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Found 4 results

  1. HI when syncing it complete could it say synced or sync complete when it has finished. Instead of just transfer stopping. Because I usually have to go into the sync folder and check to see if there are any files still downloading. If anyone wants a dark theme for this forum here is a quick one I made. Or a dark theme for the web ui it is a global style but uses a uniqe selector so should not effect other sites. Would really like a dark theme for t
  2. I know I can see how many files synced in mobile app about Resilio Sync by clicking the i icon near by a folder name. You can see it at and the following image. But in desktop software of Resilio Sync such as Windows 7, I can't find a the i icon to display how many files in a folder are synced, how can I do ? Thans!
  3. Just after adding a new share (for instance after clicking a sharing link) one can click the peers column and see the connected peers. Until file transfers actually start it will have a green tick next to the other peers saying "Synced", even though no such thing has yet occurred. That is a bit misleading, and is one of several minor UI/UX bugs related to statuses.
  4. Within the client and/or in the notification icon could there be some kind of visual indication that syncing is current and complete? Perhaps the sync icon could turn green, or the status section could read in-sync or something along those lines. It would be also nice if there was someway that the time left on syncs could be stretched to encompass the entire sync of that folder and not just the current file being synced. On folders with several large files the current implementation does very little in giving the user an idea of sync completion. Thanks for a great pro