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Found 275 results

  1. I configured camera backup on my Windows Phone App. First time sync to my PC is done perfectly. However: if I remove a picture from my phone, it remains on PC. Is there a way to have a real "sync": just keeping both libraries in sync with the same information?
  2. My Sync connection has been acting really strange recently. I had a problem a few months ago where my files simply refused to sync, so I decided to delete the Sync app and settings from my Windows laptop and my LG G4, and start afresh later on. I set everything up again a few weeks ago, and everything was peaches up until today. I'm trying to sync some music files from my laptop to the G4, but the download just keep starting and stopping. One moment the Android app is telling me that files are being received and I can see a download speed at the bottom of the screen, but about 10 seconds later, it changes to say either just Receiving (with no download speed) or Indexing, and then a few moments later it starts downloading again, then stops, then starts, and so on. It's really bugging me, especially because I can't think what is periodically getting in the way of the transfer.
  3. Hi, I'm having an issue with a folder syncing music files between two laptops, two desktops all on Sync 2.3.3 and two android devices (phone Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 5.0.1 & tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S running Android 5.0.2 and Sync 2.3.5). I have MP3 files on a desktop, that I want to be able to play on both android devices, and have access to i.e. change/rename/move on the other desktops and laptops. Currently they are in a folder named Sync Music and all the devices above are linked, I have paid for a pro key. The problem is that on setting up they synced up fine, but intermittently the phone is losing files, they are staying as 0 byte placeholders but in some situations this is deleting from all devices (I have them backed up so its not an issue, just annoying and worrying for other stuff that is synced which is backed up but not every day, although this currently is not synced with the android devices), then it says it is sending the files to the phone but never actually completes the sync. This folder is not set to selective sync on the phone or any of the devices, I have deleted the whole file and started again on more than one occasion, and also changing all the other devices to stop syncing until I had it sorted, which I though had happened as all seemed to be working fine, but as I checked again this morning, as it indexed the number of files dropped and half are now missing. On this occasion although Sync thinks there is half the files there some of these 'missing' files work fine and some do not, and most still seem to be present on the computers. I tried to share the QR for read only when setting up this file but I assume as it is a linked device it still says 'owner' or 'read & write' depending on the basic file type regardless of which key I have used. I suspect what I will need to do is unlink my android devices and then simply share the file as read only when they are unlinked, or is there a different/better way?
  4. What I would love to see is a possibility to limit/ select the peers that are communicating. I am using BTSync in my home network as well as on a cloud server. Inside my home network, there are two servers, a NAS and three mobile phones, each running Sync. The NAS finally consolidates all data (to work as a duplication). For me it would be perfect if I had the possibility to configure Sync in such a way that only the NAS is able to act as source for the cloud server. Here I was told to do so by manipulating the cloud server, but I am hoping for an easier solution. Br, Connor
  5. Hello, I already have Sync running on my laptop&pc under windows, and another instance on my Raspberry Pi. I recently added Ubuntu as a dualboot to my laptop and wanted to set up bittorrent sync there as well. The program itself runs fine, however, I cannot link it as a device to my identity. When I enter the connection key, I get to choose the folder to link to, but once I've chosen that, the window to enter the key it still open and it says "Please enter valid key". I've tried sharing one of my folders instead, and that works normally, it just seems the device linking doesn't work. What can I do about this?
  6. Is it possible to search for filenames on IOS in Bittorrent Sync, as per Dropbox app?
  7. Hello all, the android app seems to stop syncing if the app is not open after some time (couple of minutes). Is this behaviour normal? I would expect to keep syncing the files in the background. Thank you
  8. Thanks for a great product. I have search for an answer to my question with no luck. What is the difference between how Sync and Backup behave in this product? I found this thread where others want to know the same thing. Thank you.
  9. Sync Version: 2.2.7 OSX Version 10.11.2 I'm trying to sync across a cluster of mac mini servers without success. Ultimately, I'll run it via a launchd daemon, but I'd like to verify it works within the terminal. I've followed the instructions here to run in configuration mode without success. No logs are generated and no sync occurs. The below output is consistent regardless of whether or not I use '--config' or the how settings are configured. I've come across some posts in older versions that says it's not supported, but the URL above would seem to imply differently. As a side, but perhaps related, note, the command line options don't seem to work at all, e.g., '--generate-secret' does nothing. The docs don't indicate that it's restricted to Linux. Please note that when running the GUI remotely via RemoteDesktop, it works perfectly across the cluster. $ ~/Applications/BitTorrent\\ Sync --config ~/btsync.conf Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Error>: Set a breakpoint at CGSLogError to catch errors as they are logged.Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Error>: This user is not allowed access to the window system right now._RegisterApplication(), FAILED TO establish the default connection to the WindowServer, _CGSDefaultConnection() is NULL.Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Warning>: CGSConnectionByID: 0 is not a valid connection ID.Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Warning>: CGSConnectionByID: 0 is not a valid connection ID.Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Warning>: CGSConnectionByID: 0 is not a valid connection ID.Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Warning>: CGSConnectionByID: 0 is not a valid connection ID.Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Warning>: CGSConnectionByID: 0 is not a valid connection ID.Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Warning>: CGSConnectionByID: 0 is not a valid connection ID.Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Warning>: Invalid Connection ID 0Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Warning>: CGSConnectionByID: 0 is not a valid connection ID.Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Warning>: CGSConnectionByID: 0 is not a valid connection ID.Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Warning>: CGSConnectionByID: 0 is not a valid connection ID.2016-01-02 13:39:36.814 BitTorrent Sync[6731:336762] CFPasteboardRef CFPasteboardCreate(CFAllocatorRef, CFStringRef) : failed to create global data2016-01-02 13:39:36.815 BitTorrent Sync[6731:336762] CFPasteboardRef CFPasteboardCreate(CFAllocatorRef, CFStringRef) : failed to create global data2016-01-02 13:39:36.815 BitTorrent Sync[6731:336762] CFPasteboardRef CFPasteboardCreate(CFAllocatorRef, CFStringRef) : failed to create global data2016-01-02 13:39:36.816 BitTorrent Sync[6731:336762] CFPasteboardRef CFPasteboardCreate(CFAllocatorRef, CFStringRef) : failed to create global dataJan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Warning>: CGSConnectionByID: 0 is not a valid connection ID.Jan 2 13:39:36 BitTorrent Sync[6731] <Warning>: CGSConnectionByID: 0 is not a valid connection ID.
  10. Hi, I use BitTorrent Sync to sync data between two OS X devices. On both devices I have read-only files (from initial data copy before started with sync). When i delete a read-only file after a few seconds the file is recreated. Probably because the read-only file on the other device cannot be deleted by sync. How can I handle read-only files BitTorrent Sync?
  11. Hi, I use BitTorrent Sync to sync data between OS X devices. In my data I have several folder links (Alias in OS X) that are not synced correctly. How can I sync links?
  12. Is it possible to use the sync API on iOS? I am analysing the possibility to build an iOS app based on the bit torrent sync, this would ideally be incorporated into the app bundle.
  13. It would be great if like the camera roll backup feature you could create an automated backup of a particular album. As an example you could have a documentation album and then you could share this with colleagues who would then have access to any images you add into that album.
  14. Does BTSync support perfect forward secrecy? The following post suggests yes, but it is kind of old and points to a security page that no longer exists: This page suggests that PFS doesn't apply since Sync doesn't use TLS: Is there any further information on this? Thank you, John
  15. My old MAC mini with OSX 10.4.11 is still running well. I would like to run BT SYNC on it. Was there any old version for OSX 10.4 Tiger with PPC?
  16. I setup sync between two nodes and despite turning off relay and tracker (on both nodes) and restarting the sync service, all data is sent to according to TCPView. Very concerning. Can someone please let me know what is going on?
  17. I have a key for a filesync folder: I want to share it from my laptop to my server. My server has no GUI (graphical user interface) - Ubuntu command line only. How do I sync the folder to my server without installing a graphical user interface?
  18. Hi, I have a large amount of pictures in a folder myPictures. I have this folder on three computers and would like to keep it synchronized. Currently, the files are synchronized. When I create a share folder on whatever of these three computer and try to put it on sync with the others, BitTorrent actually starts to copy files to the other two computers. Since the number of files in very large, BitTorrent calculates it will need around 50 days to do the sync (taking almost all the bandwidth). However the folders are already synched and I was expecting BitTorrent will only check and not actually copy the files. At least the older version of BitTorrent Sync worked that way. Am I doing something wrong? Regards, Marko
  19. After the announcement of policy changes starting with 2.2.x I gave BTSync 2.2.0 a shot, but it doesn't work - I have 3 Macs (Home, Office, Mobile) synced fine (different folder-trees) using 1.4.x - Now I updated 1 Mac to 2.2.0 and syncing only goes into 1 direction (from 1.4 -> 2.0). -> Folders on the updated Mac show their '1.4' folder-sign -> If I add a file to one of the Macs using 1.4.111, sync works accross all devices -> If I add a file to the new 2.2.0, nothing is synced to the 1.4.111 How can I fix this? (And no: I can't/won't just update all devices, since I also share a couple of folders with family, who are far away and still on 1.4.111 and I don't have access to their machines.) Is there a way to sync from 2.0 to 1.4.111 reliably or do I need to go back to 1.4.111? (Can I go back without loosing all my synced settings)?
  20. Hello, I have a Mac Mini with a special network configuration. I am unsing VLANs on my wired interface (en0). They are vlan1 and vlan5 (with other, specific names). en0 itself is deactivated to not send/receive untagged packets. The vlan1 interface has DNS, Standard Gateway and so on -> Internet connection The vlan5 interface only has an IP, without Gateway and DNS because it is for a NAS connection. Everything is working perfect, also Bittorrent Sync. Until one of the last updates. When I start BTSync, it directly goes into paused mode. In the logfile, I found the following line: Change network from WIRED_NETWORK to NO_NETWORKI installed an older version (much more old) of BTSync, and voila, it works again. Please try to find and resolve this bug. Thank you very much, Best regards, Michel
  21. [sOLVED] See below. We have a setup where I use BTSync to synchronize classic folders of file updates with other members of a team. All users are trusted, but on one machine I only want to sync over LAN because of bandwidth restrictions. My laptop is connected nightly on an unlimited internet plan, while a desktop is within a LAN on a metered connection. I download updates from an always-on server when I am home on the Laptop, and open up BTSync on both devices so that they can sync over the LAN. Laptop: Moves between connections. Syncs with internet and desktop. -Windows 10 -Sync 2 -Use relay -Use Tracker -Use LAN. -I use Netlimiter to programmatically minimize Internet downloading during work hours, but allow all LAN traffic for BTSync. Desktop: Sits within a network with severe download restrictions. -Ubuntu 14.04 -Sync 2 -Do not use Relay -Do not use Tracker Server -Search LAN -Use Predefined hosts (Configured for ONLY the Laptop) -NO pregram exists on Linux that can configure internet/LAN bandwidth per application like Netlimiter. -Less-tech-savvy LAN users can access the folders through Samba/Windows sharing. I configured the Desktop as above after connecting the folders, but it continues to download from Internet sources that it has "seen" before when it was still using the tracker. This effectively nullifies the "Use Predefined hosts" feature. How do I get BTSync to forget these internet peers that it knows about and hold to the settings as configured? A partial solution would be if BTSync allowed me to configure both LAN and WAN bandwidth limits (.1Kb for WAN, Unlim for WAN), but I would prefer that this machine forget that the outside users exist. How can I clear the cache of internet peers? I found my part of my answer here: part here: and the rest here:
  22. In 1.4 I was able to dictate exactly where one folder on one windows machine would sync to a different folder on another machine. Now with 2.0, whenever I sync a new folder it automatically syncs to the 'default folder' location on the other machines. Is there any way I can sync to any location other than the default one? Oh, I just figured out that If I set the first machine's folder to not 'sync all', then disconnect it on the second one, then reconnect, it will allow me to define a folder location other than the 'default folder'. I think with the new 2.0 redesign, a lot of functionality has been sacrificed for good looks. This was a lot easier to do with 1.4. Too bad it's no longer available for download.
  23. Hi guys, Would this program be more useful if it is able to manage items on devices not only via wifi? I was thinking when alreadyconnected android/ios devices are connected via cable it is able to automatically synced the folders into them? Or allowing the desktop software to act as a universal device manager as well. Well i mean it is better than having a dropbox/sugarsync/drive program on desktop. Just my 2-cents
  24. Hey Guys - I've been using BTSync Pro (paid license) between multiple platforms for a couple of months now and love it... until recently. A primary sync I have is between my home Windows 8.1 system and a remote (over internet) Debian installation. 95% of the data transferred between the two is the Windows 8.1 system downloading from the Debian one. For the past couple of weeks, the download speed has been at ~250kb/s - much lower than the ~2mb/s which it ran at prior to this. Being a Systems Admin for years, I have tested a variety of things which make it seem to be due to BTSync / it's configuration, itself - not the connection or OS. Here are some things I've tried: - I've restarted both systems, my router/gateway, and cable modem - I can pause the sync, download via HTTP, HTTPS, and/or FTP at the ~2mb/s speed during these times, unpause the sync, and it still downloads at ~250kb/s. - I verified that the port specified in BTSync (54531) is open on the router - Verified I'm on the newest release - 2.0.128(36) - Run various other diagnostics verifying that the bandwidth isn't being used elsewhere (on router (use OpenWRT) and on OS) - Verified that BTSync's config wasn't set to limit speed The last thing to do would be an OS reinstall, but as I have a ton of things installed / hosted on the system and seeing as nothing else is having issues; it would be an all day event. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  25. Hi guys, I had a lot of trouble in speed when syncing over the internet. Not more then 500kb per sec... for 50gb that was a bit too slow, but I moved laptop back to the office and added it to the local network. Syncing went to 10mb per sec (what isn't that fast but better). After a while sync stopped and giving the status OUT OF SYNC. When I move over it with the mouse it tells me there's no peers online to sync with. Strange thing is that I am working on both macs at the same time so they are online. BT Sync version 1.4.83 When I go to the Peer List I see my IMAC that needs 6035 files left to receive. What's going on here?