now I'm looking to create a back up on the laptop that also syncs an external drive. When I try and use the same key, bittorrent sync says "Selected folder is already uploaded". So I guess my question is: is there a way to get bittorrent to sync a total of 3 folders, with two of those being on the same computer? or should I look for another software to handle the two folders on the same computer? Thanks, -Myles
  8. Hi there, I have a shared folder between multiple Linux and a Windows Box. It contains 7.9 GB of files. All the installations on Linux and on Windows show that there need to be 7.9 GB of files to be transferred. The files are actually in sync and nothing is transmitted. This has been the case for all version before 1.2 and now also happening with the newest versions (at the time of writing 1.2.73). Is there a solution? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Markus
  9. I installed Version 1.1.27, on a Debian and Windows 8 System. I wanted to sync MyDocuments folder which contains about 80 gig. The sync start without problem but only syncs about 40 gigs . I have narrows the folders that does not sync to a picture folder at the same level as other folders that have already synced. I am attaching a log. anyone have a clue?
  10. Some countries are crazy when it comes to punishing torrent users, and some users want to be a bit extra prepared just to be on the safe side. Some people prefer their personal privacy. Lets just say if someone for instance where an active TPB user, downloading american shows, but don't want to be detected by people who wishes to cause problems. Would this scenario be a safe way to hide behind the radar?: 1: Use a browser through a proxy, for instance Tor to look on TPB for desired torrents. 2: Use an anonymous vps, which has a torrent client installed and web UI to add the torrents and download them on the VPS. 3: Transfer the media file after torrent is completed using BitTorrent Sync to my personal computer to enjoy the show. Is this a secure solution, or do you recommend something else?
  11. I'm trying to webui and shared_folder in my conf file and I can never get the webui working. I have been digging around and I have heard that both webui and shared_folder section cannot be existed together in the same config file, why is that?
  12. Hello! My name is Margulan. I am developer of one huge project, and there is CDN functionality needed to be implemented. Currently I am trying to solve one annoying bug (?) while indexing source directory. We have lots of files (>5 000 000), almost consist of pictures, video, sound, books. At this time I try to index it with btsync to generate file index, but it hangs on 140.00 gb indexed. I attemped to restart daemon, tried to see logs and I have found nothing. I tried to increase 'soft' and 'hard' limits in limits.conf. Honestly, now I am stuck. Have anybody ideas? I red forum and there are guys who indexed a bigger amount of data. Can't figure out what's wrong in my case Additional info: OS: RHEL 6.4 x86_64 CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E7- 4870 @ 2.40GHz, 16 cores RAM: 64GB BTSync version 1.2.73 Screenshot included:
  13. Just discovering BitTorrent Sync and I am delighted. Really great work! With the Android App and autosync disabled, I can see all the files in the sync folder. Files will be copied to the device when clicked and will appear in the device tab. A tick mark will appear in the all files tab. That is great because you will normally not want all your sync folder copied to your (reduced storage) mobile device. My question is: how can I remove the file from the device but keep it in the sync folder? That is, how I get back to the point when I see the file in the "all files" tab but it is not in the "in device" tab? If I delete the file from the device using a file manager it will get synced and deleted from the sync folder as well. I suggest the following additional functionality to the Android App: 1. Multiple selection capabilities in "device" and "all files" tabs, through long tapping for example. 2. In all files tab, options to dowload (already present for all files in the folder), delete and ignore a file or folder (ignored files/folders will not be synced even if autosync is enabled. Ignored files/folders are tagged with a distinctive icon). When files/folders are ignored and a local copy exists, ask the user if he/she wants to delete the local copies. 3. In device tab (and all files tab if file is also in the device), additional option "delete from device only" that will remove the selected files/folders from the device but not from the sync folder. Again, thanks for this great application. jorge.
  14. First of all I must say BTSync is absolutely brilliant! I've been looking for a program like this for a long time and finally it is available ! Most of the time the program does a great job, but I'm having some trouble syncing a large Truecrypt volume of 8GB. I've set Truecrypt to change the timestamp after closing the volume. When I open the encrypted volume and add a tiny textfile (or make a small change to the folder structure) and then close the volume again, BTSync picks up the change and starts indexing. After a while a new event is shown in the History tab stating 'Updated file'. So, I made a small change to my Truecrypt volume on the 'source machine' and BTSync stated that the volume was updated. But when I open the volume on the 'target' machine there is no change (MD5 checksums of both files are different). It seems like in this case BTSync is able to detect a change in the file, but isn't able to detect the blocks that are changed. Is there anyone who can explain what is going wrong. What can I do to fix this issue (or have this issue fixed by the BT-team)? Thanks in advance!
  15. I didn't see anyone else mention this but I thought it would be interested to create a distributed web with BitTorrent Sync. We have the IP addresses with Sync's Read-only Secret. So, all we would need would be a DNS (no need for .com/.org/etc or www or http) service that could be hosted with Git also using BT Sync to distribute the files. We would also need a browser that could serf "Sync Web." Preferably a browser that could serf both the old school web and the new "Sync Web." The browser would give the option to serf Sync instead of the old web and when you leave a web site it could keep the files on your computer for however long you would like before it would delete them (temp files). A distributed web would also make it possible for you to locally host your files when using it's service. So, if I want a service like EverNote I could have all my text files on my local machine (zipped, of course) with an option of using an ftp to get my files. Even for video sharing it would be great. You could have a separate secret key for each video. Instead of doing something like youtube. You might still want a central site like youtube to make sure they don't have malicious files attached - but the videos themselves would be set free. Has anyone thought of this before? I would love something like this. Then the government couldn't black list sites anymore (granted it hasn't ever been a problem for me but I still don't like the idea that some central authority could make it so I couldn't visit a website). Even the browser hosting the Sync sites wouldn't be able to stop you if you put in a sync file directly.
  16. We are testing the iOS app to sync to our central server. With the data/WiFi turned off we took a new picture. We had in mind that the green marker indicates that the file has been uploaded and reached the server. The file got a green marker, although with data/WiFi turned off, it is not possible to sync the file. So we are wondering how can the user get a clear indication that the file has been uploaded to the server, (in case the user wants to remove the image(s)). Another thing, an image I have selected, not uploaded to the server, and then cancelled the image in the iOS app, there is no way of removing that image name. It will just stay there forever.
  17. Hello everyone, I recently discovered Bittorrent Sync and I want to use it to Sync Large files between many Machines I have. However, I have set up my Raspberry to run Bittorrent Sync, I have port-forwarded all the necessary ports on the Router, and I have added exceptions on IPTables to allow connections on the Ports of Bittorrent Sync. My problem is that if I try to sync files between my Laptop and my Raspberry when they are on Different Networks, the two devices don't find each other. I also tried having a one-time key but that didn't work as well. Could someone help me out here? Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi Guys, Is anything known on 1.1.82 ? Release notes ?
  19. Anyone else seeing this error? Peers are Debian 32bit and Windows 7 32 bit, both version 1.0.134 Receiving side error example(Windows 7): Error: 65daysofstatic-The Fall of Math-11-Aren't We All Running?.m4a - WriteToDisk: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. Sending side error example (Debian 6): [20130431 10:02:25] Torrent 65daysofstatic-The Fall of Math-11-Aren't We All Running?.m4a status: 137 error: <NULL> meta: 1 Other examples include "Alice In Chains - Dirt - Would?.m4a", etc, etc... Seems to only happen on directories or files with a "?" question mark in the name. BUT not all files or folder with question marks, some work fine. For example. Mega Death - Peace Sells... but who is buying?... stalled, would not transfer. But several others with "?" in the title seemingly worked fine, like "O Brother Where Art Thou?-..." did not fail. Renaming the folder and/or file, removing the "?" will cause the file to transfer as normal. Otherwise sync continually tries to transfer the file and gives no error, essentially stalling the sync until I intervened. Anyone else see this pattern? I wondering if the "?" issues is just a coincidence. Is there a formal bug tracker for Sync? Should be one... IMO. -xminer
  20. Although BitTorrentSync don't limit file size, but when synced between my ubuntu computer and my android's phone, a file that is 7.2G don't sync. what's wrong? why? 虽然BitTorrentSync没有文件大小限制,但是在我的Ubuntu电脑和安卓手机同步时,一个7.2G大小的文件不能同步。这是为什么?是哪里的问题?
  21. Hi, I set up btsync on a server at home and on my Laptop. As long as they are both on the same LAN, they sync happily. But when I use my Laptop somewhere else, e.g. university, they don't find each other. I set both machines to the same listening port, which is forwared in my router at home. I enabled relay & tracker server and added the dyndns-domain of my server to my Laptops pre-defined hosts. Still, nothing works. The log of both machines is just full of "Sending broadcast ping for share xxx", every now and then "Got 3 tracker ips" (the same ips on both machines, btw) and some "Requesting peers from server". Any ideas what I might be missing?
  22. How frequently does BitTorrent Sync check for changes and perform a sync? And is this configurable?
  23. I have set up bittorrentsync succesfully thanks to help from this forum..I have a problem though. NAS will sync succesfully with laptop in the same LAN. Laptop in the same LAN will sync succesfully with desktop OUT out of LAN. NAS will NOT sync with desktop out of LAN...(i used the ip method it connects but will not download anything) I have tried almost anything but cannot figure this out. The fact that the laptop will sync with desktop out of lan means that all the ports on router etc are ok right?what else could be the problem? UPDATE if i put the ip of the desktop pc in the nas settings nothing happens.if i put the ip of the nas in the desktop settings then the nas displays that there is connection(no sync though) but the desktop still shows no connection..
  24. Hello, First congratulations for the project, it's amazing ! I wonder if it's possible to create a folder to synchronize with a web server - as a cdn - to reduce its bandwidth. thx
  25. Hello *, I'm running a few instances of BTSync (all 1.1.70), with one of them on a backup server. On this machine I see btsync indexing all the directories every 10 minutes or so. If I correctly understand what's going on I could say the app is rescanning all my files (~130.000) on each check. Is it possible to avoid these checks altogether, maybe using some sort of event-driven approach? inotify comes to my mind for Linux, others are needed for different OSs I think this is important because at the moment my hard disk is always awake and spinning, while it could rest (read: save energy and noise) untill an event is raised (such as a modified file). Thanks for your attention.