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Found 273 results

  1. Hello there, I have used Sync without any problems for several weeks. I have synced about 20 GB of data across two computers. Suddenly the synced folders disapeared from the peer list. My folders are out of sync on both computers. It seems that I will have to reconnect those folders manually by adding them into the sync list again. My question is: will BT Sync overwrite all of the files in the destination folder? Or will it somehow recognize which files are the same and will leave them untouched? I am affraid that I might loose some data, and I cannot allow that happen. Thanks for help!
  2. Hello guys! I have a windows 8.1 x64 machine and one LG G3 android kitkat with bittorrentsync. I have some folders from windows synced with my phone in Read-Write permission mode on both sides (they are ok!) And I have some folders from Android synced with the windows machine in Read-only mode (since that is the only mode for this set-up, right?) The problem is: When I delete files from my phone, the files still remain on the windows. For example, If I delete some photos from my Camera folder on my phone they will still be on windows. (the folders don't sync deleted files from my phone to windows). I haven't put any rule inside IgnoreList on both sides. Can you guys help me in finding the problem/solution. Thank you very much!
  3. Hi, Do i have to sync all files again, when i reinstall bittorent sync on my computer? I have the same files on both devices, but i don't want to sync all the files again to my PC when i just have all the files on my PC. Thanks
  4. Hello! I set up BTSync for a directory on one PC (which I will refer to as Ubuntu1) and shared the full access secret to a second PC (Ubuntu2). After fully syncing, Ubuntu2 has downloaded all of the original files. Next, when I delete a file on Ubuntu2 it simply downloads it from Ubunutu1 again during syncing! Surely what should happen instead is the file on Ubuntu1 should be moved to the .SynchArchive? Why do my files keep coming back? Thank you!
  5. Hello, Quick question here. Also, new to this forum and really like the advances in this sites tec have taken of late with being the most impressive in my eyes. My current set up is centos/linux digital ocean mac air. I have a non SSL (could not configure with after many tries) running for the VPN with my mac. Ideally, what i want to do is make it so that my files are removed from my mac air as soon as the sync with the linux preventing my storage to be full. Is it just a matter of me not disconnecting to the folder with the mac? I tried to move the files out from the shared of the server to another folder on my ftp but it did not work and lost the files. Also, should i really look into setting up the ssl? how do i know my current operation is safe? any tests i can run to have peace of mind? of course privacy is a concern and i'm not very tech. any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  6. I have performed the following test: Installed btsync on my desktop and NAS On my PC created folder TestFolder with files and Added this folder to btsync through http://localhost:8888 Copied read-only secret Entered http://nas-ip:8888 in order to add my PC folder to sync (with the read-only secret) Content was synced between my NAS and PC Added, removed and modified files on my PC - changes were applied to NAS (as expected) Removed file (e.g. from NAS - nothing happened to my PC folder (as expected) I expected the file ( to be sent back to NAS once next sync event was triggered (i.e. within 10 minutes) but nothing happen (not expected) The questions is: how do I resync files that were mistakenly deleted from NAS? In a way it's a nice feature not to download such files (well, since they were removed, then most likely I don't want them to sync), but I'd appreciate a simple way to force a full sync. Did anyone else experience similar issue? Is there any workaround?
  7. Hi I've setup backup of the DCIM folder of my Android phone to a home server. However, no files are sent to the server if I don't manually either pause then resume the backup, or disconnect then connect to the wireless network. What am I doing wrong? Best regards, Karl
  8. In the marketing of BitTorrent Sync, I detect a shyness away from the cloud, but if Sync is as secure as it claims, utilizing the cloud with Sync shouldn't be a security issue and should provide extra benefits. Enter rainstash, an open source Amazon CloudFormation template to deploy an instance of the latest version of Sync in the Amazon cloud with very little effort. With security in mind, only necessary network services are made available, web traffic is forced to be https (though the self signed certificate doesn't validate, but that's expected), and a separate disk volume that is encrypted with cryptsetup is used to store Sync data. The upsides? Deploy one instance in the east region and one in the west region for better redundancy, or better yet, deploy five in each and two in Ireland! (I don't know why Ireland, the point is, it's easy to do!) The downsides? It still costs to run an Amazon instance, and the cheapest currently - t2.micro - plus data transfer costs is still around $10 to $15 per month per instance running 24/7 for an average use case. Please feel free to provide questions, comments, and improvements!
  9. Effected Machines: Android 4.4 BTSync Version: Windows 10 BTSync Version: 1.4.? (I'll have to check the specific version when I get home) Overview of the issue: I have been using BTSync with few issues for quite a while between my work machine (Debian Testing), my home machines (Windows 10 and Windows 7) and my phone (Android 4.4). However this morning I copied a file to my a sync folder on my phone. I then noticed sync wasn't running (likely due to a restart at some point a week or more previous). I started up the Sync application and it notified me it was re-indexing that specific share and then proceeded to the sending state. Thinking all is well I checked my computer before heading to work and opened up my keepass file, which I keep synced so I have access to it on all my devices. I then noticed that the recent entries were missing from it which had been there the night before. It would seem that the Android client pushed its old version of that file to my peer network and I would assume other files in that share as well. The issue didn't really hurt me since, after learning my lesson several times, I have rsync do a nightly backup of all my files on my work machine but the issue remains and makes me very hesitant to continue relying on BitTorrent Sync. PS: I couldn't find a bug tracker for this so I assume this is the best place to report the bug.
  10. Hello! I have a doubt here; is it possible to change the location of an already sync'ed folder? Like, i have 'C:\Users\blah\BTSync' completely sync'ed but i need to move it to 'D:\BTSync'. Is it possible? Thanks for the help!
  11. I have a number of excel files on my computer that are constantly syncing, despite the file being unchanged. I sync to a read-only version on a remote desktop that I control, so I am fairly sure the issue is on "my" end. In my experience this is only happening with excel files. I made sure the timestamp was updated, having seen that cause problems for other users on the forum. This is an instance from the error log. It will occur repeatedly, sometimes preceded by a "ping" or a "Extension:" line. [2014-05-11 14:11:12] Torrent \\?\C:\Users\******.xls status:137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:0 io:0 [2014-05-11 14:11:12] Force unloading torrent \\?\C:\Users\*******.xls
  12. I have a laptop and a desktop computer, which has six user profiles. I have Sync set up on both of them and it syncs just fine as long as I am logged in on both computers and on my home network( I have not yet tried it outside of my network). However, if I am only logged into my laptop and I am not logged into the desktop or another user is logged in on the desktop, it well not sync. Is there a way to set Sync up so that I only have to be logged on to one computer for it to Sync?
  13. Hi, Can BitTorrent Sync be used to sync folders between two ReadyNAS devices over the internet? There seems to be lots of backup and replicate options but limited sync options. If so, which version of BitTorrent Sync do I need for 4 devices (2 x NAS, a desktop and a portable PC). Thanks is advance Seayeti
  14. I supose someone must have asked for this before, but searching in the forum I can't find it out. Sorry if duplicated. I don't know how to sync a mobile folder with read & write permissions. Always I try to share a folder in my android device its shared as "backup", so the chages I do in other devices are not push to the android device. I want to be able to delete files from a shared folder of my android device. I've read that from Android 4.4 the apps don't have permissions to write outside his own folder, so perhaps this is not posible. Thnks
  15. spamail

    Ios Sdk?

    Is there any way / plan / etc. for developers to access to Sync by way of an SDK? While I don't have much use for the off-the-shell Sync app, Sync would be perfect for a technical challenge I face in an app that I'm developing. Thank you!
  16. Hi boys and girls, I bet this question must have been asked a gazillion times, but still i can't find a clear answer: Client (A ) runs sync with a readonly key and completely syncs with Read/Write client (B ), comes along R/W client (C ) when client (B ) is offline. Will client (A ) upload this new data to client (C ) although he's supposed to only have a read-key? Thank you!!! Max - Happy syncer
  17. Ive been trying to make the camera sync to work but the email link that I sent to myself is not doing anything. Weird.... yes. Im using Google Chrome browser in a Windows 7 machine. My phone is an iphone. After clicking the link I emailed to myself Chrome pops up with two buttons to choose. Install the 1.4 or Already have 1.4. I did the already have 1.4 because I did and nothing happened. I even check the Bittorrent interface to see whats happening and nothing. Then i tried it again this time I clicked the install 1.4. Installed it and go back to the previous window and still noting is happening. Am I missing something here? Need help pls... thanks!
  18. Hey. I'm syncing Camera folder from my Oneplus One phone (great phone btw!) between my laptop, desktop and Rpi with NAS network drive. First two work without any problems (my oneplus photos&vids appear both on laptop and desktop), but when pasting the key to Rpi's sync via webpanel, I'm getting the "pending approval" message, but notification doesnt appear on my oneplus one phone. Versions of Sync: Oneplus one = Windows machines: 1.4.103 beta Rpi = 1.4.93 beta Thanks for any suggestions Qlex
  19. Hi please see the screenshot: I installed Sync on my NAS (Synology Diskstation DS411) - but the last sync date (I have not synced yet) is in the future! Will the sync take place anyways? Olaf
  20. I just set up some folders to sync to my PC... I love it! Two features that I though would automatically be possible is: 1) As an easy way to clean up the space on phone, to be able to deleted synced files on PC and propagate those deletions to the phones. 2) After realizing that option one is not possible because the added folders from phone seem to only have the "Read Only" option, I though if I at least delete files on phone it would propagate deletions to the PC. IO just found out about BitTorrentSync and trying a million things at once but is option 1 and/or two possible with some steps I possibly missed? If option two is also not possible what is the use of the "Archive" folder if deletions are not propagated anyway (or does it only record changes to same file)? Thanks!
  21. Hello. I am using Bittorrent Sync to sync my Win laptop and my Mac desktop. I use Mercurial as my versioning system (SCM). Mercurial creates in its repository several files that have "~2e" at the beginning of their filenames. These files are located inside the .hg folder used to maintain the repository. Unfortunately, Bittorrent Sync does not sync these files. Executing "hg verify" confirms that the synced repository (the one created by Bittorrent Sync) is corrupted. I made a comparison between the original repository and the synced repository (the one created by Bittorrent Sync) and the only files missing are those starting with "~2e". Manually copying them from one repository to the other fixes the problem. Files starting with "~2e" do not seem to have any permission blocked; I could copy, delete and move them without any issue. To replicate this problem just create one Mercurial repository, with at least one commit, and sync it with Bittorrent Sync. You can check the integrity of a repository by executing "hg verify". "~2e" files are inside the .hg folder. I hope you can check this issue. Thanks.
  22. I was curious on how would be the best way to sync the entire drive (backup drive Z:\) to a Synology NAS. What I did was just set up a folder in the Diskdrive on Synology and synced the full Z drive with all its folders. However, does it make sense to sync the full, main directly with many folders inside or is it best to set up a sync for each individual folder in the Z drive ? I guess that will allow more flexibility when you only want to share a specific folder with someone instead of allowing them access to the whole drive. Or can you still share a specific folder from within a main shared folder? Also, some folders int the Z drive almost never changes so I am thinking that If I sync the entire Z Drive on the PC instead of individual folders, its a waste of resources having btSync rescan it each time it syncs. Is that the case or it does not matter much if doing one batch folder or breaking it up into groups? On the plus side, I guess its much easier to just maintain one sync job. Anyway, was curious on any technical reasoning to do it one way or the other. Thanks!
  23. Hello guys, I have the issue also that is described in a lot of topics The issue I read about a solution to add some info into a hidden file. But in each directory?!?! That can't be the solution right? I have around 2tb that has to be synced. Last time I lost files using BT Syn... I really hope this will be not be the case anymore?
  24. we have several folders shared with differents users in our company. Those folders are being syncing to a remote pc using "bittorrent sync" in read only mode. (backup sync) We have experienced a bug in the process. When we try to save an email attachment from outlook 2010 to a shared folder, sometimes we have the "can't save attachment" and sometimes haven't. Outlook saves a .tmp copy of the attachment and then it changes to the correct file. i think the problem happens when bittorent sync is syncing the temp file and keep it locked, so outlook can't finish the process and give us the error message. Same happens when we save an attachment and we try to save it again and overwrite it. we think it can be a bug or maybe an error in the way outlook interact with bittorrent sync and a shared folder. (Sorry for my grammar mistakes, it's not my mother language) Regards.
  25. I'm an AutoCAD user and am having an annoying problem: The files only sync when I exit AutoCAD. As design team member, we always use external references in our drawings, continuously updating links. Is that a way to make it happen? Thanks.