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Found 85 results

  1. UPDATE: Thanks for testing. With the launch of Sync 2.0, please see for the latest on installing Synology on your NAS. Howdy! We're seeking testers for the Synology packages we've been working on. It's a stripped down version of the Synocommunity package that is hopefully easier for a user to configure. I only have a DS214 in the lab so I've only been able to test the ArmadaXP package myself. Before we make these packages more generally available we'd appreciate some feedback; especially for the non-ArmadaXP packages. Packages are available for these architectures: Armada 370 Armada XP Bromolow Cedarview Evansport PowerPC PPC853x Qoriq x86 88f6281 To know which package you should use, this is a helpful chart to cross reference your model of Synology device and its architecture: NOTE: The contents of this folder are 1.4.103. For 2.0, please see Sync Key for a folder containing these packages: BYD2RWABB66V5EBYSNSCBYGDZR2JNHN5T If you're on Windows/Mac, you can add this Sync Key with the "Enter a key..." drop down. Screenshot: These packages are based on Sync 1.4.103, with some modifications to the WebUI to minimize clutter in file picker. As these packages are not signed you'll need to modify the "Trust Level" of the Synology Package Center to allow "Any publisher" Screenshot: For reporting problems, I'm a big fan of using Jing ( for quickly recording and uploading video or annotated images. It is a lot easier for me to understand and reproduce issues by referencing video / annotated images. Thanks for the help, Richard
  2. Hi - I setup BT Sync on my Synology DS414 yesterday evening. Today when go into DSM on the Synology and click on Bit Torrent Sync it attempts to open the a new web page with the address ending :8890 but all I get is a white screen ? Last night it was fine! Anybody have any ideas on why this is happening and more importantly - how to fix ?! Many thanks m
  3. Hey guys, I'm having a problem where the latest version of BitTorrent Sync (2.0.105-1) on Synology DS1815+ DSM 5.1-5022 Update 5 not syncing new files. I have to manually pause the folder, then un pause it to refresh and start syncing. Any reason for this?
  4. I have installed Sync 2.0 on 3 different NAS units (different types of Synology NAS), my macbook, desktop PC, ipad and android phone (A Samsung S4 mini). I learn as I go along, but feel also I need to thread carefully, in order not to waste too much time and risk mismanagement of my files because I miscomprehend what's going on. Would like to hear "best practices" for what I want to achieve, so I may learn from your example and experience too :-) So far I want to Sync just one folder across these devices, so that files are quickly accessible on these synced devices. (I guess that's what BT Sync is for!) My setup is this : Most production of files is done on the macbook and my phone. Secondarily my Desktop PC which I plan to use more.The ipad is primarily used for accessing files, and only once in a while for production of files (camera, Evernote clippings etc.)I also have a desktop PC, which is used once mostly for printing.The three NAS units are the family NAS and two units at work for different groups.The NAS'es are used a lot for streaming video and music across our devices, mainly using Synology's apps DS File and DS Audio. My workflow is somewhat like this : As I work I'd like to offload files from primarily the macbook to the personal NAS and two work NAS devices, and continuously be able to access stuff from the mobile devices. I'd also like to offload photos and other stuff from my phone on the fly, and easily access podcasts and other stuff from the phone. I'd like to be able to easily share stuff (folders as well as individual files) with colleagues and students, also on the fly, from most devices. My plan is to : Make one folder "MO" across the 3 NAS, the macbook and the PC, which is always in full sync, with all files available from all three NAS units at all times, and with the PC and Macbook with access to all files in the folder (but not waste space on stuff which are not importantly needed), and with the capability to add new stuff (instantly synced across devices). What would be best practice here : 1) Suffice with the one shared folder, and set the NAS'es to "Sync All ON" and the macbook/PC to "Sync All OFF" ? 2) Use one “work" folder which is completely in sync at all times (all devices set to "Sync All ON") and an archive folder, which is also synced, but where the NAS'es har set to "Sync All On" and the macbook/PC to "Sync All Off" ? Can't realize if this would mean that I could still organize stuff from the macbook and move files from the work folder to the archive folder (which in turn would be synced to the NAS'es) og if this choice would bar me from doing the organizing on the macbook. If 1) is used would deleting a file locally mean that a placeholder icon appears, if the file has been synced to the NAS’es ? Is there an easy way to see, if and when it may be "safe" to delete files locally while keeping the files intact on the NAS'es ? In short what are the main benefits/drawbacks of "sync all on" and "sync all off" in a scenario where I'd like the NAS'es to take the heavy weight of the load, but keep make changes and add files on the other units, while keeping everything accessible? I am slightly confused. Other questions so far : Toggled the ipad photo backup as well as the android photo backup on. In the last case no photos was backed up, since the wrong DCIM folder was backed up (all photos are on the SD card on the phone - not the phone's storage). Is there a simple way to direct BTSync to the right folder using the automatic photo backup for Android? What are the real benefits of the paid/pro version of BitTorrent Sync over the free version? Would it be appropriate for the use cases described above?Thank you for taking your time to answer!
  5. I started the update to 2.0.93 from (.95) thinking this would take the normal 1min max. Little did I know it would take around 45min. The culprit was that there was a scan of all active volumes for .sync folders. Holy cow. My backup volume that uses dirvish to backup unix(ish) systems was included in that scan. dirvish uses hardlinks to minimize disk usage but ends up with TONs of hard links. I don't want to count the total number, but it is in the millions I'm sure. Autoscanning the full set of volumes on a NAS is probably NOT a good idea guys!
  6. I am using the 1.4.83 BETA install on a Synology DS412+ and my Windows BTSYNC 1.4.83. I am unable to setup a sync directory on the Synology using a read-only key coming from my Windows. Here are the steps I am following and the behavior: (This may or not be important, but both devices already have matching directories) 1. Remove the sync directory from both Synology and Windows (including deleting the .sync directories) 2. In Windows click "Add Folder", and close the "Share" screen that follows 3. Open the "Preferences" of the sync directory that I just added 4. Copy the "Read Only Key" to the clipboard 5. In the BTSync interface on the Synology, click "Enter a link or key" 6. Paste the read only key 7. Navigate to the desired directory 8. Press "Ok" when warning that the directory is not empty (because it already contains the files) At this point both BTSync applications will index the files and sit at "No Peers". I believe the problem is that the Synology sync directory was not setup with the Read Only key, because if I open the sync folder preferences on the Synology side, I see a Read & Write key and a Read Only key neither of which resemble the Read Only key that I pasted in step 6. Am I doing something wrong here?
  7. Dear all I'm still new regarding btsync and synology and my skill in "network" and "shell" are limited but not null I've recentely installed btsyns on my synology ds712+ using the syno community repo. As the repo did not had the laste version I upgradre manually btsync following the instruction on this post : I then installed btsync on bot my mac and my pc and had a try, everything seemed to work as I feel (even if some few advanced features would be welcomed) For a while, the bi-directional sync was working smoothly between the mac and the syno. However now, sync do not occur anymore and in the btsyn gui of the syno it says "don't have permission to write in selected folder" and this for all the synced folders. I check in Mac os what were the permission for the folder and it is in read and write for everyone in the gui (which should mean chmod 777) I actually don't like it but I can live with it for few days. So how a hell btsync can say he don't have the rights, especially when it was working perfectly the day before. When I saw you released an update recently, I tried to do the update manually (on the synology), following the same tutorial mentionnend above, but it stays on 1.1.48 and say it's up to date. Actually, the last non-update update solved the problem of permission I had. However now, maybe 24-48hours after the non-update update, the problem rise again. Any help. I wonder things like how can i create a group of user and user for btsync and giving it the right to read and write in my sync folders I also wonder if the problem could come from my fire wall anyway all this is un-understandable for me as it worked the day before and no settings change were done or if there is a trick related to the functioning of bt sync Please help, its getting on my nerve and if I don't find a relyable and enduring solution, I'll move back to at the end of the day more finished solution, cloudstation. But I like btsync Thanks for your attention Jo
  8. Opened a new post ... Hi everyone, I've got the following problem I'd appreciate some help with: BTsync set up on Synology 213+ BTsync set up on Windows notebook Sync directories are set up, keys shared, everything is syncing fine while in the same LAN/WLAN. However, even though the NAS is online 24/7, the next day when I'm trying to sync from work, the NAS instance of BTsync is offline and I get the msg >no peers<. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi please see the screenshot: I installed Sync on my NAS (Synology Diskstation DS411) - but the last sync date (I have not synced yet) is in the future! Will the sync take place anyways? Olaf
  10. I was curious on how would be the best way to sync the entire drive (backup drive Z:\) to a Synology NAS. What I did was just set up a folder in the Diskdrive on Synology and synced the full Z drive with all its folders. However, does it make sense to sync the full, main directly with many folders inside or is it best to set up a sync for each individual folder in the Z drive ? I guess that will allow more flexibility when you only want to share a specific folder with someone instead of allowing them access to the whole drive. Or can you still share a specific folder from within a main shared folder? Also, some folders int the Z drive almost never changes so I am thinking that If I sync the entire Z Drive on the PC instead of individual folders, its a waste of resources having btSync rescan it each time it syncs. Is that the case or it does not matter much if doing one batch folder or breaking it up into groups? On the plus side, I guess its much easier to just maintain one sync job. Anyway, was curious on any technical reasoning to do it one way or the other. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I installed the 1.4.93 build manually on Linux following this tutorial (so not using the synocommunity package) and would like to upgrade to the 1.4.99 build, but what steps / commands do I need to follow? I did not find an "update guide"? Thanks for helping this n00b ;-)
  12. Hello, i forgot the password to enter the webgui for bittorrent sync on my synology dsm 412+ running version for dsm: 5.0-4528 and bittorrent version: 1.4.83-8 any suggestions how to approach? is there a way to overwrite the password. Or installing everything new. Many thanks, boxxxy
  13. Hi, I'm using the synology community edition and found out that my bittorrent sync crashes every 2-3 days. After restarting it, it works fine again for a couple of days. Just before the crash I notice in my sync.log files the following: [20141014 13:54:55.578] KickSocketObj::set_error(err=101, socket_error=false): : Network is unreachable[20141014 13:54:55.588] KickSocketObj::set_error(err=101, socket_error=false): : Network is unreachable Anybody experiencing the same? What can I do to provide more diagnostic info. How do I generate the dump files? Thanks
  14. Hi all, I just installed btsync to Synology NAS (DS-211j,DS-212j) @ 9 Aug 2014 through the app source . Here is my install and login procedure: 1. During installation, the appstore will ask some questions and I answered as following: Devince Name: XXXNAS2 (Same name of the NAS) Login: admin (Same as Synology Admin login) Password: <password> (Same as Synology admin login password) 2. Afterward, I go to <ipaddress>:8888 through the chrome, and the btsync required me login again, I typed the same user name and password as point 1 ; 3. After login, see the btsync main screen, and I had tried to click the add folder, and nothing can be selected and added, like the attached screen. Even I added some folders rights to users group also no help. Please help me to resolve this issue if anyone have some idea. Thanks.
  15. Many users like me may encounter problem when installing the latest version of btsync app package that coming from spk source: . The main problem is the user cannot accept the EULA forever and cause the btsync malfunction. After investigation, I found out that the 1.4.x version of btsync in arm / linux platform may have an issue if running btsync with config file that include user and password information and cause the user cannot accept eula, even checked the box. Here is the work out on this issue, hope can help you all: 1. Uninstall the btsync to clean up all app folders; 2. Install the btsync from the source : 3. During installation, enter the btsync device name, user and password, then click next 4. **Important Step** Uncheck "Run after installation", click Next, then click OK 5. Go to Synology control panel to enable SSH if not enabled yet 6. Use putty (windows) / ssh (osx/linux) to login your NAS with user root and admin password 7. After enter ssh, type the command "su btsync" 8. Type the command "vi sync.conf" to edit the file, add "//" to comment the config setting as following sample: { "device_name": "NAS", "storage_path" : "/usr/local/btsync/var", "pid_file" : "/usr/local/btsync/var/", "webui" : { "listen" : "" // , // "login" : "login", // "password" : "password" } } Please remember in the listen line, add the "//" before the "," 9. Type "ZZ" to save the file 10. Go to Syno app manager, start / run the package 11. Go to web site http://192.168.x.x:8888, enter user name, password x2, check eula 12. Try add folder, if you see all the folder, BINGO! 13. Additional info: If your NAS only have single volume (most of NAS use this setting), you can add the following setting after "password" line and before "}": (beware need add the "," at start of this line). Restart the btsync app afterward. This setting may help you to pick up the share folder more easily. ,"directory_root" : "/volume1/" That's all.....hope can help you all.
  16. Hi, I had a wonderfully working setup and recently updated to v1.4 on my Synology nas synching to another Synology NAS and ever since have had no end of problems. First, it would never finish a sync, it wold say it had zero bytes to send and just kept at that. I tried to reboot the NAS or restart the bt sync package but thats when I noticed another problem. On one of my NAS units its all fine. Reboot, it runs through a quick re-index and is ready to go. On one of them however it always says my sync folders are zero in size and performs a FULL re-index each time which can take half a day. I can't see why one unit works and one is failing.
  17. I recently bought a Synology Diskstation 414j and was expecting to run btsync on it as I had on my previous DIY NAS (Openmediavault). However, the current ARM build does not run on the comcerto2k chip. Is it possible to provide a btsync build for the mindspeed comcerto2k? Thanks!
  18. Hi, i'm running Synology DS212j. I have roughly 600GB Data and tryed BT-Sync with an Read Only Secret to backup on the fly to two offsite backups. I don't have any problems with smaller folders but when I add the whole main folder my BT-Sync stops indexing at 37628 files or 27,4 GB. Does have BT-Sync problems with bigger folders? Best regards, Frell P.S.: If this belongs in the troubleshooting department, plz move the thread. I wasn't sure if I should post it in troubleshooting or NAS
  19. Hopefully someone can help me with my setup on two Synology NASs that I'd like to sync some folders on. I've followed the setup instructions for installing btsync on my devices at: (I've gone this route to keep my build up to date as the synocommunity has gone down along with their package). I have a default config setup onboth NASs. I've set up a folder on each NAS to be used for syncing and synced them using the web ui. They connect instantly (no issue there). However, when I put files in the sync folder on NAS 1, it takes an eternity to sync the files to NAS 2. Here are the specs: Both NASs connected on an internal gigabit LAN networksync folders on respective NASs newly create, containing no filesAdd 4 files of approx 16MB in total to sync folder on NAS 1Files are recognised and start transferring: ie !Sync temp files are createdAfter 1 hour, files are still syncing (not one of the 4 has finished)Transfer speeds are showing at between 2 and 70 B/s (ie barely moving)CPU and RAM usage on both devices are hovering around 10 - 20%, so that isn't an issueNow comes the interesting part: I put btsync for Mac on my MacBook ProI then added the sync folder to my MBPWithin an instant, all 3 devices are brought into syncSo the upshot is that the synology to synology sync is dire, but add a 3rd device using a different platform and everything works as expected. My assumption is therefore that NAS 1 syncs rapidly and as expected with the MBP which then syncs rapidly with NAS 2 (not proven, but still a strong assumption). Of course, I don't want to/can't leave my MBP on to continually keep the NASs in sync. My question, of course, is how do I get NAS 1 & NAS 2 to sync at anything approaching decent speeds? Is there maybe something in the default Linux setups/configs that conflict and needs to be amended to speed up Linux to Linux syncing?? Or something else??
  20. Hi i am struggling to install btsync on my Synology DS412+ NAS, Can anyone give me some advice/help please. DS412+ speck: DS412+ Intel Atom D2700 Dualcore (2C/4T) 2.13GHz x86 Processor 64-bit@DDR3, 1GB of RAM So firstly I downloaded btsync_glibc23_i386.tar.gz, I enabled ssh and logged in as root. then I ran the following commands: DiskStation> cd /usr/bin/ DiskStation> mkdir btsync DiskStation> cp /volume1/public/btsync_glibc23_i386.tar.gz /usr/bin/btsync/ DiskStation> tar xzvf btsync_glibc23_i386.tar.gz DiskStation> chmod +x /usr/bin/btsync DiskStation> ./btsync DiskStation> ls -al drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Apr 29 20:10 . drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Apr 29 18:28 .. drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Apr 29 20:10 .sync -rwxrwxr-x 1 501 502 2852024 Apr 18 12:22 btsync -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1235497 Apr 29 18:29 btsync_glibc23_i386.tar.gz Cleared my browser cookies as invalid address came up before I did that Now when I load i just get a blank white screen? Have I installed the wrong version? or have I installed it into the incorrect location? Or do I need to add something to the web server app in DSM 2.1? Any help with this would be great Thanks
  21. Hi, I already contacted the support team with a ticket on a previous version of btsync with this problem but I never got an answer, that's why I'm trying the forums. My problem is that btsync is indexing 660'000 files in a folder that contains 150'000 files. It eats a lot of ram, and it's stuck on "indexing" in the GUI. I'm using the synocommunity package on a DS1812+ running the latest version of DSM. BT Sync version is 1.2.72. EDIT: I've fixed part of my problem by adding a "/" to the end of the path while configuring a folder (something like: home/folder1/ instead of home/folder). BT Sync is now showing the right number of files but the synced folder is not showing the right size, I'm guessing it's just a glitch ? EDIT2: After a reboot my problem came back: indexing 600'000 + files (and stuck on indexing) instead of the 150'000 + in the folder any ideas ?
  22. Dear all I've been using btsync for a while with my nas synology and my mac. After a dificult start everything was fine. Now (six month latter) I want to use btsync on my window pc as well. I thus have 3 devices that are syncing a same folder. However the sync is only partial between the pc and the two others devices, here are the details 1 synology 712+, MacOSX.6 x64, Win7 x64, all btsync clients up to date - I copied my file on a folder on the syno and then add the folder to btsync - On the mac, I added this folder in btsync app and waited the sync to be done up to here the syno and the mac were synced, both have the same number of file (51.3Go in 48 786 files) then - I turned off btsync on the mac (better to be safe than sorry) - On the pc I added the sync folder to btsyncclien and let the sync be done. after a while btclien on the pc says that the folder is synced however on the syno, btsync says that some 139.5Mo still need to be uploaded on the pc. you can wait as long as you want it won't move after turning on and off the apps on the two devices (syno and pc) I turned on btsync on my mac, and had similar problems, but after some few reboot of all the devices here is what I get from the various client * syno -> synced with mac syno-> want to upload 139.5Mo on the pc Pc-> synced with the syno pc -> synced with the mac Mac -> synced with the syno Mac-> want to upload 139.5Mo on the pc If i add a file on the syno, it's synced on bot devices if I add a file on the mac, it's synced on the syno, but on the pc I get something ackward : btsync cliens says that it's synced but the file has a!sync extention.vwhen i reboot the client on the pc, the sync finish and the file is indeed synced if I add a file on the pc, it is synced on both others devices which still want to upload the 139.5Mo of the begining plus the btsync client on the pc maintain that it had to upload the 21Ko of the test file.again if i tunr of the btsync client on the pc and start it over again, then it says that it is synced with both devices, and I get bact to the situation detailled before (here*) Any help please ?
  23. I have a Synology DS413j in my office, running Bittorrent Sync 1.2.82. Everyone in the office saves their work onto the the Synology drive, and the whole drive is shared with various laptops via btsync. When the laptops are in the office inside the LAN, everything works fine, but when a laptop is taken home, none of the folders update. Files added at home, appear as "Added file /File/Path" (inside the BTSync app), but there is no transfer, and the files do not appear on the Synology drive. Similarly files added to the Synology drive do not appear on the laptops, when the laptops are not inside the LAN. I have checked my router at home, and the port listed in the btsync app, is open for my laptop's IP address. I don't believe this is a timing issue, because I have left my laptop open and runnign for days at a time, but no files have synced in either direction.
  24. I recently installed BTSync on my Synology DS413j according to this guide: and then went to the Package Center and chose to install BitTorrent Sync. The app installed just fine and is running. However, I am unable to login to admin page. I get prompted for credentials, but none of the credentials I have for logging into the Synology admin interface work. After digging around, I believe it's because there is no sync.conf being generated according to page 2 of this guide: When I try to run the ./btsync --dump-sample-config > ../conf/sync.conf, I get the following error: diskStation> ./btsync --dump-sample-config > /conf/sync.conf -ash: ./btsync: not found I'm stumped there. Does anyone know what the issue might be? Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi people, I am running BitTorrent Sync on my Synology NAS (212j) for quite some time now and it is working great. I do have one little issue though. I can't seem to figure out how to sync folders within a home folder of a user. Whenever I try to add the folder, the webinterface of BTSycn tells me that it doesn't have writing privileges for that folder. I have SSH access to my NAS and if I list the users there, it tells me that there is a user called btsync. I cannot see this user in the webinterface of my NAS though, which would make it easy for me to grant the required privileges. In the console environment however, I am completely lost with this task. How do I solve this problem? Any hints are appreciated! Thanks in advance Minh