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Found 2 results

  1. I've three computers running version 1.3.93 on ubuntu/debian using the appropriate packages. There was a file which was deleted but the !sync file remained on one of the computers and now I'm in update hell as the three computer keep recreate the !sync file after I delete it. I delete the !sync file, restart btsync on all three computers and by magic and from the ether the sync file reappears. The three computers only connect by a predefijned host. Is there a way to manual purge the file from the database or to force a database reset or to do something as it is using bandwidth Any suggestions? Thanks Andy
  2. Hello BTSync, I just noticed that in my shared music folder I have around 250 copies of certain songs with the .!sync file extension. I couldn't find anything searching on the forum or FAQ, but I recall something about these being copies BTSync makes of contested files. Is this true? What are the conditions for the creation of .!sync copies of files? I believe that every time a song is played in our DJing software, the song file's metadata is updated. How does BTSync handle changes like this? Should I keep these .!sync files, or trash em? Thanks for the help.