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  1. I installed BTSync on my Ubuntu Server 12.04 install over 6 months ago. Everything was working just fine while I used it with multiple people syncing data to my server. About 2 months ago I ran a large amount of updates on my server. I believe one of these updates was for btsync as well, but I'm not 100% sure. After these updates I found that the BTSync server webpage frontend wasn't working. It asked me for my username and password but when it would load it would load a blank page, similar to just freshly installing BTSync without any shares setup. For the next month or so I thought BTSyn
  2. I'm in the process of switching most of our home Ubuntu (12.04.3) machines over to Linux Mint 16, primarliy so I don't have to hear the fans spin up so much. (I like Ubuntu, and even Unity, but the Unity interface needs to go on a diet. Under Mint/Cinammon 2 the fans rarely spin up, and the load averages are lower.) The changeover has gone pretty smoothly, thanks to separate /home partitions... ...but on one machine, some "old" BitTorrent Sync (hereinafter BTS) files, hidden somewhere, are giving me fits. It was the first machine on which I installed BTS, and the only one on which I insta
  3. We are setting up a sync server for our photographers to sync their photos to our server. According to the FAQ we will be at risk losing old images just because a new image with the same filename will be uploaded. How can we prevent files to be overwritten on our server? Is there a way to prevent that in the conf file, write a script or by setting up a file permission in Linux? "What if files with same names are added from different computers? We give human action first priority and always consider it right. That's why if several files with the same name are added on different devices, BitTo
  4. I have a home server running Ubuntu 12.04. I have installed the latest BTsync by doing the following: Downloaded the i386 version Extracted it and placed the executable into my /usr/bin directory Created a dump by using the --dump-sample-config parameter My sync.config file can be found below Then I started btsync with the following command: ./btsync --config ./sync.conf --nodaemon It's working fine, the GUI can be reached on port 8888 and I'm able to create some shared folders. So far so good Now my two questions are: How can I make sure the btsync app is running as a service under my own us
  5. I'm trying to manually add shared folders to my local .btsync.conf file with btsync-user 1.1.82-2 on Ubuntu 13.04 (I prefer not to use the web GUI). After making the modifications and restarting btsync, however, I noticed that the modifications were overwritten (and the shared folders consequently not added). This apparently was because the btsync-starter script (which is invoked by /usr/bin/btsync start) unconditionally overwrites the local config file. Shouldn't the script check whether .btsync.conf is present before overwriting it?
  6. Although BitTorrentSync don't limit file size, but when synced between my ubuntu computer and my android's phone, a file that is 7.2G don't sync. what's wrong? why? 虽然BitTorrentSync没有文件大小限制,但是在我的Ubuntu电脑和安卓手机同步时,一个7.2G大小的文件不能同步。这是为什么?是哪里的问题?
  7. Hi again! Another newb question. I want to secure the webmin interface with a password and username, but I can't seem to get it to work. I've probably just formatted my .conf file wrong, but it would be great if someone could eyeball it for me and let me know where I've screwed up: { // use relay server when direct connection fails "use_relay_server" : true, "use_tracker" : true, "use_dht" : false, "search_lan" : true, "lan_encrypt_data" : true, "lan_use_tcp" : true, "webui" : { "listen" : "", "login" : "name", "password" : "blahblahpassword" } } I
  8. My bad. My supplier f#*& me.. Tried to delete this question. couldn't.
  9. I downloaded and install OK well I thought I did? Set up just fine on my phone. The folders synced but I don't have permission to open the files? I have tested other sources and the same thing happens, I don't have permission to do anything with the contents of the folders.
  10. I have problems to install/run it on Linux. The problem is easy to describe with my bash output. Linux pc-kubuntu 3.8.0-27-generic #40-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 9 00:19:35 UTC 2013 i686 athlon i686 GNU/Linux raring Ubuntu 13.04 \n \l user@pc-kubuntu:/usr/local/bin/btsync$ ll insgesamt 2844 -rwxrwxr-x 1 501 502 2904620 Jul 23 14:12 btsync* -rw-rw-r-- 1 501 502 155 Mai 29 17:09 LICENSE.TXT user@pc-kubuntu:/usr/local/bin/btsync$ ./btsync Can't open pid file /usr/local/bin/btsync/.sync// Keine Berechtigung user@pc-kubuntu:/usr/local/bin/btsync$ sudo ./btsync BitTorrent Sync forked to backg
  11. Hi, I just started to use BitTorrent Sync, and i have to say the concept is really great! Here is my "problem": I recently set up BTSync on my ubuntu server to have a computer that is always on to sync my files to my laptop, desktop and phone. I also use the server as a Plex Media Server for all my movies and tv-shows. I currently use ftp to transfer all the media from either my laptop or desktop. What I would like to have is a way to just drop the files in a folder on my laptop that then syncs the files to a specific folder on the server, without having to sync the folder both ways. I don't
  12. I am running two Ubuntu 13.04 systems. Everything seems to be syncing properly between the two machines. The only issue I am having now is when my second machine goes and gets the files, it pulls them down and sets the permissions of the file as ... owner = root and group = root. Is there anyway to configure my BT Sync setup so when it pulls down the files it won't change the file permissions to root:root ?
  13. I updated my Ubuntu 13.04 BitTorrent Sync yesterday to the latest 1.1.22. Now I am having an issue on my Mac computer. The Mac BitTorrent Sync client keeps telling me my secret key is invalid. I just downloaded the Mac client yesterday so I should have the latest client. Is there a reason why the Mac client is saying my secret is invalid...? I re-generated several secrets and still no luck. When I use the final secret I created on a second Ubuntu computer it works perfectly fine, no invalid message there.
  14. Any Idea? btsync running on Ubuntu Linux 13.04 i386 leo@ubuntu:~/.btsync$ tail -f sync.log [20130414 22:28:42] Loading config file version 1.0.132 [20130414 22:28:42] Loaded folder /home/leo/Development [20130414 22:28:45] BAN peer: Responsible for 'magnet (5dfd063ba089d734f7388097bd4591ba9426c52a)' metadata not being loaded! [20130414 22:28:45] Banned until forever [20130414 22:28:45] BAN peer: Responsible for 'magnet (48ed12fbdfdca721b959cbc5dc52e3562e78c10e)' metadata not being loaded! [20130414 22:28:45] Banned until forever [20130414 22:28:45] BAN peer
  15. I can use the web interface with no problem, but how do I add devices so that other computers can access the shared folders? Thanks!
  16. Hello, I am a new user. Can't find out how to share files (or folder) with other computers. According to GUI (on my web browser) my folder is synchronized, I can get the secret key... but what am I supposed to do with this? Is there a link you can email? Been reading User Guide though, but it didn't make things any clearer. My OS is Ubuntu 12.10.
  17. I was added few folders in the Linux gui (Ubuntu) on 8888 port. Then I was refreshed gui page... and now folder list is empty :/ I tried to add my folders again.. and after page refresh I again saw empty list. But synchronization is working fine.