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Found 85 results

  1. Quick overview of my situation: I am syncing between 3 different Synology NAS's. There are 2 DS1513+ units and one DS1815+ Each device has two folders it is required to sync, the 1815+ and one of the 1513+ sync instances work perfectly fine, but one of the devices shows one of the two folders as "Service files missing". I have tried re adding the folder and reinstalling Sync, but every time the result is the same, the service files go missing. I have noticed every time I attempt to replace the missing files the IgnoreList and StreamsList files from inside the .sync folder go missing after a few minutes. I am absolutely confused at what is going on and any help here is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. I have Synology 212j and I successfully installed BTsync. I want to create encrypted folder to NAS, but I cant.
  3. Procedures still works for BTSync 2.0 ! For those of you having the Synology Ds414j, you may have issues finding a BTSync package and told repeatedly there is no build for the Comcerto 2000 processor although just an ARM processor. After researching a great deal on various sites and how this was configured for some Raspberry PI, I found this solution. So here goes. Enjoy! 6 June 2016 : It is recommended to perform the procedures with root. With the upgrade to DSM 6.0, security has been enhanced. You can either login via root using RSA keys or do a sudo su after logging in with admin. 1. Create Btsync folders where you want the executable to reside. btsync\bin \conf mkdir btsynccd btsyncmkdir bin mkdir conf 2. Download latest Sync Arm from (This works in DSM5 but not in DSM6) Note that after DSM 6 upgrade, the version above no longer worked. I found this version from which worked. 3. Extract to /btsync/bin folder tar -xvf bittorrent_sync_arm.tar.gz 4. After untar you will find btsync executable but if you run it, you will get a "File Not found" error. This is because it is looking for /lib/ . However this file doesn't exist on the DS414j and the one that does on the DS414J is /lib/ . So what we do next is to symlink it to the file that Btsync is expecting. Note: You will need to redo this step everytime there is a DSM Update in order for Btsync to run. cd /libln -s 5. Create a default Btsync config file cd /btsync/bin./btsync --dump-sample-config > ../conf/sync.conf 6. Modify the sync.conf file as required. E.g. Enabling username and password when accessing the btsync GUI - http://<your nas IP>:8888/GUI as well as your btsync default storage path. I just pointed it to /btsync 7. Finally execute the BTsync ./btsync --config ../conf/sync.conf Success !! /volume1/btsync/bin # ./btsync --config ../conf/sync.conf By using this application, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and End User License Agreement. BitTorrent Sync forked to background. pid = 28823. default port = 8888 /volume1/btsync/bin # 8. Configuring Btsync to start automatically at boot You need to create a start/stop/restart/status shell script and place into /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ Please modify the file paths as per your install paths. #!/bin/sh## Put this file in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/btsync.shPATH=$PATHcase "$1" instop) echo "Stop BitTorrent Sync..." kill "`cat /volume1/btsync/bin/.sync/`" kill "`cat /volume1/btsync/bin/.sync/`" ;;start) su root -c "/volume1/btsync/bin/btsync --config /volume1/btsync/conf/sync.conf" ;;restart) $0 stop sleep 1 $0 start ;;status) ps | grep btsync | grep -v grep return $? ;;*) echo "usage: $0 { start | stop | restart | status}" >&2 exit 1 ;;esac If there are any errors in the above instructions, please comment. Thank you.
  4. Hello, This would be great for BitTorrent Sync to be packaged as a Synology Package (SPK) so that users can install it. I am the main maintainer of a cross-compilation framework dedicated to create SPKs: spksrc I've created myself (and some contributors) quite a few packages already but I won't be able to create one for BitTorrent Sync because it isn't open source, which I deeply regret. Cheers
  5. Greetings! I was able to install Bittorrent Sync 2.3.6 (378) for 88F628X on my Synology DS212j. Going through the usual setup of P2P source and target i only get placeholder files (bts) showing in my NAS. Could not get the actual files to sync. I'm syncing files from my linux (ubuntu) and windows 10 box. Between windows and linux there is no problem. This happens only when i Sync with my NAS. Please help as i would like to use my NAS as a frequent backup target for all my files. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Having had a ton of issues that I've been able to surmount (namely permissions issues that I could only fix by copying all my files to a new share on the same source NAS), I'm now unable to get this working, and here I came for help. The purpose of my bitsync install is to keep a working server in my company synced with a backup server which I'll keep home after the initial sync (~3.3Tb) has taken place locally. My target NAS is using bittorent sync 1.4, as it is the latest available version for qoriq based Synology NAS, but I have been able to install everything, setup a shared folder and start the sync process, so to my untrained eye this does not seem to be the source of my problems. Source NAS is running the latest version available through synocommunity. Target NAS only has read permissions (thus my source/target names for the NAS'). Problem 1: My source folder is ~3.31 Tb; Sync only "sees" 2.94 Tb. It shows "indexing" for days, but it does not seem to be able to index the latest ~370Gb or so. (picture 1). Permissions' issues with the original share were what made me use the nuclear option, create a share and define all the permissions from scratch, sos I'm pretty sure this isn't a permissions issue as outlined in the FAQ and in many forum posts. Problem 2: Target NAS synced folder stopped at around 260Gb, and it stopped increasing. Although both NAS are currently connected to the same gigabit switch, transfer rates went from ~10Mb/s with peaks of ~30Mb/s to 1-2kb/s. I have since removed the shared folder in the target NAS, in the hopes that this would decrease the load on the server and improve the speed with which it was being indexed. Hasn't happened. Any ideas on why it stopped syncing with more than 90% to go? Problem 3: Bittorent Sync's web interface stopped generating the QR codes for syncing with mobile apps. (picture 2) This was working before, and I have been able to successfully link the shared folder with my iPhone. Two related questions: 1 - Bittorrent Sync generates a ton of logs and journals, any hints on what I should try to search for in order to try to understand what the problems are? Also, why would I have a B07A0AB68F26F6E0CCEEF0CFBBC7FBBFEFAB3455.5711241.db file at /usr/local/bittorentsync/var that is ~3.6Gb and growing? It seems quite large, what is supposedly stored in this database? 2 - I've had a (quite bizarre, IMHO) behaviour where the files in a test source folder were deleted when I removed the shared folder in the source NAS through Sync's web interface. I believe this is not intended behaviour, but this is in a way hold me back trying the "nuke" option of uninstall/reinstall and starting from scratch. I realise these may not be the cleverest questions, but I've pretty much exhausted all the how-to's and forum material that I could find and I'm stuck. Any help towards a despairing noob would be dearly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Vasco
  7. Hi, i've installed BTSync on my Synology and on two Macs to sync around 100k files in about 25 GB (lots of JPG and RAW files and a Lightroom database). So far it works… but… The Mac-Client – on is a MacBook Pro – is doing an 'indexing' every 10 Minutes. Every 'indexing' takes a few minutes where BTSync is consuming up to 100% CPU. I've searched a bit and read some longer threads about this indexing-feature but i think i didn't really get it: - Indexing is building a catalogue of all files that i like to sync to detect new/deleted files? - But then, changes made on one mac are transferred to the NAS in nearly realtime… not every 10 Minutes… And if i wake up my MacBook, the files are downloaded from the NAS nearly instant … not after 10 Minutes So again - what is the purpose of creating an index every 10 Minutes? Are there save ways to optimize the clients behavior? I like to have my Lightroom-Files in sync on both Macs and i'm using a NAS because both Macs are not running at the same time. Both Macs are creating/deleting files (JPG-Previews etc.). The NAS is running 24/7 so the 'truth' should always be on that NAS… In this case: Is it save to say, that i don't need to build an index on the macs every 10 Minutes but for example only once a day? I mean: If i'm working on the local iMac, changes are synced to the NAS in real-time. If i'm working on the MacBook it's the same when i'm at home. Only if i'm working on the MacBook while i'm traveling i need to be sure, that the MacBook will sync all new/changed files to the NAS when i'm back home - While BTSync is running, it should know those changes in realtime, right? So - Why do i need such index in my use case? Is it save to turn it off or set it a way longer interval (once every 10 hours or so) on the mac-clients? Could i even change the interval on the NAS (or turn it off completely) to let the HDDs sleep again from time to time? Thanks a lot for your help to clarify this topic
  8. Hi, Very interesting case ... BTSync on my NAS Synology DS 715 automatically stopps running and is deactivated, without myself having done anything. Every few days I have to manually restart BTSync. I have 2.3 as a version. Any ideas what this could be? Phil
  9. I recently build a custom Xpenology NAS based on a Asrock N3150DC-ITX board with 2x 2TB HD204UI disks. Xpenology is running great! The latest 2.3.1 version causes high cpu and RAM usage so for now I stick with the 2.2.5-1 version from the Synology app store. I checked all the advanced setting, but the disks are not spinning down. My settings are attached. Is this a common problem or am I missing something?
  10. Running Sync 2.2.1 (104) on Synology NAS. Just purchased a Personal Pro License. It says to copy the link to the keyfile and paste that into the Manual Connection box. Each time it says 'Invalid Link' The link is valid, and it downloads the .btskey if pasted into a browser. I do also have the *.btskey file, can I do anything with this? How do I go about licensing my NAS? Allow us to upload the keyfile directly! -=zdz=-
  11. I use the Synology server DS412+, DS1512+, DS712+ (with DSM 6 Beta) and DS414. As the new v2.3.0 is coming, I install this version on all servers and my Windows computers. Up to this time I use v2.2.7 and I can only say, it was a perfect running on all devices. Unfortunately the v2.3.0 doesn´t run well. Normally, up to v2.2.7 the client on Windows in a very short time is transfering data to the other devices if any changes happen. But not with v2.3.0 and it becomes clear, that no or only a partly transfer was done, also over hours and days. Also a mixed situation with v2.2.7 and v2.3.0 doesn´t run. Also no difference I have if I use the client as service or "normal". Or new installations are also without success. Now I goe back on all devices to v2.2.7 - and - I´m happy as before. All is running smoothly and well. What is the difference in the software or what can I doe in a other way?
  12. I have a problem in´s/ Is possible to get a response?
  13. Hello, I am synchronizing a Debian server with a Synology NAS. It works but it is very slow (10KB/s). I am synchronizing 30 GB and the is about 50 files (300 MB/file). My NAS is behind a 15 Mega ADSL line and my server has a 1G fiber optic. If someone knows from where the problem come from. I am using btsync 2.0 on both. THank you
  14. Hello ! I've been testing btsync for a few days and I was able to sync folders containing a few files/folders succesfully. Btsync seems to be the solution I was waiting for. Now I'm running into a problem : I'm trying to sync a folder containing about 35000 files (about 20Gb) between two synology NAS boxes so I added a folder share on the first one and generated a secret. The btsync web interface tells me this : 21.7 GB in 36915 files (Indexing...) Also, the CPU usage is abnormally high (above 70%) and I'm talking about constant usage, not peak usage. My folder contained originally 500k+ files and I thought that it was too many, that's why I reduced the number of files to about 35k. Indexing seems to be stuck, could someone help me troubleshoot this ? I've looked into the logs but I could not find anything relevant. Thanks in advance, David
  15. I recently bought a Synology Diskstation 414j and was expecting to run btsync on it as I had on my previous DIY NAS (Openmediavault). However, the current ARM build does not run on the comcerto2k chip. Is it possible to provide a btsync build for the mindspeed comcerto2k? Thanks!
  16. Recently discovered BTSync in an effort to replace RSync and utilize fast transfers, however, I haven't had much luck clearing 20 MB/s with the Synology directly and CPU doesn't seem to be a bottleneck. Linux/Windows Host --> Synology 2.0.128 = 20 MB/s max Linux/Windows Host --> Linux VM 2.1.1 (Synology NFS Datastore) = 80-85 MB/s Is there something wrong with 2.0.128 specifically that has been addressed in 2.1.1? I've attempted the following on the Synology: "disk_low_priority" : false"lan_encrypt_data" : false"send_buf_size" : 100"recv_buf_size" : 100Any other thoughts? Cheers, Kyle
  17. I've got a desktop, smartphone and 2 Synology NAS's (let's call them NAS1 and NAS2) NAS1 doesn't show the existing folders (no dashed folders), but all other devices do. All was working up until the version before 2.1 then I haven't successfully seen any folders on NAS1. If I start an iPhone photo backup, that will write to NAS1, but nothing else seems to work. What am I doing wrong? I've upgraded versions just fine over the past year (up until about a month or so ago, then it hasn't been working), and have a Pro account.
  18. This is my first post here, so hello from Italy guys! We have some synology's diskstations installed at the offices of my company, and i used to share the folders beetween them. This worked for 3 DS, now we have bought other 3 (same model), and when i add a folder is impossible to share it, because of the button is missing! Here there is a screenshot: Someone know how to fix it? It would be appreciated! Thanks
  19. Hey guys, i've figrued out a strange behavior between my synology ds213j (btsync 2.2.1) and my mac osx (btsync 2.2.1) - both not the Pro version! There are two folders i want to sync. On both systems, the folders are in the same subdirectory. After adding "Folder -A-" on the synology, the device got approved and started indexing (the files were present at that moment). After finishing indexing it says "no peers". Meanwhile "Folder -B-" works fine with no problems. Any ideas? //edit: the available peer (Folder -A-) on Mac OS is NOT the synology.
  20. Hi ! I have a synology (214play) with the bitsync soft and an iphone with the bitsync App. Everything used to work well until i updated the soft on the NAS. Since that moment, the sync has not been worked on my iphone. I cleaned everything on my iphone app and repaired the app with my folder on the NAS. That works, and both the app and the soft see each other. BUT the folder in the app does not fill up. In the details, it is written that there is no files at all in it, 0ko, etc.. whereas on the soft it is correctly written the right storage of the folder. What should i do ? Thank you !
  21. 2 Synology servers DS214+ Armadaxp DS1813+ Cederview Did manual upgrade to on both to 2.1.3 - sync log shows fail with "sslv3 alert bad record mac" Have returned to 2.0.1 clean install - all is working as before - nice and speedy Working for now - will stick with 2.0.1 until this is sorted out by folks with more knowledge than me Suspect this has something to do with OpenSSL Let me know if you have any ideas
  22. Got the upgrade email and jumped right into to the upgrading the license (the link goes right to the upgrade page!) Afterwards, going to download all the 2.20 and then realised... can do for my desktop but the synology software is still stuck back at 2.1.3 Is it ok that I update the desktop computers to 2.20 (with the new keyfile) or should wait until the synology versions released before I update all in one go?
  23. This is the message that I have for my shares. This is with the btsync package from official btsync website. btsync seems to be running as "administrator" and I have given administrator read/write permissions to that specific folder. What else should be done to get it working? (Can it be running as "root"?)
  24. Important: Use at own risk! New better solution, which will maybe added in the next SynoCommunity BitTorrent Sync release! What you need: A Synology DiskStationBitTorrent Sync Beta installed over SynoCommunity ( must be activated ( SSH client (Putty: explanation: We create a group, which member will be the btsync user. So you can easily give permissions over the DSM. What to do: Stop the btsync package.Connect with SSH to your Synology, login as root and use the admin password.Run this two commands: synogroup --add sc-btsync btsyncsynogroup --descset sc-btsync "SynoCommunity's BitTorrent Sync group"Start the btsync package.Now you can give permissions via Control Panel -> Group.
  25. Hi, I've been using BtSync for a while, long before official Synology packages. When upgrading to 2.0, things went funny and I decided to delete and re-create the share, from scratch. No problem on Android and Windows. Now, how do I add a share to the ARM version ? Please note that : - I only have SSH access to this NAS. It's behind a router at the other side of the country, so I can't access to the HTTP WebUI. - I used to edit the config file in vi, and just copy-paste the secret. - Now in 2.0, the "get secret" option disappeared. I can just get a url. - I can still see the secrets of my old shares. On the new, I can't. TL;DR : how can I convert a url to a secret that I can add to a config file ? Thanks !