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  1. Hi all -- It looks like the apt/deb repo is not getting updated with 2.7? I'm using deb resilio-sync non-free ~# apt search resilio-sync Sorting... Done Full Text Search... Done resilio-sync/stable,now 2.6.3-1 amd64 [installed] Resilio Sync is a proprietary peer-to-peer file synchronisation tool. If that's not longer support, thats fine i can switch to manually downloading the deb file, but obviously package manager support is a nicer experience...
  2. Its been a while since I have posted because Resilio has been working so well for me. So, we just got two identical Android phones; one is about two weeks older than the other. Both are LG Xpower3 phones. A bit of background first: I have a few FreeBSD servers all running full sync for multiple folders we will call A to G. Rock solid. Also have one Ubuntu laptop running full sync to two of those folders A and B. Also rock solid. Two weeks ago I added Sync to a brand shiny new LG Xpower3 phone, and added A and B, but in "Selective sync"mode. Also rock solid. Yeste
  3. I was using resilio for a very long time, since first versions of btsync. now I have 2 PCs with win7 and ubuntu 16lts. I have noticed that all files sent from win7 PC have a lock icon on them, so I've used sudo chmod -R to change permissions for all the synced files. but every time I add smth to the sync folder using windows or edit an existing file, rslsync ubuntu user is writing it with locked permissions. there is also a similar thread here in the forum: so I guess I am not alone with this problem. did I set up something wrong?
  4. Hello, I have a problem with rslsync basically I try to fix it since uninstalling it and trying doing a fresh install, try to modify the parameters in conf file, and also see and learn about service , upstart and so on. Basically if I write this command: service resilio-sync start the message I have its this: Starting Resilio Sync But this doest start any process. If I write this command: rslsync I have this message: By using this application, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and End User License Agreement. http
  5. I'm trying to sync between two ubuntu computers. Sometimes I drop a directory into the sync folder, and it shows up on the other computer (yay!), but I can't write to it b/c the normal user isn't in the file access control list. The only user with file access control is the rslsync user under which Relisio is running. So I have to run setfacl every time a new directory is copied over. This can't be an unusual problem. Can anyone suggest a work-around?
  6. Not sure if this has been caught yet or not, but on the Linux help page found here, it says that you need to run Resilio as ./rslsync. On Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS this does not work. To get it working you need to drop the ./. (Example: To run Resilio use the command rslsync --webui.listen
  7. Hi, there's a small but annoying problem with your repository that blocks our automated installs on Ubuntu 16.04 (LTE); Error:9 xenial Release 403 Forbidden [IP: 80] Old:10 stable InRelease Reading Package Lists... Done E: The repository ' xenial Release' does not have a Release file. N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by defaul
  8. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to use the folders that have been synced to my VPS, and are currently owned by the user rslsync (and in the group rslsync, and in the user rslsync's /home/rslsync/Resilio/ directory) , as a source for a self hosted photo app ( If so, I think I need to leave the user and group the same, but can I add the rslsync user to the www-data group to make the synced folders readable by the Apache webserver? Thank you.
  9. Hello, I've run into this problem already a couple of times: whenever I re-install a machine (running on Debian or Ubuntu), I first backup all the keys, then re-add all the folder after installation. Kind of tedious, given the fact that the data storage has not changed... I thought, it would be enough to backup /etc/resilio-sync/ /var/lib/resilio-sync/ ... and copy these folders back after re-installation Resilio Sync. Unfortunately, I'm greeted with the first-time installation dialog asking me to create a new user for the web-ui, which indeed does create a new .SyncUser
  10. Hey Guys - I have been using BTSync Pro on a variety of devices for over a year now and recently upgraded them to Resilio Sync - I love the app! 90% of my overall traffic is sent from a system running Ubuntu to a Windows 10 system where I'm on the latest Resilio version on each and they are running as a service. My question is how can I make the Ubuntu pair of sync folders "Read Only" so that if I were to add anything in the sync folders on the Windows 10 side, they would not be uploaded? Also, can this be configured on existing connected synced folders? Since I'm using Pro, I
  11. I am using Ubuntu 16.10. It took a while to set up due the documentation being a bit sparse. I am having an issue with permissions. Initially I was able to select my home folder however I needed to change the hosts file to allow my phone to access the laptop. I closed the browser and attempted to try again from scratch but this time instead of my username, Sync is using rslsync which does not have permission to write to my home folder. I have purged and started from fresh to no avail. How can I reset the whole process?
  12. I followed the guide here I got everything setup and working. I then restarted my computer and now I have two instance of rslsync running. One is running under user rslsync and one is running under my username. When I try to access Resilio through I get to an instance that haven't been setup, I think it is the one running under rslsync (it suggest rslsync as the name for sync node). How can I remove one of the instances? Which one is best to keep, then one running under rslsync or my username? I guess keeping the one running
  13. Well, Im trying to follow this guide: Everything ok, but the problem is that i cannot see the gui in the explorer. When i enter this command sudo service resilio-sync start It says Starting Resilio Sync But nothings happen, ok, trying to fix it, i did a apt-get purge resilio-sync to try to do a fresh install of it, but the point now is, THERE IS NO WIZARD like in btsync, and now Im not able to configure the program, where must i put the config file?? I read here:
  14. I am running sync on a number of boxes (Ubuntu 14.04), all with the exact same configuration, which you can see here - Recently on one of my laptops, it is asking for a new identity when I visit the webGUI. If I do, it creates a new identity in the storage_path folder where the original .SyncUser is. Is there any way to specify to use the current .SyncUser folder that is in the storage_path folder, rather than try and create a new one?
  15. Hi BTSync community! The subject explains the issue, let me give some background: sudo systemctl status btsync yields active (running) so this seems to indicate that it is running properly. I previously had set it up with the unofficial repository, but since that is way out of date, at one point in the past I had installed it manually. I could always access the webgui this way. Upon finding out there was the official repository, I installed the official repository on my 14.04 ubuntu server and it synced fine, but I could not access the webgui... I decided I would wai
  16. Hello, I already have Sync running on my laptop&pc under windows, and another instance on my Raspberry Pi. I recently added Ubuntu as a dualboot to my laptop and wanted to set up bittorrent sync there as well. The program itself runs fine, however, I cannot link it as a device to my identity. When I enter the connection key, I get to choose the folder to link to, but once I've chosen that, the window to enter the key it still open and it says "Please enter valid key". I've tried sharing one of my folders instead, and that works normally, it just seems the device linking doesn't w
  17. Hi, I had some issues configuring sync the first time on my Ubuntu Server installed from the official repository so I decided to run apt-get remove btsync and manually deleted a few folders: rm -r /etc/btsync /var/lib/btsync /home/stijn/btsync So then I wanted to reinstall with: sudo apt-get install btsync But this is now resulting in: 1 not fully installed or removed. After this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used. Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y Setting up btsync (2.3.3-1) ... chmod: cannot access ‘/etc/btsync/’: No such fi
  18. An Unofficial Btsync Ubuntu/Debian Packaging Project Fork Bittorrent Sync is an awesome solution for many problems ranging from synchronizing large amounts of files to certain centralized governing bodies. About three years ago, @tuxpoldo and many other contributors created the unofficial packaging project for Ubuntu/Debian to ease deployments on these systems - the project has since evolved to fill in the missing gaps of the official Sync project and continues to provide packages for legacy Btsync clients. Current features include, but are not limited to: Easy installing and up
  19. I'm a linux newbie, so still fumbling my way forward at this stage. I've installed lubuntu onto an old 32-bit laptop & am now looking at installation & configuration. There appears to be two methods to install. Either find the appropriate package to download & install, such as.. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tuxpoldo/btsync sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install btsync or, to simply download & unpack, such as... tar xzpf btsync_glibc23_x64.tar.gz Are there pros vs. cons of either approach ? (I followed the latter as I couldn't get the package method
  20. I hope this isnt a really dumb mistake, but I've added the ppa repository, updated, then tried to install with no luck. It looks like certain items were not found while adding the repository(shows failed at the very end, Get 26). Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Is it just an issue with the ppa? My terminal output is below: budd@budddserver:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tuxpoldo/btsync This PPA offers ready to use server and desktop packages for the BitTorrent® Sync application from THESE PACKAGES ARE UNOFFICIAL AND NOT THE WORK OF BITTORRENT® I
  21. Hello I've downloaded and extracted the 2.27 version from the website into my Downloads folder, but am having a problem installing it. I have the btsync app icon in the downloads folder, but when I try to run it with ./btsync to install it, I get the following error: alex@alex-ThinkPad-T61:~$ cd Downloadsalex@alex-ThinkPad-T61:~/Downloads$ ./btsyncbash: ./btsync: No such file or directory I'm something of a Linux beginner, but I don't understand where I'm going wrong, and my Googling hasn't helped me out. Double-clicking the icon itself doesn't do anything, and I can't get it to run via
  22. I have a key for a filesync folder: I want to share it from my laptop to my server. My server has no GUI (graphical user interface) - Ubuntu command line only. How do I sync the folder to my server without installing a graphical user interface?
  23. I purchased the 2.2 license, and the email says "On Linux, copy the link, and click the “Manual Connection” button in the web UI to paste it." I did that, but it says "invalid link". My guess is that the link has spaces and other characters, which get converted while pasting into %2B and %3D and such. Anyway, how am I supposed to convert such link? Ehm, I don't have even the way to add it on command line: btsync --license Sync_Pro_Purchase.btskey was without effect.
  24. Would it be possible to create an official .deb package of bittorrent sync? The unofficial (outdated) package can be used as a template and hence the amount of work involved should be minimal.