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Found 275 results

  1. we have several folders shared with differents users in our company. Those folders are being syncing to a remote pc using "bittorrent sync" in read only mode. (backup sync) We have experienced a bug in the process. When we try to save an email attachment from outlook 2010 to a shared folder, sometimes we have the "can't save attachment" and sometimes haven't. Outlook saves a .tmp copy of the attachment and then it changes to the correct file. i think the problem happens when bittorent sync is syncing the temp file and keep it locked, so outlook can't finish the process and give us the error message. Same happens when we save an attachment and we try to save it again and overwrite it. we think it can be a bug or maybe an error in the way outlook interact with bittorrent sync and a shared folder. (Sorry for my grammar mistakes, it's not my mother language) Regards.
  2. I'm an AutoCAD user and am having an annoying problem: The files only sync when I exit AutoCAD. As design team member, we always use external references in our drawings, continuously updating links. Is that a way to make it happen? Thanks.
  3. Hi, i managed to install sync on the western digital my cloud ex 2 with ssh. Here you can find the procedure: Now i'm making some try and i'm stuck in a strange behavious: if i create a sync from the nas to a pc it goes great. if i create a sync from the pc to the nas (which is the main reason i made this) it told me: "Not enough free space on the drive" can you tell me why?
  4. so I have a folder structure as follows /opt | |customer_home| |-170129| |--reports/ |--www/ |--logs/however under customer home there are about 50,000 account id's. My intent is to ignore everything under logs and reports but sync /www I have placed my .SyncIgnore file at the root of my sync ( /opt/customer_home/.SyncIgnore ) with the following /*/logs/*/reports*.tgz*.tar*.cdr.json*.cdr.csv*.txt.tgz*.tar.gz*.pdf*.exe*.dmg*.zipbut it is still syncing files under logs and reports. I am using client 1.4 and syncing between two CentOS 6 systems. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  5. Hello, I have a working setup at home where 2 laptops connect through a switch would sync the files without connecting to the internet. edit : I know they synced locally because they where getting speeds of up to 20mb/s which my internet feed won't reach. I do however suspect they connected to the internet to find each other because at my corporate network I am behind multiple firewalls with IPS / IDS and all sorts of smart filters. Now they can't find each other even when they are in the same subnet with no firewalls in between them. Is there any way to let them find each other without using a tracker of some sort ?
  6. For the past two days, one computer has received no sync updates, though changes are made frequently. Log file shows activity as it should be but, the old file is still in place with the changed file not to be found. The receiving folder is read only. Release: 1.4.93 with file size of 4902 running on Windows 7 machines.
  7. Hello All, I wasn't able to find a post describing similar behaviour, so I'm hoping someone here can explain to me if what I'm noticing is normal or not. I've unchecked "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" but what I notice is that syncing doesn't resume until after the display wakes from sleep. Display is asleep, laptop is still running, hard-drive is not sleeping but the display is. I put my password in to see the desktop and then syncing resumes but not until I'm actively using the machine. What setting am I missing, or why is this happening? My assumption was that syncing would happen automatically, once the software noticed changes had been made to the syncing folders (after a 10 minute delay). V.1.4.93 Beta <-- all machines OS X Yosemite <-- all machines Thanks!
  8. I have 3 devices connected to sync. 2 devices are synced, one device shows "out of sync" I suspect the sync ignore list which looks like this: On the windows devices: On the linux device: How can I find out the problem? edit: I tried created a new file which wasn't synced: [2014-10-21 22:19:25] MC[9E43] [2939]: will send file /test.txt[2014-10-21 22:19:25] SF[9E43] [2939]: State sync finished[2014-10-21 22:19:25] SF[9E43] [2939]: Going to sync state with peer[2014-10-21 22:19:25] ScheduledTask:SyncState invoked:immediately reason:FinishStateSync - sync not completed
  9. I understand that sync places a unique id into each folder to understand if a file has changed and if its over 4MB it will just redownload that 4MB chunk thats changed but what about folders....say I have a 507GB library of movies that me and my colleague have obtained over the years. Half are his, and half are mine and the idea was that we could act as an off site backup for each other as well as being able to share our media through Plex Media Server so we could still watch our movies in case one of our "servers" goes down for some reason. We performed a data hand off as transferring that much data over residential internet would take about a month.We then begin to realize we needed to clean our naming and folder structure up as well as place some files into folders or combine some folders under one folder (Blade, Resident Evil and such). Our concern was would Sync not understand these changes and redownload the entire file and folder again or could it understand that on computer A within drive D:/Movies filename elektra.avi and were moved into folder D:/Movies/Elektra and that D:/Movies/Xmen/The Wolverine was moved out of D:/Movies/Xmen and into D:/Movies again without having to redownload the entire 3.9GB again on computer B or in other words not moving D:/Movies/Xmen/The Wolverine to the D:/Movies/.sync/Archive Folder then redownloading D:/Movies/The Wolverine when the data already exists.
  10. Q. Does anyone have a suggestion for Alphabetizing my List of Folders in BitTorrent Sync? Reason: When you are syncing 15-20 folders, it is easy to skip one.
  11. Hi Guys, I ask immediately apologize for my English. I hope I make myself understood. I have two QNAP with BTSync to version 1.4.83 Beta, I have a problem if I want to synchronize two folders already exist. In the "NAS A" and "B NAS" I have 8 folders equal (I did copy and paste by hand). I turned on the "NAS A" BTSync for all 8 folders and waited indexing. In the "NAS B" I have activated synchronization, using the private key of the "NAS A", for all 8 folders. But they are always "0 peers" and the synchronization don't part. Screenshot from NAS B: But if I sync a folder full of "NAS A" in an empty folder "NAS B" synchronization part and I see "1 peers." The "NAS A" starts to send data to the "NAS B". I do not understand why?! Thanks Andrea
  12. Hi, how can I exclude files/folders with # (Number sign)? In my case I'm syncing a shared folder on my Synology NAS, and the default name for the trashbin is "#recycle". I have added that string to the IgnoreList but I suppose it is being being parsed as a comment instead of a part of the file/folder name. Thanks for the support
  13. Hey! I'm trying to create bittorrent volume with docker. It runs perfectly with root but running btsync with root doesn't keep file ownerships in place. So I build small bash script which detects ownership and creates new user with same uid&gid as files before starting btsync. When i try to run btsync with this new user $ sudo -H -u btsync bash -c 'btsync --config /btsync/config --nodaemon' I get this: btsync: /mnt/jenkins/workspace/Build-Sync-x64/linux/breakpad/client/linux/handler/minidump_descriptor.h:55: google_breakpad::MinidumpDescriptor::MinidumpDescriptor(const string&): Assertion `!directory.empty()' failed. My config file: { "device_name": "NAME", "listening_port": 55555, "check_for_updates": true, "use_upnp": true, "pid_file" : "/btsync/", "download_limit": 0, "upload_limit": 0, "shared_folders": [ { "secret": "SECRET", "dir": "/data", "use_relay_server": true, "use_tracker": true, "use_dht": false, "search_lan": true, "use_sync_trash": true } ]} What is wrong?
  14. Hi there, I have 3 servers running BT Sync 1.4.83 (2 Pc's and 1 Mac) Only 1 of the sites supports UPnP so the 2 sites i need to configure static listen port, but it seems like this version does not save my listen port in BT Sync client. Is it a bug? Its 1 PC and 1 Mac that i have the trouble on - the last server uses UPnP in the firewall that Works perfect. Any help would be apreciated.
  15. When adding an encrypted key (i.e. a read-only key with no decryption key) to an already existing folder (that was synced earlier with the same key), the folder is added with an entirely different, unrelated key than the one provided, and it indicates no peers active. I've gone ahead and confirmed that it actually does use the new key (by adding the new key on another device) and it starts syncing the encrypted files. How can I add an already existing encrypted folder and start syncing the files with other nodes using the initial key? Thanks. P.S. I tried adding debug logging, and when I searched through the log, there were no mention of, or even part of the key in question. The log is too large to post, but I will do so if asked.
  16. Today we are proud to introduce to all the BitTorrent Sync community a new product we have just launched: Syncmade ( Syncmade allows you to add a cloud presence to BitTorrent Sync without the hassle of purchasing a server and configuring UNIX-based BitTorrent Sync on it. Such cloud presence will allow you to keep your files online 24/7 while at the same time boost transfer rates by adding a 1Gbps peer to your BitTorrent Sync network. Syncmade brings competitive advantages for general users by offering cloud geography, or the option to select where the files should get hosted among various companies and datacenters around the world (with adjusted pricing). Syncmade finally allows you to make sure your files stay within a certain jurisdiction or under the indirect management of a certain company. Syncmade is also great because it allows you to store only the encrypted secrets associated with your folders (either by generating some for you or by letting you input your own). This will turn the cloud space into a ‘zero-knowledge’ capacity where only you will be able to decrypt the files. Finally, Syncmade is beautiful and secure. It comes with latest SSL standards and perfect forward secrecacy principles in mind. It is built with state-of-the-art HTML5 techniques, making it Retina-ready and compatible with any device, desktop or mobile. You can take a look at Syncmade @ and learn more about our SaaS @ We will be happy to hear any feedback you may have about our project. We have a long roadmap that already involves increasing presence in many more datacenters/with more companies throughout the world, increasing the size of our free package, decreasing the price of our cheapest one, fully developing the web-based file manager and launching several disruptive features we already have in mind. If you are deciding to give us a try, open a support ticket and tell us that you are coming from this article, we will double the virtual space you have, either it is free or paid. Best personal regards to each and everyone, Paul HUSTIN Founder of Syncmade and the Syncmade team (Maxim, Agnès, Pauline, Taty, Wayne & Steve)
  17. Is Peer Exchange enabled in Bittorrent Sync ? I would like selective file sync between Multiple PC on a same Lan network without requiring Intertnet.
  18. Hi all, I've seen this written about many times in the forums but haven't yet found a solution. I'm unable to sync files between computers that have special characters in the names, eg 'Á' 'ë' etc. I'm synching across a mac, an windows box and a Raspberry Pi. Mac & Windows are happy. The Pi is not... The log is constantly spitting out errors such as 'SyncFileEntry: failed to create folder /home/pi/Store/Media/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Tiësto' I've seen two suggested fixes, one if to confirm UTF-8 encoding on all machines, which I've done. Another was to allow the Pi to recreate the folder (I'd prepopulated it on the Mac) Neither fix has made any difference. A third suggestion was to remove all special characters from the file names but the library is huge so not really an option. Bit Torrent Sync runs as 'btsync' and owns the folder it's trying to populate. All versions are up to date. Btsync has been at 93% CPU for a week trying to work through the folder, I suspect this is due to the file name issues. Is there any way to sync files with special characters to a linux box? Am I missing something basic?
  19. Hi, I just noticed my upload speed to be very slow so I did a couple of bandwidth tests. On the unit the files currently are I get around 50 mbit upload speed and on the unit currently syncing (in another location) I get around 50 mbit download speed when testing. However I am currently syncing around 100KB/s, it goes up and down a bit between 100 and 400 KB/s but mostly at the lower end. By the looks of it I have a direct connection since there are no indications of a relay server being used. I don't have any limits configured and I am using UPnP. Would it be better for speed using a set listening port and portforward the traffic in the router or doesn't it matter? What else can it be in that case? Thanks for reading
  20. How can I get status of synchronization, and start my script or btsync start my script when download comlete.
  21. Hi everyone, Is it possible to set a different speed limit to LAN transfers than the one set in download_limit and upload_limit? I know there is rate_limit_local_peers (as described here, which defaults to 0), but it's not quite what I want. Thanks!
  22. I am new to this and need to find the correct way of synchronising data. What I want to achieve is the following: Have a server in a SOHO setupLinux Mint to run on serverLinux Mint on deskrops and laptops, but will consider Windows 8.1 or OS X. Currently have Mint 17 Qiana Xfce on my own laptop and my son has his MacbookPro with the latest Mavericks updates.Mobile devices presently iPhone 5S and Android 4.2.1 on Huawei.Future mobile devices could also include WP8.1 or even BlackberryThis is still far from happening but we could, when we open new offices, host user data on a central server at HQ and use VPN for remote access. This is just an idea. The minimum we need is a direct sync via USB or local WLAN, not Internet, to sync between user phone and user laptop the following: Contacts - essentialCalendar - essentialTasks/Reminders - essentialNotes - essentialMedia files - optionalDocuments, spreadsheets, etc. - optionalEach user may also end up with large laptop that mostly stays in the office, then a large screen tablet together with a smartphone. Sentiments: I trust neither Android nor Apple with my data and would prefer Blackberry for security. Apple had let us down badly with both OS X and iOS earlier this year. Updates crippled functionality and then did not rush to fix.Windows Phone 8.1 is second to BBOS as far as security goes and I like the high-end Lumia phones, so WP8.1 could be an optionBlackberry? Direct sync is needed as GSM coverage in my country is much less than reflected on coverage maps and fixed lines don't exist in rural areas where we are operational. Bandwidth also is expensive and a local sync solution would be ideal. What would the best setup be? I was advised to use ownCloud and caldav/cardav/webdav for local sync but then someone mentioned BT Sync. Comments welcome!
  23. Hi! I have just joined the community, so first of all, hello to everyone here! I find BTSync to be a great app. I would like to ask for your help and howto for the setup I intent to do. 1 - Home Server: (ITX Intel Atom) running 24/7. Has a 2TB HDD that I use for storing all the stuff I access from my network (tv shows, movies, music, pictures, etc). This is accessed by two laptops, a htpc and my main desktop PC. There is an additional 2.5" 1GB HDD in the server that is used as a backup destination from the 2TB drive, only for pictures, home videos, and documents (things that are very important). For this purpose, I will use a 3rd party backup utility. For additional security, I use BuddyBackup to backup the content of the backup drive to two of my friends PC's. This way, I have the important files stored on: a) 2TB drive 1TB drive used only as a backup drive of the important data from the 2TB drive c) the content of the 1TB backup drive is back-upped with Buddybackup to two PCs in the family (different cities) d) I'm also thinking of adding an additional cloud backup layer, Amazon Glacier or a cheap cold storage (I hope I will never need to access these files) I believe this is a reasonable security setup for the files that are irreplaceable. Where BTSync comes in: I take a lot of pictures. I copy these to my laptop or to my desktop PC. Then I manually copy these to the home server PC's 2 TB drive. The real problem is with the laptop, since there are frequent occasions when I'm copying pictures to the laptop on the road, with no access to internet. How should I setup BTSync on my laptop that all the pictures are always copied automatically to my home server when the laptop is connected to my home network? Important is, that if I delete the pictures from my laptop's drive, they still remain on the server! I hope I was clear and looking forward to your help!
  24. having set up two-way sync between folders on two different servers, would there be any reason why the file count is different at each end? in other cases on the same servers, the sync details show the same file count at each end. two folders - apparently no different - show counts which do not match. am i missing something? also: what is the reason why the file count shown by btsync differs dramatically from the file count shown by windows?? windows: 11005 files, 40 folders 415Mb - btsync: 20118 files, 615Mb. - is this an error or are there heaps of hidden files somewhere? any information welcome, thank you.
  25. Hi, I create a shared folder in CentOS and want to add & sync it on another CentOS. However, I get the following Status code: Sync stopped: device time difference outside threshold.What's the meaning of the following status? And How to fix it? Thanks. Another question: How to disable the Versioning feature of BitTorrent Sync?