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Found 275 results

  1. Origionally posted this query in the BitTorrent Client section, as opposed to the BitTorrent Sync area. Can only hope I won't be flamed to harshly ... I'm getting the following Sync speeds on a GigaBit LAN Min 1.6 MBps Max 6.0 MBps Avg 2.3 - 3.8 MBps Would I be totally off-topic expecting around 125 MBps? (when there is no other traffic on the LAN) Specs: 2x i7 8GB 256SSD Windows 8.1 Laptops running Sync v 2.0.128(36) connected via CAT6 cabling to a NetGear R6300v2 NoteBook 1 - NoteBook 2 - Sync Settings uPnP port mapping enabled Receiving & Sending rates NOT enabled lan_encrypt_data false rate_limit_local_peers false
  2. I have used BT Sync for a while now without issue. However, today, while out a friend contacted me to ask if I had deleted files from a shared folder we use to collaborate on his book ... I came back to find that my machine had deleted over 1TB of music (I'm a DJ) that I sync between two machines - a primary and a backup; all of the book files; a 'common' folder that I share between my machines and iPad and another I use to store images. Something went very seriously wrong today while I was out ... beware! I'm currently recovering files from a backup. Nightmare!
  3. Hi all, I refer to 2.0 product version. This is the scenario: I have an android device and a pc desktop. The devices are linked. 1) For sync purpose I can choose a folder on pc and on android i see the creation of a folder that i can connect, but this folder has to be a new one, it is NO possible to choose a folder in android that already exist.. why? I would like sync and link a new folder in desktop and a folder in android that already exist. 2) Why is it no possible to start a new sync sharing from android device selecting a new folder, not one that was already configured with desktop client? My regards
  4. Hello all, I can't find any option to select the SD card as the source for the camera backup, is it possible at all? It works perfectly with the internal memory of the phone, but I save the photos on the SD card, and these photos are not being backed up. Any idea? Thank you a lot!
  5. Hello, I am testing Sync Basic ahead of setting up the entire network for Sync pro. As MacBook Pro-s (MBP) with latest Yosemite always crashed in sleep-mode I uninstalled Sync and crashes didn't occur again. As long as Sync had been installed, MBPs didn't seem to really "go asleep" (remained very hot), lost fluent memory content and started restoring content from long before turning into sleep mode. Is that issue known? Is there a work around? Is there any feature in Sync Pro, that could avoid that. Thanks in advance and best regards May
  6. Hi! Could you please tell me, if I have synced folder on an external drive and I swap that drive with another with same volume name but not same amount of files in synced folder (for example fewer), will Btsync decide that those files were deleted and will remove them from other devices, or it will sync missing files back from other devices? I mean, for example I have external drive named "Brick" and have synced folder on it. Btsync path is /Volumes/Brick/sFolder sFolder contains 10 files and synced with another computer. I swap "Brick" with another drive, also named "Brick", so path /Volumes/Brick/sFolderstays the same, but sFolder contains 8 files. Will Btsync delete 2 files from another computer, or it will download those files from another computer? Thanks! Sorry for grammar mistakes.
  7. Hello It would be nice to have feature "don't sync files bigger than". My programming experience telling me that such option wouldn't be hard to code.. Regards
  8. Hello! I has Sync 2.0 (dont remember wich version) running on OSX 10.7, i updated today to latest and OSX 10.7 is not supported anymore. Where i can get Sync past versions? Thanks Cristian
  9. Hello, I am assessing BitTorrent Basic and fail to sync my large main Documents folder (175GB) from one Mac with another (both OS 10.10.3.) without that BitTorrent at initial syncing creates *.bts files. I want that at initial syncing all files remain original full size files (important to keep links operational). Is there a way to do that? Would "Pro" have a feature therefor? Cheers M.
  10. Since I upgraded to BT Sync 2.0 it's preventing sleep on my two machines, a mini and a macbook pro. This wasn't happening with the 1.4 beta version. Here is the results from pmset in Terminal, with Sync opened: pmset -g assertions 09/03/15 16:45:05 CET Assertion status system-wide: BackgroundTask 0 PreventDiskIdle 0 ApplePushServiceTask 0 UserIsActive 1 PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep 0 InteractivePushServiceTask 0 PreventSystemSleep 0 ExternalMedia 0 PreventUserIdleSystemSleep 1 NetworkClientActive 0 Listed by owning process: pid 2231(BitTorrent Sync): [0x0000000100000970] 00:01:02 PreventUserIdleSystemSleep named: "syncing" pid 71(hidd): [0x0000000a000008da] 05:38:01 UserIsActive named: "" Kernel Assertions: 0x10c=USB,BT-HID,MAGICWAKE id=502 level=255 0x4=USB mod=08/03/15 12:32 description=EHC1 owner=AppleUSBEHCI id=504 level=255 0x8=BT-HID mod=01/01/70 01:00 owner=BNBMouseDevice id=505 level=255 0x100=MAGICWAKE mod=09/03/15 16:48 description=en0 owner=en0 And without Sync running:pmset -g assertions09/03/15 17:21:50 CET Assertion status system-wide: BackgroundTask 0 PreventDiskIdle 0 ApplePushServiceTask 0 UserIsActive 1 PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep 0 InteractivePushServiceTask 0 PreventSystemSleep 0 ExternalMedia 0 PreventUserIdleSystemSleep 0 NetworkClientActive 0 Listed by owning process: pid 71(hidd): [0x0000000a000008da] 06:14:46 UserIsActive named: "" Timeout will fire in 677 secs Action=TimeoutActionRelease Kernel Assertions: 0x10c=USB,BT-HID,MAGICWAKE id=502 level=255 0x4=USB mod=08/03/15 12:32 description=EHC1 owner=AppleUSBEHCI id=504 level=255 0x8=BT-HID mod=01/01/70 01:00 owner=BNBMouseDevice id=505 level=255 0x100=MAGICWAKE mod=09/03/15 16:53 description=en0 owner=en0 as you can see "PreventUserIdleSystemSleep 1" is caused by BitTorrent Sync. How could I avoid this?Is there a specific line in the advanced preferences to edit? If it's not a real problem with my laptop, because I'm used to close the lid when not using it, it's a little bit more annoying with the desktop computer because I'm forced to quit the app when not using that computer or hit every time "Stop" from the Apple menu. Any solution/suggestions?
  11. Hey Guys - I have a remote Linux box (Debian Squeeze) which for a couple of years have been manually transferring data from it to my local PC (Win 8.1) using FTP. Once local, I'd then have to sort it manually. I started using BTSync recently instead and wish I had thought to use it earlier. It's a better solution by far - especially as I can sync music folders with my phone! I've got an issue that I've run into that I need help with. Between my remote Linux and local Windows systems, I sync a single folder which has 10 static category folders inside of it. Based on labels and rules I've set up on the Linux end, files and folders of all types are placed into one of these 10 folders for synchronization to my local PC. What I'm Trying to Do Once a file / folder is synced locally to my Windows box, it will be inside one of the 10 category folders. Based on the category folder it's in, I want it moved to a different local folder where it will be amongst similar file / folder types. The methods I've tried so far either continuously watch each category sync folder or do so at an interval. Once they see a folder / file, it's moved to the target folder. Synced Folder Structure: - "/home/user/Sync" - Single folder synced with BTSync on remote side - /home/user/Sync/Documents - /home/user/Sync/Complete - /home/user/Sync/FLAC - … (7 more folders) These 10 folders stay in root of synced folder 100% of the time are are never deleted or moved Folders / Files synced into each of the 10 folders range from a few kilobytes to multiple gigabytes. The addition may also be a single file to a folder containing numerous files and sub-folders My Issue I've found that despite rules I set, files / folders are being moved before they finish syncing from the remote linux box. The best luck I've had is setting rules not not move *.bts files since that's the extension until they are complete, but that doesn't work for folders. For example, if syncing a folder which has 10 .flac files in it locally, the folder would be created first and the first file start to sync with the .bts format. Once the first file finishes and changes to .flac, the rules move the folder to the destination thereby deleting the folder from the sync folder which finally deletes it from the source along with all other files. As I download individual files as wel as folders, I need to find a rule / method where whatever has been added to be synced will not move until it's 100% downloaded. Example of My Issue Lets say I add a folder named "Folder1" which contains a few files and sub-folders into "/home/user/Sync/Complete" on the remote side BtSync then starts to sync it locally into "D:\AppCache\Sync\Complete\Folder1" As "D:\AppCache\Sync\Complete" is monitored to move new contents, the app performing the task sees "Folder1" appear moves it immediately or (depending on how rules are set) does once a new file appears inside of it matching a filter The app moves "Folder1" immediately (or including it's single synced file depending on rules) to "D:\Complete" - The sync hasn't finished, but the monitoring app doesn't know that When the folder is moved, it's actually copying the folder to the new location and deleting it from the old one. Therefore, BTSync thinks I've deleted the folder locally so in turn deletes the remote copy. This results in the folder D:\Complete\Folder1" being empty plus the original being deleted on both local and remote sidesWhat I've Tried So far, I've tried a few Windows apps. but no scripts yet. At first, I tried Belvedere but found it's options seem to be too simplistic. Next, I tried DropIt, but has similar results. My most recent attempt was using Hygeia. Even though it seemed to offer the most choices for rule criteria; it still wasn't enough. I looked at one of my favorite sites - - for additional software, but didn't see anything which may work better. I considered setting up individual sync folders per category and syncing them locally with the target folders which the rules are to move the data to post sync, but the local folders contains tons of data which I don't want to sync. Doing so would be impossible given my resources. If I do this and set the local sync to Read Only, will that accomplish the task? I'm using BTSync 2.x on both ends and plan to upgrade to Pro soon (still barely in 30 day trial) but definitely will if I can figure this out. Does anyone have suggestions for how to accomplish this? Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone, I'm Mikel and I'm from Spain, but I'll try to explain the issue in english as best as I can. I've been using Bittorrent sync since the beta release, but I'm having a new issue now. When I start Bittorrent Sync, the PC goes very slow, it seems Sync is taking all the RAM memory. Sometimes my PC freezes when I start Sync, so I have to restart the PC, and If I don't have to restart it, It appears an error, in Spanish is "No hay memoria suficiente", and in english is something like "There is not enough memory". I'm currently using Bittorrent Sync 1.4 but I tried fixing this problem updating to 2.0, 2.0.1.... but nothing changes. NOTE: I tried to enabling Debug Logging, but it is impossible for me just because the PC/Program freezes! My PC works smoothly, and I can see I have enough memory! I hope you can help me!
  13. i bought the pro license proof the mainpage always switch to japanese language proof i set already 3 times the passord, its still doesnt work proof if im running the pro app at my windows pc its just loading so after the browser is done is this the result at my screen proof Kind Regards
  14. Hello. I recently updated the desktop and mobile versions of Sync and pretty much screwed up everything I had setup. So I started from scratch. As you can image, it was not very intuitive unfortunately, but never the less I got it work... somewhat. The issue I'm having which could be just a missing feature from last version, but when I added a new share from my desktop (documents folder for example) to my mobile device via QR code, it did not start the sync. I had to click on each file individually from within the Sync app just to initiate the sync process. Is there a way to make it automatically start sync'ing files without doing that? Because that would be much more practical! Thanks, Havoc
  15. Dear people of the BitTorrent realm, I have a question. I am working on a piece of music production software (in Max). It uses Sync to grab mp3 and wave files from a remote server/peer and load them into memory for further use. Basically what it does is take the .bts file and open it, Sync starts downloading and once the mp3 file appears, the patch will automatically take that file and load it into memory. (Meanwhile, sneaky sneaky in the background, it will do the same thing for a lossless .wav copy of the track and replace the mp3 with it once it has finished syncing) Now for my problem: Every time Sync has finished downloading a file, it automatically opens. For the mp3, it will load and play the track in iTunes. Then, once the .wav becomes available, it will open and play that one as well. This is really annoying. Is there a way to tell Sync to only download the file (and not open it in the default application) when I open the .bts placeholder? In other words 'Sync to this device' from the right click context menu, but then as a default setting or a command I can send to Sync. Hopes this make sense and there is anyone who can help me out with this one. Thanks, friso
  16. I have a workgroup set up with BT Sync. We've noticed our internet bandwidth is getting bogged down, and after eliminating all options, we're certain it's Sync. All the computers we want to sync to are on the local network. I'm not sure how to pull this off, but is there a way to limit Sync to only the local network, and not do an outbound broadcast? Probably a stupid or naive question, but thought I'd ask. BT Sync is working perfectly for our needs, but our internet connection is shoddy, so we need to eliminate any unnecessary traffic.
  17. Hello. I just realized that my devices aren't visible over WAN! Today I went to my parents house and wanted to get a file. I loaded it up and it said I had 0 peers! That's impossible because I have a dedicated Raspberry Pi always on. I go home to see that it was on, and I didn't understand why. Now I'm sitting on my Desktop (with BTSync) and my Pi (with BT Sync) over LAN they appear on peers that are active. While over WAN they don't! It says 0 peers. I used it over 3G/4G as well as over Wifi at my parents house. Am I missing some setting? This is my current configuration: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  18. Hi, We're seeing an issue where deleted folders sometimes reappear. An employee was tidying up files and deleting some redundant folders inside a top level folder. He noticed that a folder he deleted then reappeared again. Could this be happening if there was someone with access to the top level folder who was offline while the deletion took place then came online and re-synced the deleted folder? If not then any ideas what could be causing this? Thank you,
  19. Hallo, today I noticed a (for me) very dangerous problem with sync. If you use BitTorrent Sync through a fresh OpenVPN connection, the peer will be discovered through a relay server instead of the broadcast through TUN! Let me explain my situation: I am a student and my student housing is behind a very restrictive firewall that blocks my IP in seconds when I start using peer-2-peer protocols. As I love the idea of BitTorrent Sync I use one of my servers in the Google Compute Engine to host a btsync daemon besides an OpenVPN server that lets me bypass this firewall. The setup is actually working pretty well. As I don't want to route all my traffic through the VPN I am blocking the outgoing bittorrent tracker and sync packets at my local NAT-Router and switch on the VPN from time to time to sync with the server. And here comes the problem: Initially the OpenVPN is switched off and the server peer is offline. When I establish the VPN connection it takes a few seconds and the server peer is detected and sync works fine. Unfortunately if the server checked "Use relay server when required", this new connection is going through a relay server instead of the direct connection! And it remains that way!! If you instead uncheck "Use relay server when required" the connection is also established but NOT through the relay server. I realised that something was wrong when I observed the outgoing traffic of my server. Of course that's not really a widespread setup but I think it points to a little (not so obvious) problem with the peer discovery. Of course this is hardly enough information to check if that is really a bug, but if you want to investigate this I could provide you with additional setup info. -- Andre
  20. I have just setup Sync and I am syncing all my pictures/videos/music data from PC to Android and vice versa, works great, really pleased. However I have setup a folder on my computer to save my Facebook photos, I have this synced with the directory that Facebook puts photos onto my Android device 'Pictures/Facebook', works great, whenever I take photos/upload via Facebook on my phone or PC they sync. The only issue is that if I download an image from android Facebook their app saves it in a different directory 'DCIM > Facebook' as opposed to 'Pictures/Facebook' as it is download not my own photo. I can sync this by just creating a new folder called Facebook Downloads, but I was hoping to just store the photos from this location into the same Facebook folder, is this possible currently with Sync? Thanks, great product! No cloud
  21. I have a question? I would like to link all the iMacs in my pharmacy and the Drobo under one device identity along with two laptops and a QNAP at home. I would then also like to use BT Sync to share folders with other peers who are not part of my device identity. ie. Folders I share to friends I would like them not to be synced to my work 'mesh' Is this scenario possible? Thanks in advance.
  22. I have 2 issues. The more pressing one is that after moving some folders on my PC I was forced to disconect the syncing and create a new one because you can't change the location of a sync. OK. But now, my Android decided to redownload everything. 20 GB of music is being redownloaded, despite the fact it's still on my phone. I'm guessing the index failed. Second issue, not as pressing, I have read only on my phone, I noticed that when I delete a folder on my PC it doesn't always delete on the phone as well. Is this normal? Thank you. now, for example, My PC says out of sync and my android says Receiving. The folders should be identical on both ends.
  23. I noticed today at work that files I was adding to sync, rendered animation image files so quite a lot and quite large, was dissapearing from their folders. It looked like it was a laptop with not too much storage that was deleting the files. Sure enough, the laptop was filled to the brim, not a single Kb left. It had started to send deletions and replacement files of 0Kb size to my other machines... I pulled the plug on that one and don't want to turn it on before I find out what damage it did so I don't know what version of BTsync it ran, but it was older than the 1.4.103 I have on my work machine and on my server. How can machines be allowed to do this when they are unable to download the synced files themselves? It's quite serious I think.
  24. Hi there. I'm looking into BTsync and how it could fit in our movie pipeline. We would use it for syncing material from on-set to our facility and to our SAN via a server with Xsan and fibre access to SAN. The issue here is that the DIT will have to delete files from his/hers local storage every now and then. I don't want to sync those deletions but i do want to sync everything he/she adds to shared folders. We would have the same setup when it comes to VFX. We would need some extra control over what they locally deletes that ripples through to our side. Cheers and thanks.
  25. Since updating to .110 I have seen two issues. The most severe one involves PowerPoint files. While I'm editing a PPT file on Windows I am sometimes unable to save updates to the file. The save operation will fail and instead I have to do a save as to a different file name. I've also seen related problems. I can't say for sure this is due to .110 but to try to isolate things I started pausing sync'ing when editing PPT files. Since starting this I have not run into this error. Not a smoking gun of course but worth mentioning. I never ran into this with previous versions. Another problem which seems to be worse (or maybe I've just been unlucky) is getting the message about there being no peers and hence my Windows machines not sync'ing. The only 'fix' I have found is to either log out and log back in or restart Windows. It's pretty annoying because in the past I can't recall encountering these two issues and BT Sync was like magic.