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Found 274 results

  1. With an update of Android, it's impossible now to add a sync folder on external card. Have you an idea how solve this problem ?
  2. Here is my scenario. I have a desktop computer (CompA) I have a 3TB HDD connected to Raspberry Pi ? I want to transfer files and folders , when they are placed in the shared folder , from CompA to the HDD connected to R-Pi. CompA(BTsync folder) --> R-Pi HDD(BTsync directory) I then want to free up space on CompA by deleting the files from the shared folder, as soon as the sync is complete. I don't want the files on the HDD connected to the R-Pi be deleted. What would be the best way to achieve this. is there a way to find out on the pi as to when a transfer session has completed and then , using a script move the files from the shared directory on the HDD to some other directory?
  3. My setup is for folders only synced by predefined hosts. Every time I choose a new folder, it has relay servers, tracker servers, and LAN searching on. Instead, I want any folder I create to have my predefined hosts and all these options turned off. Hell, at this point I'd be happy to create a folder that had NONE of these settings activated. Is there something I can adjust to alter what are considered the "default" properties for added sync folders? Thanks for the help.
  4. I'm new to BTSync so please excuse me if this has been discussed in previous topics… Is there any way to manage permissions on directories synced with BT, other than just filesystem permissions? My use-case is this: I am going to be setting up a multi-node network of headless Rasberry Pi's & big RAID 1 drives, each at the home of a different member of my extended family. I want to use BT sync not just for sharing family photos etc, but essentially also as a form of distributed backup – the family archive. You get the picture – someone adds some baby photos to their node as their personal backup, and they then know that it will also be backed up to all the other nodes. I would imagine this is a pretty common application of BTsync. The thing I'm wondering is if there is any way to sync content between nodes, but manage permissions, so that if you wanted to back up and distribute something for disaster recovery purposes, but didn't want everyone to actually be able to see your files. Is there a way to sync directories between two BTsync nodes, but prevent easy access on the node you are pushing to? Or is the assumption with BTsync made that sync of files between nodes mean 100% access on both nodes? Thanks in advance for any guidance!
  5. Hi I am using Bittorrent Sync on my Mac, and backing up files with read only folders on CentOS server. I think this is a very good and flexible solution for backing up files from multiple clients, but have a problem with some files getting queued but never sync. When this happens the status field continuously show arrow up symbol, but nothing happens. Other files in the same folder syncs fine. The files is not open or locked, and if I delete the files the arrow up symbol goes away and the folder shows sync complete. I was hoping this should be solved when upgrading Mac client to 1.2.91 today, but the problem still seems to be the same. See also screenshot attached. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Please tell me it's simple enough to migrate my external sync drive from my PC to the new Mac I'm replacing the old PC with. My sync folder is on an external drive and I hope someone can tell me how this can be accomplished. Thanks for the help!
  7. Hello, I am an absolute noob and not very fit with consoles and troubleshooting, I need some help. I have my Pi setup with BtSync and its running and showing up fine on my Mac and iPhone. I am having trouble with the data that is being synced between the devices. For example, I like to backup my iPhone photos to my Pi with the iOS App, but not all the photos, just some weird collection is showing up on my Pi. And the documents I dropped into my Sync folder at work don't show up in the folder on my mac at home. Can anyone help me? Maybe I need to reinstall the whole thing? Any advice? Thanks a lot in advance.
  8. I'm trying to sync a folder between a linux btsync and the android client. The syncing gets stuck on files with | (pipe) in them and maybe : ~ After finding the files and renaming them the syncing resumes and is completed successfully. This issues doesn't occur when syncing between two Linux btsync. And I've found nothing of use in sync.log
  9. Hi all, im very new to bittorrent sync, can someone please explain to me how i can sync photos from my camera folder to my computer one way only so i can delete them from my phone? my phone memory gets full quick and i would like to replace dropbox with bittorrent sync since its more convenient and seems reliable, Regards, Ammar
  10. Pretty much the title. I would like to know if keeping a peer open all the time would trigger some sort of warning with my ISP, because I plan on syncing my music library (that I paid for) which obviously contains copyrighted material.
  11. Have set up sync on my home and work PC's and loaded up a 25.2 GB of files, some big, some small, on the work pc to sync back to home. Seeing transfer rates of 60kB/s max, so it's been chugging away there for a couple of days When I have the same folder in Dropbox, the upload from the work PC happened much quicker and when I download torrents at home using utorrent, I get up to 5 MB/s down. Nice fast connections. Is there some configuration thing that I'm missing?
  12. Hi, I just registered to get API key for the first time, but I don't receive anything yet. Does it take some time? Isn't it automatically processed? Thanks
  13. I have a question regarding use of the read-only sharing within Btsync: If I have a machine set as the "master", and sync to several other machines using the read-only key, will these machines transfer across to the other machines to keep the data in sync IF the Master machine goes offline? Meaning, do the machines setup using a read-only key still work in the P2P scope of things, sending files across to all other machines that are connected under the same key, or is the Master unit the only one that handles the transfers then? Just curious Thank you.
  14. I have a use-case where I have a server containing lots of storage which I don't use as a normal client most of the time. This server is the one where most of my files eventually end up, however I tend to acquire them on other devices. So this use-case is a feature I'd really like if BitTorrent Sync enabled. I would like to setup a directory on this server (and gain a secret for it) that when plugged into other devices would setup "transfer bins". They would work as following: Directory \\Server\dest is the destination directory, and the original directory existing on Server. Directory \\Client\outbox is a "transfer bin" created with the secret from the destination directory. The content of dest is never copied to output, so in that regards it's sort of a oneway sync, however, the difference being that instead of the original directory being the source, it's the destination of the files, and one can have multiple sources (not sure how one would manage conflicts though, maybe give a message on the client?). Another feature that this could hopefully include is optimally deleting the file (automatically) once it's been completely synced to the dest folder. So I could just drop files in to outputfolders on laptops etc. whenever I didn't need them on the client anymore, but still wished to keep the file, and they would just magically end up on the server and be deleted from the laptop. Anyways, if I manually have to delete them when the sync is done that's not too much of a hassle.
  15. Just a few question that im sure the answer is no to, im just looking for solutions to make this a complete dropbox replacement. I am a fan of the cloud as you can still access files if the originating computer is turned off or offline. From what I understand, if the files are not yet synced to the new device, the primary computer will have to be on and online. As the files dont reside on the cloud, if my computer is off will my second device be able to access the files? Do both devices need to be on to sync files What if the internet on the remote computer goes out, will the file continue to download or just hang?If the answer is no to these questions, whats the best way to tackle a cloudless environment? Will there be third party cloud options?
  16. I am new to the sync world and have read amazing things about BitTorrent Sync. I am trying to sync files on a USB connected drive on my Mac to our Mac Mini Server. I do not understand what happens on the server side. I cannot answer the secret question as I am not sitting there. I can log on but what then. I would be happy with a one way sync from me to the server. Sorry to be so confused, Thanks for your help, Debbie
  17. Hey, As you can imagine my phone is full and i would like to sync everything from my phone to PC so i can delete everything and keep sync new stuff. I know theres a one way PC to PC but i didn't found any option in the phone app. Is there a way to do such thing with bittorrent sync? Terramoto
  18. Hello, I recently started to use Sync to keep several computers in sync with respect to my working documents - things like .doc, .ppt, .txt and similar. Unfortunately, several of these "working" files end up never getting synced. The sync status shows as complete, there are no visible errors anywhere, but several of the files are missing on my other computers. I can only see them on the computer that created them. It seems to be that something goes awry with often-saved files. Static/archived files are fine - I have GBs of files properly synched. I run into issues though for "working" files. Even after I save them, close the document, etc. they still don't get shuttled to the other computers. Any pointers would be welcome. Otherwise, I'll have to switch off of BT Sync, which would be unfortunate. I love the value proposition. Thanks, stlbilek
  19. I've synced a folder from a PC to Android. Now I want to sync that same folder from Android to another device. How do I retrieve the shared secret? Currently, you need to browse to a hidden config file, and that's not very user-friendly. See: Also, could the shared secret transfer via QR code? As in, Android displays a QR code which is then scanned by a computer?
  20. Hi guys, I'm just getting started with BTS, and I'm glad to now have it working (thanks to you guys). Now that I've spent a few days with it, I have a few questions and didn't want to clog the forum making a separate topic for each. 1.) There was at least one instance recently where I renamed a folder on one machine, but all machines ended up with the folder under the new name as well as the old name existing at the same time (duplicated). The only theoretical reason I can think of that might cause this is the date/time not being synced on every machine, but it is. Is there any reason this may occur other than date/time being off? 2.) I like to take snapshots (images) of my machines in case I need to restore them. I'm under the impression that I could set up the syncs and build them into the image, since BTS works from date/time stamps anyway which I would think would override whatever is in the image. Are there any potential downsides into building BTS into an image?
  21. Hello, We are thinking of using the bittorent sync services to sync the asset(general small size images or libraries) files over a cluster of 20 or more servers. We just would like to know is the service capable of handling this or should we just use rsync? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Jinal
  22. I'm in the process of switching most of our home Ubuntu (12.04.3) machines over to Linux Mint 16, primarliy so I don't have to hear the fans spin up so much. (I like Ubuntu, and even Unity, but the Unity interface needs to go on a diet. Under Mint/Cinammon 2 the fans rarely spin up, and the load averages are lower.) The changeover has gone pretty smoothly, thanks to separate /home partitions... ...but on one machine, some "old" BitTorrent Sync (hereinafter BTS) files, hidden somewhere, are giving me fits. It was the first machine on which I installed BTS, and the only one on which I installed it with passwords. The reinstall under Linux Mint "remembers" that it's supposed to have a password; but it's not the password LastPass remembers (and I never changed it). So I'm guessing that unless I can completely uninstall BTS, removing every reference to it, I don't see how I can get a good, unencumbered install. And, shades of Murphy's Law, all the important Sync-able files find their home on this machine. It figures! While I'm open to getting help from and anyone and everyone, I'm betting (based on his other posts) that @tuxpoldo will have a quick fix for this. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi there, I have two windows machines syncing one folder. Once says 1240 files (3.7 Gb), the another 1239. Obviously the second one wants to download the file that is absent. But it can't, it just shows a permanent status of uploading. How can I know which one is failing? No .Sync* files out there. Already tried restarting syncs and computers (several times). Also trying to figure out which file could be by searching files of 54.5 Kb and modified within 2 weeks, but if I change the name of the files these are well synced with no change in file counting. How can I solve the mystery?? EDIT: Just before posting it has been solved. But why? No idea. I have just keeping changing the name of the suspicious file and then, suddenly the 1239 has changed to 1240 (with no extra file in the folder). As the problem has disappeared randomly I find it difficult to reproduce. But anyway perhaps it is useful to report this here (?). BW, Gerard
  24. Hi guys, I've been using Bittorrent Sync for a while to Sync my Pictures folder on my computer to the camera folder on my tablet, and that works beautifully. Today I decided to sync a completely different folder on my desktop and my laptop. Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all whatsoever. My laptop and tablet still communicate just fine with the original share (so I guess I can assume it's not a firewall issue) but I opened port 3000 and 3838 on my firewall as I've read others doing on this forum, and still no dice. Basically what happens is that the "connected devices" field in the web console never shows a connected computer. Both computers are syncing with the same sync key I generated. The OS is Linux. It does index the files just fine. Just the two computers seem to never see each other. Here are a couple of reasons I suspect may be the cause, maybe I'm right or it's something different altogether. 1.) The folder on my laptop I'm syncing has 5GB of files in it, and the matching folder on the desktop has about 40GB in it. I was thinking Bittorrent Sync would merge them and make them the same. Maybe it doesn't do that? 2.) Perhaps my firewall is blocking my desktop and laptop from communicating. My tablet uses Wifi through the same network so I wouldn't think it would be a firewall issue but you never know. My pictures sync shows my tablet connected but my new sync shows no device connected. 3.) I used the sync key on a different laptop for a short time, but have since deleted the sync on that machine. Perhaps Bittorrent Sync is limited to just two computers?
  25. Hi, I am syncing my home folder on 2 of my macs, all of the files have successfully synced except my Pictures folder which is taking ages to index and sync, I am also getting a wrong file size on both of my machines. My first machines shows me 117GB and the second shows me 77.1GB and my original Pictures file size is 175GB. I tried to delete the files and resync them again, but no luck, Anyone have experience such a thing? Any recommended solution? Thank you.