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  1. I've just started using BT Sync and loving it. I have 3 iPhoto libraries distributed across 3 macs, it would be great if they were all in sync… Does BT Sync sync iPhoto libraries?Will it sync in both directions?Can i sync 3 iPhoto libraries across 3 macs?How does it deal with dupes? (i'll have a lot of duplicates across the 3 libraries…)So many questions! Answers to any of the above will be received with gratitude! :-) Thanks, Garf
  2. Hi there, i am using btsync on 2 computers, lets call them "Master" and "Slave". Master has many files in the sync-folder, which should be mirrored to Slave. I configured both the way it's meant to be, so Slave has only read-access. The syncing is working perfect. I now copy a new file into the sync-folder of Slave and it is not synced back to the Master, which also is correct. But i would like the new file to be deleted the next time both PCs sync, because it is not in the sync-folder of Master. I hope you get me here If i create or copy some files on Slave, they should only last a f
  3. I would like to have a ".SyncPreferences" file where i can set sync preferences for each specific folder or file. If i have the Folders: --> Synced Folder --> Sub Folder 1 --> Sub Folder 2 --> Sub Folder 3 I could say in the ".SyncPreferences" file: Folder2 { relay_server: false; tracker_server: false; search_lan: true;}So that my "Folder2" will only sync over a LAN connection.
  4. Hello, my question is - what if I specify multiple pre-defined hosts - what the priority will be? What if these hosts will be different ISP going to the same device? Thank you!
  5. Possible to sync voice memos in the same way BT Sync currently syncs the camera roll? Suspect this would be heavily dependent on iOS hooks, so if it's just not possible right now this request can be closed. I would love this feature. Would make memos far more useful than they are currently, locked to iTunes.
  6. Greetings, all! I am new to the forum, looked at the FAQ, and tried to search for an answer to my question, in case one already exists, but may have missed the answer anyway. My situation is this: I have BitTorrent Sync installed on several machines, sync-ing several (large) directories. At least 3 of these machines are Mac laptops which change location and IP addresses "very frequently" (on the order of a couple times a day, each). At least 2 of the machines are "servers", with fixed IP addresses. The problem is that when the laptops change location it often takes "forever" for them to fi
  7. Hi, I'm syncing CloneZilla backups between my Ubuntu 12.04 server and W7/W8 clients. The folders containing the backups sync fine, including all the small files, but the large *.gz.aa files don't get synced! I get a "Sync completed", but below you can see that the number of files is different. *.gz.aa files are ofcourse not blacklisted in .SyncIgnore. Does anybody recognize this behaviour? I have a sync.log, but don't want to publish it here... Thanks! R
  8. Hi, I am trying to upgrade bittorrent sync on my drobo 5n, and it's not working, so I want to make sure I'm using the correct version of sync. The one I've been trying is 1.3.94 (ARM) from Has anyone installed this on a drobo? Or is there a different version that I should be using? Which method did you use to install it - ssh or placing it in the droboapps folder and restarting? I'd previously been using version 1.0.132, which I downloaded from I installed this by putti
  9. My sync has about 4-5 users (I forget which,) including myself, and there are a lot of files and folders within the sync. Today I wanted to tidy up the files and organise them better, which entails moving some files into different folders and deleting some duplicate files I found, ect. The issue: Not all users are online all of the time. When I finish organising everything nicely, another user can come online and they'll have all the files and folders in the original positions, and they'll end up sending /me/ that copy of those files, ruining half of the organising I've done. Example:
  10. Dear all, I have upgraded the BitTorrent to the last version, i.e. 1.3.94. Since then my two macs can not see each other anymore. The logs are here I already posted a special topic on that but got no answer. Could somebody tell me at least how to deinstall the BitTorrent completely from OSX. I have deleted the bundle, the preference and cash files, but when I reinstall the software, it still uses preferences from the previous version. So there must be some other files that I do not know and would need to be deleted in o
  11. Dear all, I have been using Bitttorent Sync for some time already and everything was OK until recently. Now, I think this started one I upgraded to new version, my two mac computers (iMac and MacPro) simply can not see each other anymore. Both computers are connected to the same LAN. Does anybody know what's the problem? Kind regards, Marko
  12. Hi, A couple of my folders on BTSync were deleted when I switched on one of my synced computers today. Apparrently, another of my computers 'deleted' files in the night. I am not sure how to remedy this. I found some of the files in the sync archive of the former computer. However, they have lost the timestamps when they were first created + latest modification. Is there a way to recover these metadata? I also don't know if more files have been lost...? Would anyone know what the problem is? On a related note, I've also noticed that the upload/download status have been stuck for weeks, usu
  13. I'm running btsync on several machines and it's mostly working but I'm having trouble on one older server running Ubuntu 12.04. Basically, the btsync process doesn't seem to automatically detect any changes I make in my sync folders, it only picks up and syncs out changes after the folder_rescan_interval. I tested this by starting the btsync process and immediately changing a file. It was about 10 minute before my other computers got it. I changed my config file to have a 5 minute folder_rescan_interval and repeated the test and it took 5 minutes for a sync to happen. I would really lik
  14. I want to sync one file from my computer to another computer, and then keep it at that computer as a backup. Meaning, that if I delete the file on my computer, it won't affect the file on the other computer. Is this possible with BitTorrent Sync?
  15. When I have a folder set to sync, and that folder contains the following items as an example: AAAAA (full folder)BBBBB (file)CCCCC (full folder)DDDDD (full folder)EEEEE (empty folder)FFFFF (full folder)GGGGG (full folder)ZZZZZ (file)and BitTorrent Sync tries to sync the folders and files, this is what happens. BitTorrent syncs all items in decreasing alphabetical order (ZZZZZ, then GGGGG, then FFFFF...) and once getting to EEEEE, doesn't sync any files or folders after that. DDDDD, CCCCC, BBBBB, and AAAAA are not synced. When EEEEE is removed or items are placed in it, the others appear and
  16. With an update of Android, it's impossible now to add a sync folder on external card. Have you an idea how solve this problem ?