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Found 51 results

  1. I'm definitely missing something because I don't understand what is being reported here, and nowhere in any manual have I seen an explanation as to what the up/down blue/green arrows mean. At first glance maybe it's obvious, however after thinking about it a bit more I'm not too sure. The first screenshot is in the WebUI showing the up/down of my local machine. I think these numbers are obvious, i'm downloading at 468 KB/s and uploading at 199 KB/s. Ok, great. Now what does this mean? Is the device 123 downloading at 58.23 GB/S (probably not however, uh I have no clue), or has it downloaded a total of 58.23 GB? Is that today, or since it first connected, or altogether from this file? Or is it that it still needs to download 58 GB to finish? Or is it that it's requesting 58 GB of data from my client? And then the user library. Has it uploaded 2.7 MB to me? Or is it uploading at 2.7 MB/s (not uncommon). The same questions arise. I think that a simple tooltip over each arrow explaining what it is would be helpful. Until then i'd be satisfied just to know what they mean. `J5
  2. Since updating my Linux install from 1.3 to 1.4 my gui is no longer showing my shares, however they do seem to still be syncing with other devices. I notice that there's no downgrade possible from 1.4 but do I have to do any conversion on the upgrade? Cheers, Jamie
  3. Hi. I'm playing with btsync for a couple of days. For a while I used webui, but now it's not working. I don't know why. I've set permissions 777 for "sync" folder. is in it. Owner and group are "btsync", user for daemon is "btsync" too. I have tried to change port or IP to listen for webui. No effect. Firewall is disabled. Any ideas? =( Config: { "device_name": "", "listening_port" : 43030, "storage_path" : "/var/lib/btsync/sync", "pid_file" : "/var/run/btsync/", "check_for_updates" : true, "use_upnp" : true, "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0, "webui" : { "listen" : "", "login" : "admin", "password" : "****" }, "shared_folders" : [ { "secret" : "****", "dir" : "/var/backup", "use_sync_trash" : false, "known_hosts" : [ "" ] } ]}I attached debug log without any mentioning about "8888" port or "webui", or just "ui". I do not understand what I am doing wrong. And debug log provide no info about config file and its errors. Any advice would be most welcome! Thanks!
  4. Hello Guys, Recently i started getting a problem, when i click "Add Folder" on the WebUI, no folders are listed in the "popover". Here is the screenshot of the "popover" Here is the screenshot of my full WebUI I had a similar problem before, where it would take some time to list the folders, but now, it just don't show up. After i created my own "config file" ( before i was running default ) and the problem still don't go away. Here is my config file: { "folder_rescan_interval": 10000, "storage_path": "/home/btsync/.sync", "webui": { "listen" : "" }} Is there "logs" i could read to see what is going on? Is there a way of "dumping the list of shares" i have into a config file so then i can append more shares "by hand" ? Any ideas? Its running the arch version on a "Wd My Cloud", thank you very much
  5. Hi! Where can I set overwrite_changes in webui to overwrite changes for RO directory?
  6. Hi! It will be awesome to see hostname in title of webUI. For example: Server 1 - BitTorrent Sync It's nightmare when You have lots of tabs with BTSync and have to remember where one or another host is
  7. Hello, I am zaxius. Sorry, my English is very limited, I will detail my problem: SO: Ubuntu Server 14.04 Steps I followed to install Bittorrent Sync: $ sudo apt-get install -y software-properties-common$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tuxpoldo/btsync$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install -y btsync$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure btsyncThe last command I've done it 3 times, changing the user and group assignment : root, btsync and zaxius. The problem occurs when adding a directory to synchronize with any directory you selected. Pressing the button "Generate" to get a key and nothing appears worse, if I update the website does not work and I have to restart the service from the console. Previously use Bittorrent Sync install and configure the same way and had no problem. Where is the problem? Can I create directories in sync from the console? PD: Thanks for reading, I hope your answers
  8. Hi! Is there any way to disable WebUI auth in BTSync? I want to place webui behind proxy web app with own auth mechanism. Here is my /etc/default/btsync # This is the configuration file for /etc/init.d/btsync# Start only these btsync instances automatically via# init script.# Allowed values are "all", "none" or space separated list of# names of the instances. If empty, "all" is assumed.## The instance name refers to the btsync configuration file name.# i.e. "general" would be /etc/btsync/general.confAUTOSTART="media"# Optional arguments to btsync's command line. Be careful!# You should only add thngs here if you know EXACTLY what# you are doing!DAEMON_ARGS=""and my /etc/btsync/media.conf // DAEMON_UID=media// DAEMON_GID=media// DAEMON_UMASK=0002{ "device_name": "RaspberryPi-Ninja", "storage_path" : "/media/NinjaStorage/BTSync/.btsync", "listening_port" : 0, "check_for_updates" : false, "use_upnp" : false, "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0, "disk_low_priority" : true, "lan_encrypt_data" : false, "lan_use_tcp" : false, "rate_limit_local_peers" : false, "folder_rescan_interval" : 600, "webui" : { "listen" : "" }}…but all the browsers trying to ask for login and password.
  9. I have 'listen' set to '' in sync.conf and can access the webui on my Linux box using However, I can't access the webui from another machine on my LAN using the IP of the Linux box (i.e. Could anyone give me any suggestions for resolving this? Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm trying to webui and shared_folder in my conf file and I can never get the webui working. I have been digging around and I have heard that both webui and shared_folder section cannot be existed together in the same config file, why is that?
  11. I run btsync under debian 6 on a hosted webspace by starting it in the directory "www/btsync" with the command "./btsync" How can I access to bittorrent sync via the WebUI? Access with the url "" doesn't work. (If I run it by "./btsync --config sync.conf", the WebUI doesn't work, too - but it is possible to sync with other peers.) On my FreeNAS at home I can access the WebUI. Is it only possible to access the WebUI in a local network? Greetings merlinuwe
  12. I've been able to set up btsync on Linux. To add new folders, I have to create the folder first through SSH, and _then_ adding the folder through the WebUI. Is there a way to create the directory through the WebUI?
  13. I accidentally let btsync index a folder where I want to sync TO (because I'm trying to continue move from sftp to btsync and most of the content is already in target machine, so deleting the whole folder is not a nice move). I need to remove it but Web UI cross button shows only the warning but clicking OK mean nothing. The folder is still in UI, I still can't set up it as a target folder for syncing from elsewhere... Any ideas? How to remove folder manually - by deleting .syncID and correct DB files?
  14. How can I change the title of the webui login window? Is there a config parameter to add to: "webui" : { "listen" : "", "login" : "admin", "password" : "********" }
  15. Hi! How do I limit access to the WebUI? I'm installing this on a linux (Ubuntu 12.10) server and want to only be able to access it through a computer on the same local network as the server. Eg. the computers with addresses within 192.168.0.* are supposed to be able to log in, but nothing outside. I've tried to set this up in the settings for the webUI, but anything other than "" doesn't work. Suggestions? Best regards
  16. Hi there. I have btsync running on my home server and some of my computers all running Linux. On my home server, config file has a value of assigned to the listen variable, so I can access the WebUI on port 8887. However, that only happens on my LAN or through my VPN. I punched a hole on my firewall to access it from the outside as well, but I always get a connection refused error. The punch is active, but there's no access to the WebUI from the internet. Any ideas on why this may be happening? Thanks in advance, Ignacio
  17. Hi, When I'm using the WebUI on Linux without using the sync.conf file. Where is the configuration saved? Is there a way to backup the configuration? Thanks Addady
  18. i would like to secure webUI with password on linux. i followed the manual but it seems that i am doing something wrong, because i can still connect to webUI without the usn/pwd prompt. what i did (following the manual): 1. i made a config file in the folder where the btsync binary is: ./btsync --dump-sample-config > sync.conf 2. i edited that config file: changed /* remove "listen" field to disable WebUI remove "login" and "password" fields to disable credentials check */ "webui" : { "listen" : "", "login" : "admin", "password" : "password" } to // remove "listen" field to disable WebUI remove "login" and "password" fields to disable credentials check // "webui" : { "listen" : "", "login" : "admin", "password" : "blahblahblah" } 3. i also added the LAN encryption line to the end of the file: // LAN encryption "lan_encrypt_data": true 4. restarted the deamon, connected to webui - without the password propmt! 5. i also renamed the sync.conf file to sync.json. same result. please tell me what i am doing wrong... thanks!
  19. 1: ./btsync --dump-sample-config > sync.conf Then used Nano to edit, tried "mypwd"}, that just gave me that same error: Error while parsing config file: Unexpected end of config file (are you missing '}') ? any ideas? I noticed someone sent previous person a non tabbed version that worked, possible get re up to pastebin? I used nano through terminal so that shouldn't be the problem....:/ ran it as a .conf and .json neither work with or without the comma. get this error in a code checker. Parse error on line 3: ...ening_port": 0, //0-randomizeport/*s ----------------------^ Expecting 'STRING'
  20. I've been using BtSync for a while now, and I'm quite happy with it. However, recently my ISP has decided to start migrating everybody to IPv6, and I can't access my (Linux) server's WebUI from an external network anymore. From the internal network it's working if I use the server's private IPv4 address. I'm able to access that server's SSHd over IPv6 though, so I think my setup is correct. It seems to me that the WebUI code doesn't support IPv6. Can anyone confirm this? Are there plans for support (hopefully in the short term)?
  21. Hi all, I just recently came across BTSync and plan on mass deployment. My main concern is that the "Select Folder" option in the WebUI (Linux) lists everything starting in '/'. Could you possibly have the WebUI chrooted to the "dir" location from the conf or introduce "chroot" as an available option? For example, user 'qwerty' would have something along the following set in the conf: "dir" : "/home/btsync/users/qwerty", "chroot" : "/home/btsync/users/qwerty", Then when user "qwerty" logs into the WebUI, and clicks "Add folder", their home/root path would be chrooted to the above value(s) and not '/' on the box. I'm sure others would like to see the same implemented in a multi-user environment. Detrimental common usage scenario: The average user will run the btsync daemon under the root account other than start it under a new/other system user. By doing so, the standard btsync user will be able to add otherwise sensitive file/folder locations to it's share via the WebUI - such as shadow hashes, plaintext database configuration files found on the server, etc. This poses a huge security risk for any shared environment as otherwise imposed system restrictions will be easily circumvented. I hope you take the chroot option into consideration
  22. Hi, I am somewhat frustrated by something I think should be pretty easy (and I could very well be missing). I am on Linux and when accessing through the WebUI, I see no way to add a folder from another machine I setup on my network. I see how to share from the machine I am on, but no place to enter an already generated key. Thanks and feel free to call me an idiot if I'm missing the obvious. EDIT: Definitely an idiot. I had rebooted my machine and failed to save the firewall config and I was blocking myself. See? Idiot. Cheers, Czar.
  23. Hello. I've planned to share photos with my friends from NAS via WebUI, but WebUI doesn't accept Russian UTF-8 folders on my NAS (there is bug in webui.js). Unfortunately, btsync doesn't have any public API, but it has WebUI in Linux version ! I've created simple console tool btsync-cli that communicates via WebUI. It can add shared folder or remove it from sync index. Another useful tool is php bittorent-sync-client for btsync WebUI. You can build your own server-side WebUI Now I'm working on standalone (you'll can install it on your hosting) photo sharing site via btsync. I hope this will be useful to someone. PS: btw, btsync process will crash in some cases if you call invalid urls with parameters..
  24. Hi Would it be possible to add some sort of access control to the webui ? I don't want everyone on the LAN to be able to access my settings and get access to my stuff /Henrik Schack Edit: Oopps sorry forget this one, I just ran the client with --dump-sample-config and now I see there is support for username/password on the webgui
  25. Hi! I want to do my own webUI for BTSync which proposes for everyone to put their folders in ro on my server to increase sync speed for future syncs. Is BTSync dynamically reads the config file? Is there a way to check if a secret is a one-time read-only secret? I want to do it on a debian server, using nodejs. Thanks.