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Found 275 results

  1. Hi, Are there any plans to release BTSync as an Android library? Or even as an ARM C library so I can integrate it with JNI? What API will be available? Will this allow me to write an Android app that can use BTsync? Or, maybe, can I control the BTSync app using broadcasts? Thanks
  2. Hello to everyone, first of all I like to congratulate all the development team and all the contributors because I think this project is a great idea and has a very huge potential. I have been looking for this for a while. I have recently installed the application on my mac and first tried to sync a folder I have in my NAS (Synology Diskstation) which is on my local home network with a local folder on my mac (both NAS and Mac on the same network). The problem I have seen so far is that on my mac the shared directory corresponds to /Volume/Music (as it´s mounted) and the folder to sync with corresponds to /Users/xdone/Music/ so it´s considered by the app as both local folders. Is there any way to solve this problem? At this moment, I have search in the forum and I found out that it´s not allowed by the app to sync local folders or also make a synchronization only with one app instance what I think is a huge mistake. I think it should be great to have an app which I could sync the contents I store in my local NAS with a local folder with only one app instance and as I think it´s a very typical issue. Any comment will be appreciated. Thank you very much.
  3. Hello and congrats on the fantastic use of the Bit Torrent technology... Really really cool and very easy to use. I have a question about performance. If I have a directory with 5 subdirectories inside that I want to share but it is quite large... beyond the benefit of being able to share subdirectories with different people is there any performance penalty in configuring 5 separate (sub)folders rather then the single top level folder? In other words is it better to spread synchronization across 5 folders or is it better to have 1 VERY large folder to sync. Thank you Chris
  4. I've setup Bittorrent sync on two machines. One of them syncs with just a "regular" folder (C1) and the other one syncs with the "Add automatically to iTunes"-folder (C2). C1 has read/write permissions and C2 has read-only. My problem is that it just doesn't work. When the sync is completed I can't see any files on C2 (which I shouldn't because files are moved from "Add automatically to iTunes" to iTunes) but I can't find any files in iTunes either. It works on rare occasions with some music files but I can never get it to work with bigger files such as movies or TV-episodes. I think that the problem occurs because iTunes doesn't wait until the files are completely synced. Anyone have a solution for this? I thought it might work if iTunes ignored files that end with ".!sync" but I can't find a solution for that.
  5. I've already created a ticket, but thought it was worth posting here. Since the recent update last week, upload speeds on files has been incredibly slow, less than 2-3k in some cases. All files are over 200MB, it doesn't matter how many are being Sync'd it never gets past a painful trickle. I'm sending to a Windows 7 PC from my Windows 8 PC, previously I'd get 250-300k solidly. I've rebooted both machines, uninstalled sync, changed the sync folder after removing the link. I'm completely stuck as to what to do as it's next to useless at these speeds. Oddly, and I'm not sure if it's related, but I tried using Google Drive as a short term replacement, but this keeps disconnecting, and reconnecting too. Bear in mind I've tried this on two Windows 8 machines, a desktop and laptop. It's baffling why these two different applications are behaving similarly on different machines!!
  6. On the remote PC deleted all the files. BitTorrent Sync udallenye kept all the files in the "data-b.bin.!sync". How to open this file?
  7. [bUG FIXED - 7/10/2013 - Ver 1.1.33] I started using BitTorrent Sync yesterday. It has great potential, but there is a major bug that I can replicate every time! THE COMPUTERS: The computers involved are two iMacs and a MacBook Pro, all three machines running OS X 10.7.5. THE ISSUE: I sync'd a 6 GIG folder (that contains 3,800+ files) on my work iMac with my home iMac and also my MacBook Pro. The initial sync worked well. The problem occurs when I move files from one folder to another... When I move a file on one computer (it does not matter which one), the moved file disappears on the other two computers when the sync fires (I am moving files around only within the sync'd folder). So for example, I move a file to a sub-folder (within the sync'd folder) on my work iMac. That file disappears on my home iMac and my MacBook Pro. Then, to make matters worse, if I update another file which again fires the sync, the file that I moved on my work iMac disappears from my work iMac (presumably because the file no longer exists on the other two computers). I checked the trash bin on all three computers and the file is not there. Then I check the .SyncTrash folder and behold, the file is there on all three computers. Not being able to move files around from folder to folder is a pretty serious bug. This same exact issue has occurred when I rename a file. But that bug seems hit-or-miss. Sometimes the rename syncs across all three computers. Sometimes the renamed file disappears and ends up in the .SyncTrash folder. Considering a rename is really a move in Unux, that makes sense. I also noticed that, if a file exists in the .SyncTrash folder on the laptop and I try to recreate a file with the same name on the iMac, the newly created file on the iMac is not synced to the Macbook. When reviewing the sync history, the history on the computer where the file was moved says "Renamed file [file name]" and the history on the other computers says "[computer name] removed file [file name]." I tested this issue for several hours on all three machines and I can replicate this bug every time without fail. I even went so far as deleting the sync'd folder, completely removing the app, re-installing and syncing again and the same issue occurs... every time! BitTorrent Sync has great potential but right now it cannot be trusted. Thanks, Chris [bUG FIXED - 7/10/2013 - Ver 1.1.33]
  8. I synchronizes folders between Android to PC. phone downloads the files from your computer. When I change the folder on your computer, phone folder change, and when I change the folder phone, a computer folder change?
  9. I am running two Ubuntu 13.04 systems. Everything seems to be syncing properly between the two machines. The only issue I am having now is when my second machine goes and gets the files, it pulls them down and sets the permissions of the file as ... owner = root and group = root. Is there anyway to configure my BT Sync setup so when it pulls down the files it won't change the file permissions to root:root ?
  10. I updated my Ubuntu 13.04 BitTorrent Sync yesterday to the latest 1.1.22. Now I am having an issue on my Mac computer. The Mac BitTorrent Sync client keeps telling me my secret key is invalid. I just downloaded the Mac client yesterday so I should have the latest client. Is there a reason why the Mac client is saying my secret is invalid...? I re-generated several secrets and still no luck. When I use the final secret I created on a second Ubuntu computer it works perfectly fine, no invalid message there.
  11. My folder had some files with commas in the name and the sync would never start. I have two instances of btsync, one on a server and another on my laptop. On both machines I already had all the files syncd with another program so that when btsync started all it had to do was check the files on both configurations and only update those that were diferent. Adding dir by dir worked for those dir that didn't have files or dirs with commas in the name. Those that had didn't sync. But now that I fixed all the files and dirs the sync is working great. I love that it detects files on both systems checks if they are the same and if they are doesn't sync them. This feature relay works as it should and is much more mature than the one in ownCloud. Now I'll be using ownCloud only for a limited number of small files and leave the rest to btsync.
  12. Hi there, first, a big THANK YOU to the developers of this awesome piece of software. I have been playing around with several programs in order to sync my photo collection (~ 5000 pics and counting) between two linux desktops, but only Bittorrent Sync worked for me without major dato loss and/or duplication, conflicts, etc.! The FAQ says that sync is started immediately after a file had been modified or created, except for MacOS 10.6 which has a 10 min delay. However, it seems as if this were also the case on my Linux machines (Ubuntu 12.04). I created a directory and added 3 files, nothing happened. After approx. 10 minutes, sync started and all went fine. The log file (which I can provide on request) tells me that the modifications were found during a periodic scan and the respective torrents were created. I miss the immediate triggering of the synchronization. Can anybody clear this for me a little? Thanks! Reinhard.
  13. I see some inconsistency in setting timestamp. After directory's sync it sets the current (local time on dest. box) timestamp. Not sure if this is expected behavior, but for regular files it sets correct (source) timestamp. This is on source box: 16777223 11980044 drwxr-xr-x 3 umputun staff 0 102 "Jun 19 13:36:10 2013" "Jun 14 07:08:14 2013" "Jun 19 13:26:48 2013" "Jun 14 07:08:14 2013" 4096 0 0 BitTorrent and this is after sync, on destination box: 16777218 7688292 drwxr-xr-- 3 umputun staff 0 102 "Jun 19 13:33:13 2013" "Jun 19 13:27:02 2013" "Jun 19 13:27:02 2013" "Apr 30 03:13:20 2013" 4096 0 0 BitTorrent
  14. Hi Sync Team, I'd like to use BT Sync as the sync technology for desktop apps that I develop (mainly Windows). Is there a way to achieve this right now? E.g. CLI commands? What I want to do to is just have my app register a folder/folders (with a secret) with BTS on the machines my app is installed. I'll then let BTS take care of keeping the data up to date. This isn't the same usecase as some apps storing the Application data on say Dropbox. I want to sync actual files controlled by my app be p2p synced. Ideally there would be a BTSync Library which I can use on my app independent of BTS sync app being installed. But, I don't mind if it's an API to connect to the BTS app. In the second case, what would my redistribution rights be for the BTS client? Thanks in advance
  15. So, a 1tb nas on sale for 60 bux, I'd love to use this for BTsync, but can anyone confirm that it will work? Thanks in advance, and if it can I hope the deal helps others
  16. Hello everybody I'm completely new here and have never done anything with BitTorrent Sync before. But I thought of using it for several things: Backup photos from my Ubuntu pc to my Windows pc Sync my documents over several pc's Sync my music from my pc to my android phone This is all possible right? (I know the android app isn't here yet) But I got a concern: What if one of my pc's hard drive crashes and the files get corrupt, will that effect and thus screw up the files on the other pc syncing with it? (or maybe even my phone?) I did hear and read stories about failing hard drives around me, some people lost all of their data... It would be even worse if that would also ruin the other devices.
  17. Question: is it possible to download the same file from two hosts using to two different internet connections (e.g. Comcast 25MBps and FiOS 25MBps) if the target directory synced locally over BitTorrentSync? Does it boosts the overall loading time (25+25=50MBps)? Thanks.
  18. Hello, I can not seem to find out what this problem is. I have three PC's in my sync collection. PCA - my work laptop at work PCB - a work server that is always on and has access to internet PCC - my home laptop PCA and PCB sync really fast and perfectly as they are on the same lan. I had PCC at work and it synced perfectly on the lan. Took PCC home and want to create a server scenario with PCB to keep everything in synced when my other computers are off. UPNP opened up ports on both routers/ firewalls fine. Turned on DHT, Use Tracker Server, use relay on each folder shared While at work in the transfers tab, PCA shows PCC IP addess and says it is starting to sync files - they appear, but are always on 0kB/s up and down then disappear about 10-20 seconds - never initiating. They appear and disappear constantly but never initiate a transfer..... Any ideas?
  19. Hi, I'm on Windows 8 x64, BitTorrent Sync 1.0.116. While running the program, I've noticed some disk activity in the Resource Monitor I'm not sure I understand. From the Resource Monitor output it looks like BTSync.exe is constantly writing to my drive's MFT which doesn't seem to make all that much sense to me. If it's really doing it then why? Or maybe it's just some Resource Monitor / Windows API glitch and/or limitation and what it really does is reading MFT (polling it for file changes?). OTOH, the same seems to be the case when running chkdsk in read-only mode - the MFT operations are being reported as writes despite it's obviously the reads which actually happens. Anyone care to shed some light on this? Regards Zbig
  20. This is a suggestion. Why not make apps for dropbox and / or as well that way you can share / sync to your dropbox or box as well?
  21. Yesterday I setup the client in a couple of mac of mine (one at work and another one at home) and configured some folders to sync, for backup and file's availability purposes. The syncing started good and some datas were copied to and from. Today, though, both apps are stalled, event if the folders are not synced. There is even a file with the .sync extension in one of them. I tried restarting the clients in both machines, but no joy. Any idea? Thank you. –
cordialmente, tiziano solignani, da  Mac
  22. I have been using gDRIVE and SkyDRIVE, and then using Allway Sync to essentially sync multiple computers. The folder directory structure just needs to be the same and files need to be saved to either cloud service, which are then auto synced unidirectionally by Allway to the individual computer hard drives or NAS drive. The files can be deleted from the cloud service once distributed... it works pretty good. I was using MS-live mesh... but that is going away soon The cloud is just a "pass thru"... the program combination works fine - as long as files are saved to the cloud directory on your HD, then unidirectional Allway Sync'ing keeps all computers up to date. Let me know what you think of this solution.... but I am looking forward to a simple BitTorrent app
  23. Hi, I installed BitTorrent Sync on two Linux servers. The first server has a 6GB folder, spread on ~100k files. The second server is configured with a read-only key. Both web interfaces show that they are connected to each other, but no sync'ing is happening. The log files don't contain anything alarming. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks
  24. Hello, I'm trying to setup a 3rd machine with an existing shared secret, one machine is in Thailand one i Denmark and the 3rd in USA. The latter (Windows server 2008 R2) cannot see the other clients and never transfers anything. The other two machines (Windows server 2012 & Mac OSX) syncs fine. I have logs to back it up: (snippet) It goes on and on like this: [2013-02-21 02:57:04] Sending broadcast ping for folder D:\Sites\ [2013-02-21 02:57:04] Sending broadcast ping for folder D:\Services\DeckhandDice [2013-02-21 02:57:05] Sending broadcast ping for folder D:\Sites\ [2013-02-21 02:57:05] Sending broadcast ping for folder D:\Services\DeckhandDice [2013-02-21 02:57:06] Sending broadcast ping for folder D:\Sites\ Any help appreciated. Thanks, Poul Foged
  25. I'm looking forward to sync coming out. I've used a couple products with varying degrees of success. I'm hoping that a cross platform (linux/windows/android) capabilities so I can ditch box. Also I'm building out my own private cloud and need a sync type of interface. Good luck with it and I'll be waiting! :-) Linuxed