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  1. Important: Use at own risk! New better solution, which will maybe added in the next SynoCommunity BitTorrent Sync release! What you need: A Synology DiskStationBitTorrent Sync Beta installed over SynoCommunity ( must be activated ( SSH client (Putty: explanation: We create a group, which member will be the btsync user. So you can easily give permissions over the DSM. What to do: Stop the btsync package.Connect
  2. Hi, I've been using BtSync for a while, long before official Synology packages. When upgrading to 2.0, things went funny and I decided to delete and re-create the share, from scratch. No problem on Android and Windows. Now, how do I add a share to the ARM version ? Please note that : - I only have SSH access to this NAS. It's behind a router at the other side of the country, so I can't access to the HTTP WebUI. - I used to edit the config file in vi, and just copy-paste the secret. - Now in 2.0, the "get secret" option disappeared. I can just get a url. - I c
  3. UPDATE: Thanks for testing. With the launch of Sync 2.0, please see for the latest on installing Synology on your NAS. Howdy! We're seeking testers for the Synology packages we've been working on. It's a stripped down version of the Synocommunity package that is hopefully easier for a user to configure. I only have a DS214 in the lab so I've only been able to test the ArmadaXP package myself. Before we make these packages more generally available we'd appreciate some feedback; especially for the non-ArmadaXP packages.
  4. Hi - I setup BT Sync on my Synology DS414 yesterday evening. Today when go into DSM on the Synology and click on Bit Torrent Sync it attempts to open the a new web page with the address ending :8890 but all I get is a white screen ? Last night it was fine! Anybody have any ideas on why this is happening and more importantly - how to fix ?! Many thanks m
  5. Hey guys, I'm having a problem where the latest version of BitTorrent Sync (2.0.105-1) on Synology DS1815+ DSM 5.1-5022 Update 5 not syncing new files. I have to manually pause the folder, then un pause it to refresh and start syncing. Any reason for this?
  6. I have installed Sync 2.0 on 3 different NAS units (different types of Synology NAS), my macbook, desktop PC, ipad and android phone (A Samsung S4 mini). I learn as I go along, but feel also I need to thread carefully, in order not to waste too much time and risk mismanagement of my files because I miscomprehend what's going on. Would like to hear "best practices" for what I want to achieve, so I may learn from your example and experience too :-) So far I want to Sync just one folder across these devices, so that files are quickly accessible on these synced devices. (I guess that's what BT Syn
  7. I started the update to 2.0.93 from (.95) thinking this would take the normal 1min max. Little did I know it would take around 45min. The culprit was that there was a scan of all active volumes for .sync folders. Holy cow. My backup volume that uses dirvish to backup unix(ish) systems was included in that scan. dirvish uses hardlinks to minimize disk usage but ends up with TONs of hard links. I don't want to count the total number, but it is in the millions I'm sure. Autoscanning the full set of volumes on a NAS is probably NOT a good idea guys!
  8. I am using the 1.4.83 BETA install on a Synology DS412+ and my Windows BTSYNC 1.4.83. I am unable to setup a sync directory on the Synology using a read-only key coming from my Windows. Here are the steps I am following and the behavior: (This may or not be important, but both devices already have matching directories) 1. Remove the sync directory from both Synology and Windows (including deleting the .sync directories) 2. In Windows click "Add Folder", and close the "Share" screen that follows 3. Open the "Preferences" of the sync directory that I just added 4. Copy the "Read Only Key" to
  9. Opened a new post ... Hi everyone, I've got the following problem I'd appreciate some help with: BTsync set up on Synology 213+ BTsync set up on Windows notebook Sync directories are set up, keys shared, everything is syncing fine while in the same LAN/WLAN. However, even though the NAS is online 24/7, the next day when I'm trying to sync from work, the NAS instance of BTsync is offline and I get the msg >no peers<. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi please see the screenshot: I installed Sync on my NAS (Synology Diskstation DS411) - but the last sync date (I have not synced yet) is in the future! Will the sync take place anyways? Olaf
  11. I was curious on how would be the best way to sync the entire drive (backup drive Z:\) to a Synology NAS. What I did was just set up a folder in the Diskdrive on Synology and synced the full Z drive with all its folders. However, does it make sense to sync the full, main directly with many folders inside or is it best to set up a sync for each individual folder in the Z drive ? I guess that will allow more flexibility when you only want to share a specific folder with someone instead of allowing them access to the whole drive. Or can you still share a specific folder from within a main
  12. Hi all, I installed the 1.4.93 build manually on Linux following this tutorial (so not using the synocommunity package) and would like to upgrade to the 1.4.99 build, but what steps / commands do I need to follow? I did not find an "update guide"? Thanks for helping this n00b ;-)
  13. Hello, i forgot the password to enter the webgui for bittorrent sync on my synology dsm 412+ running version for dsm: 5.0-4528 and bittorrent version: 1.4.83-8 any suggestions how to approach? is there a way to overwrite the password. Or installing everything new. Many thanks, boxxxy
  14. Hi, I'm using the synology community edition and found out that my bittorrent sync crashes every 2-3 days. After restarting it, it works fine again for a couple of days. Just before the crash I notice in my sync.log files the following: [20141014 13:54:55.578] KickSocketObj::set_error(err=101, socket_error=false): : Network is unreachable[20141014 13:54:55.588] KickSocketObj::set_error(err=101, socket_error=false): : Network is unreachable Anybody experiencing the same? What can I do to provide more diagnostic info. How do I generate the dump files? Thanks
  15. Hi all, I just installed btsync to Synology NAS (DS-211j,DS-212j) @ 9 Aug 2014 through the app source . Here is my install and login procedure: 1. During installation, the appstore will ask some questions and I answered as following: Devince Name: XXXNAS2 (Same name of the NAS) Login: admin (Same as Synology Admin login) Password: <password> (Same as Synology admin login password) 2. Afterward, I go to <ipaddress>:8888 through the chrome, and the btsync required me login again, I typed the same user name and password as point 1 ; 3. Afte
  16. Many users like me may encounter problem when installing the latest version of btsync app package that coming from spk source: . The main problem is the user cannot accept the EULA forever and cause the btsync malfunction. After investigation, I found out that the 1.4.x version of btsync in arm / linux platform may have an issue if running btsync with config file that include user and password information and cause the user cannot accept eula, even checked the box. Here is the work out on this issue, hope can help you all: 1. Uninstall the btsync to clean up all