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Found 85 results

  1. Today I installed BT Sync on our company NAS, a Synology DS214+. Everything works fine, but I noticed a strange thing when browsing the files on the NAS. The NAS is the 'host' of a folder; say btsync/, and a Windows PC is connected using the Windows application for Sync. On the PC we added a folder; say Subdir/ to btsync/. When we changed the name of Subdir/ to subdir/ (note the uppercase S), on the NAS both exist. So when you change the name of a folder, but only uppercase/lowercase, it makes both folders to exist on the NAS, which is a Linux device.
  2. Hi I need to download the BTSync binary for my Synology DS1513+ so I can manually install it. My synology doesnt have access to the internet so I cant use the Package Center. I've found links to some of the binaries here: for example, the DS107e is here: Which binary should I use for the DS1513+ and where can I find it. Thanks Kevin
  3. I'm running BT Sync v 1.0.134 on my Synology DiskStation 412+ (DSM 4.2) and BTSync on 1.1.27 on 2 laptops. I installed BT Sync on Synology NAS from This source provides v.1.0.134 only. I guess the different versions is the cause that BT Sync on Synology (1.0.134) and BT Sync (1.1.27) on the laptops fail to sync their folders. The two laptops sync the shared folders between one another. Any ideas?
  4. Hi all, Firstly thank you very much to the devs for creating this app- it's a great way to backup data across remote shares. A quick description of my setup: Mac OS X (10.8.5) running BTSync (1.1.69) Synology DS1513+ (DSM 4.3) running BTSync (1.1.70)- Synocommunity package I have set up a sync on my music folder on my mac (410.6GB/15156 files) to my music folder on my Synology (/Volume1/music) I have established the Synology sync with Read only secret from Mac so that sync is one way, as I make all my changes and run music from my Mac. The problem: It's syncing completely on my Synology (shows last synced date and time) but is stuck indexing. It's showing slightly less files (about 25 less) and 670MB less than what is in the folder. It's chewing up 20% cpu and shows no sign of completing the indexing. The file size and number of files jumps up and down, i.e. from 15131 to 15130 and the file size constantly changes from 409.9GB to 410Gb and back again. Like is stuck in a loop. On my Mac it shows that there is 670MB left to sync (this goes up and down as well) under the status tab, presumably because the NAS has not finished indexing. I have tried to follow instructions to enable debug log on my NAS- the file locations are different to normal linux boxes. There is no /.sync folder. There is: @appstore/btsync /app /bin /var I have tried creating debug.txt with FFFF in all three subfolders, but nothing happens. There is a sync.log file in the var subfolder, but I can't make much sense of it (see The file is 4mb compressed so I cannot attach it here. I have attempted to stop and start the BTsync service on the NAS, I have deleted and added the folder, and I have tried stopping services like iTunes server that may have been conflicting/using files but no joy. Any help/suggestions/thoughts would be much appreciated from the community and devs. If anyone has succeeded in getting a debug log to work on Synology please let me know.
  5. Hi! I have a NAS Synology DS213j. I would like to install BitTorrent Sync on it, but I don't know how to do this. Here is what I have done so far: I went to: Then: btsync 1.1.70-1 for all other models I followed the instructions (add a source), but nothing happened... Does anyone know if it is possible to use BitTorrent Sync with this NAS? If yes, how? Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi, I installed bittorrent sync (V. 1.1.70) on a synology NAS (DS1812+) via this repository: It seems to be indexing fine but it is indexing way too much files, I have a folder with 150'000+ files in it and it is now showing 496'000+ files and now adding them really slowly, it's also eating quite a lot of RAM (600MB). I also have no idea how to send you a log. Otherwise thanks for the great program !
  7. Hi! I am using BitTorrent Sync 1.1.42 on my Synology NAS to sync data to another computer. The data on the NAS is stored in an encrypted folder, but after syncing the files to the target computer they are unencrypted. In contrast, if I use rsync to sync to another destination, the files remain encrypted. Anyone experiencing the same problem? Or am I doing something wrong? Michael
  8. Dear folks, I'm having an issue with Sync (same as this guy: http://forum.bittorr...c-not-finished/ ) and would like to provide debug informations. But I'm sorry, I do not understand how to get them … I know this page http://forum.bittorr...-syncapp-issue/ but I just cannot find the ".sync" folder on my systems. And please: what is "FFFF" ??? My system: Lubuntu 13.04 btsync 1.1.42 installed from PPA ( and Synology DS211j btsync 1.1.42 installed from synocommunity package and updated manual Thanks for your help!
  9. Greetings, I have downloaded the i368 package for my Synology DS1512+ and attempted to install the package. I continues to tell me that it is a invalid file format. I have attempted to adjust the file attributes with no success. Suggestions would be apperciated. On a side note, what a great application. Keep up the tremendous work! Thanks for everything!
  10. something that I would find very useful, so useful that I would be prepared to pay for (now there's true love!). A sync on my synology work area, that would sync to a buddy's synology server, and of course to my laptop. I can pretty much rely on at least one of them being online & working at a time, and then if one of them was offline at any time, they can sort it out later when they come back online again. This could be a very useful protection against fire, burglary etc etc. A cherry on the cake would be sneaker-sync option... when I start this approach I probably will have a big set of data to get started with, so rather than wait several weeks incurring the ire of my ISP, I might just plug in a portable drive, and "sneaker sync", then pop it in the post. When Bill Burglar comes to call, and pinches my NAS box, it will happen the other way around, I will buy a new NAS box, and while I am waiting for the NAS to arrive, mail the portable drive to my buddy, who will then post it back to me with the data. I wonder how many other people might find this handy. and... ...I suspect if I get clever there are some apps that might do this for me now, but make and it simple and reliable, and I will be grateful. ... my laptop is no use for Sneaker-sync, as I have gone over to SSD, so I can't move several TB at a time!