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  1. Hello I've downloaded and extracted the 2.27 version from the website into my Downloads folder, but am having a problem installing it. I have the btsync app icon in the downloads folder, but when I try to run it with ./btsync to install it, I get the following error: alex@alex-ThinkPad-T61:~$ cd Downloadsalex@alex-ThinkPad-T61:~/Downloads$ ./btsyncbash: ./btsync: No such file or directory I'm something of a Linux beginner, but I don't understand where I'm going wrong, and my Googling hasn't helped me out. Double-clicking the icon itself doesn't do anything, and I can't get it to run via
  2. Would it be possible to create an official .deb package of bittorrent sync? The unofficial (outdated) package can be used as a template and hence the amount of work involved should be minimal.
  3. I have a key for a filesync folder: I want to share it from my laptop to my server. My server has no GUI (graphical user interface) - Ubuntu command line only. How do I sync the folder to my server without installing a graphical user interface?
  4. I purchased the 2.2 license, and the email says "On Linux, copy the link, and click the “Manual Connection” button in the web UI to paste it." I did that, but it says "invalid link". My guess is that the link has spaces and other characters, which get converted while pasting into %2B and %3D and such. Anyway, how am I supposed to convert such link? Ehm, I don't have even the way to add it on command line: btsync --license Sync_Pro_Purchase.btskey was without effect.
  5. Hi guys, I am having a strange problem, after I ran some updates (I think) on my ubuntu server that is running btsync on I am unable to access the webui. When I go to or all I get is "invalid request". It was all working fine before but now I can't seem to be able to access it no matter what I do. My other btsync devices are still connected to that server so it is working as it should. Only the webui is broken. Do you guys have any idea what the problem might be? Thanks, Gilli
  6. I had an old version (1.4) installation running in my ubuntu 14.04 installation. After I got a notification in the web-frontend to upgrade, I downloaded the new 2.0 version of Bittorrent Sync and tried to install it. As the old version was still installed I initially failed to do so. So I removed the Binaries (=the file I installed wtih 1.4), removed the btsync packages I found in the software manager and several hidden folders connected to Bittorrent sync (hope I got all). I could finally install the 2.0 version and start the webgui but seem to have misspelled the password I set up for the we
  7. Hi, After upgrading one point release from 2.0.104 to 2.0.105 on both my 64 and 32 bit Ubuntu 14.04 machines the GUI on 8888 welcomes me with Welcome to BitTorrent Sync., create a user name etc. In other words, it seems to have lost my original setup. Further, on the 64 bit machine I went ahead and created an account again. I using my iPhone Sync App to link devices. Unfortunately: - it did not recognise any of the previously sync'd files. - Now I have the same device name twice in the list of devices but only one is online. - There seems no way to unlink the device with the same name tha
  8. Hello, I noticed that the unofficial Ubuntu package now installs BTSync 2.0. I am having troubles with that release and would like to downgrade to 1.4. However I cannot find an appropriate package. Could someone point me to it? Thanks a lot in advance.
  9. Hey Loving what you've done, saw a thread which mentioned emailing in with tech questions. I'm an Ubuntu developer and wanted to have a play with Sync on our Ubuntu Touch image on an ARM device to test syncing files between desktop and phone. I grabbed the arm build and upacked it on the phone, but it fails to start:- phablet@localhost:~$ file ./btsync ./btsync: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.16, stripped phablet@localhost:~$ ./btsync -bash: ./btsync: No such file or directory Perhaps I'm
  10. I've been using bittorrent sync for about a year now and I'm pretty sure that I've upgraded versions in the past but I can't figure out how to do it this time. When I open my web UI it gives me a message that there is a new version. I download and follow the step,i.e. run ./btsync but this does not upgrade my current version. Any thoughts? thanks, Wayne
  11. I have an Illumos NAS at home (OmniOS) as a VM. Another VM is an Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS x64 VM. On OmniOS I have a userdir (ZFS DataSet) that has 3 folders (Documents, Pictures, Videos). Each of these folders is NFS shared to my Ubuntu VM as my user (same UID=1000). That same OmniOS zfs dataset/userdir is shared via CIFS. So as an example: OmniOS Ubuntu CIFS from OmniOS /tank/joltman/Documents /home/joltman/Documents \\\joltman\Documents I have btsync (1.3.92) on the Ubuntu headless serv
  12. *** BREAKING NEWS *** The new full featured BitTorrent Sync GUI for Linux has been released! If you want to switch or are a new user, you should look at this posting. In future btsync-user may be replaced by the new btsync-gui. BTSYNC PACKAGES FOR DEBIAN, UBUNTU AND OTHER DERIVED DISTRIBUTIONS If you are using Ubuntu, Debian, Raspian or other derived distributions based on Debian and you are searching for an easy way to deploy BitTorrent Sync on your systems, this topic is definitively for you. Here you will find information about a family of easy to install deb-packages that offers both a s
  13. How can I resset the password of bittorrent sync I have installed on my ubuntu (14.04, lts 64Bits)
  14. Hello! I use btsync on ubuntu machines and now .sync/Archive folder ir even bigger than rest of sync folder. Is it possible to disable archiving or at least somehow limiting size of it. I found how to do that in windows client, but i have only one windows machine the rest of them are linux. Is it ok if i just delete this folder? Please help.
  15. I have broken the web UI on my Ubuntu 14.1 installation of Btsync, and I can't figure out how to get it back. I was playing around with file permissions, because I have Btsync and SAMBA accessing the same folders, this was creating file permission issues with who owns them. But I figured it out, just as I got it working, the WebUI stopped working. I get a password prompt I type in my password, and I get a blank page. I have tried to reconfigure BTsync several times, I have tried to change port number and IP address binding, web user log in and password but nothing has worked so far. I even r
  16. Hi, I've just installed the most recent bittorrent sync server version (using the ubuntu package btsync). A default config file was created in /etc/btsync. The web UI is running and started via upstart as root process. The --config parameter of the btsync process is directing to the /etc/btsync config file. However, none of the setting changes, applied in the web UI, are reflected in the /etc/btsync config file. Where is the web UI storing all the config data e.g. keys, shared folders, advanced settings like disabling LAN lookup? Thanks for any hints, Best Numa P.S.: Bittorrent Sync
  17. I have a few Hard drives connected to my Ubuntu PC, these drives are internal to the machine and mount up as the specific partition name on the disk. (ie /media/username/HDD1) when creating a BTSync share. I cannot seem to navigate further than the /media/username level and have no way to create a share for a folder contained within one of those mounted hard drives. Please help... how do I do this? also, I have two physical hard drives on the pc. and would like to share a folder on one HDD and have BTSync replicate that folder to the other Drive. is this possible, I read somewhere th
  18. Hi, I'm syncing CloneZilla backups between my Ubuntu 12.04 server and W7/W8 clients. The folders containing the backups sync fine, including all the small files, but the large *.gz.aa files don't get synced! I get a "Sync completed", but below you can see that the number of files is different. *.gz.aa files are ofcourse not blacklisted in .SyncIgnore. Does anybody recognize this behaviour? I have a sync.log, but don't want to publish it here... Thanks! R
  19. So I have sync installed on a linux server acting as a remote host for my files, but I'm having some problems with the amount of memory and CPU it's consuming. It's hosted on a DreamHost VPS, so the biggest problem is when I reach my limits they will either force upgrade my tier of hosting or reboot my server so I don't continue using over the amount I pay for. Is there a way to limit the CPU/Memory usage? Here's an excerpt from my processes USER PID %CPU %MEM VSZ RSS TTY STAT START TIME COMMAND root 11290 109 31.1 447844 237124 ? Ssl 17:08 9:41 /BTS
  20. Hi people I've been seeing that running the latest provided linux binary (x86_64 and i386) cause a dramatic DNS slowdown and make the system(13.04 and 13.10) unusable, ala Stopping the service immediately cures the problems. Does anyone have any suggestions for the problem and can changing settings (relay server, DHT, Tracker server) make a difference to this? I know I might be repeating a post or two but can't seem to search the forum to see if others have similar problems and solutions as DNS is only 3 letters long and the fo
  21. I've three computers running version 1.3.93 on ubuntu/debian using the appropriate packages. There was a file which was deleted but the !sync file remained on one of the computers and now I'm in update hell as the three computer keep recreate the !sync file after I delete it. I delete the !sync file, restart btsync on all three computers and by magic and from the ether the sync file reappears. The three computers only connect by a predefijned host. Is there a way to manual purge the file from the database or to force a database reset or to do something as it is using bandwidth Any suggest
  22. Hey I run my Bittorrent Sync Server from a raspberry pi and sync my music with a win 7 computer. Now I got an Ubuntu Linux PC and wanted to sync that pc to. So I installed BtSync and it seems to work fine Just if I switch to the transfer or chronicle tab, it says "because of missing api this cannot be implemented" (hope my translation is correct, my client is in german ^-^) can I somehow fix this? greetings Kaito
  23. I'm trying to sync files between 2 ubuntu servers and get the error message in the web gui "Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder" sync.log in /var/lib/btsync/ Gives the following Error Message: Check: Too many open files Seems to be hit and miss, I previously synced 1.9GBs worth of files (few hundred files) and it worked fine, however now I'm syncing just 300MBs where it's maybe 1-200ish files. Edit: I'm also seeing "status:144 error:Check: Too many open files meta:1 conns:0 io:0"
  24. Hello. I chose to use btsync to synchronize my musics over different devices. I have two directories to share: - FLAC contains 27GB in 1200 files - MP3 contains 51 GB in 8500 files HOME nas : I have a NAS (DNS 320 with ffp installed. I have the version 1.2.92 running on it). the webui is only enabled on LAN (no routing from WAN) BACKUP server : I have a kimsufi server, running ubuntu saucy 13.10 x86_64. The btsync comes from the PPA. WORK station : I listen my music while working. My workstation is an HP Z200 with ubuntu saucy , x86_64. btsync comes from PPA What I did : - add the
  25. On Linux Mint Petra in a VMWARE machine I create a folder to sync, add that with Web GUI, add some files to it. Then I set it up on the host machine to sync that folder. VMWARE client shows it is syncing those files and host shows the same size/number of files to be receiving. Still ONLY directories are created on the host, no files ever get synced. When I add a file on the host side it gets to the client side; when I delete it on the client side, it deletes right on the host. But when I add something on the client side, it never gets to the host. BTsync is working perfectly between Win<