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Found 2 results

  1. Hello I'm trying to always have synchronized a folder between my NAS and my smartphone. I usually do any kind of operations with files and folders on both devices. I don't need a cloud, but just what Resilio is supposed to be. So I’m using MyCloud with BitTorrent (synchronizing a folder in an ext4 filesystem) and a Samsung S7 with Resilio Sync (synchronizing a folder in an exFAT filesystem on a mSD card). Apparently, all is working fine … but when I pay attention, is not working exactly as it should. I can create/delete/move folders in both devices (smartphone and WDNAS) and changes are coherent and fast. However, when I move files on smartphone, those files, instead of being moved, appears like same files but with “.bts” extension and 0 bytes in my WDNAS and if I create a file o copy a new file to the shared folder in my smartphone, it’s not copied to my WDNAS. The inverse action (WDNAS to SMARTPHONE) is working fine both, folders and files. So, the issue is related only with FILES when I MOVE or CREATE new ones. Even if I force a synchronization from “Sync” on my smartphone, file operations (except delete) are not synchronized. I don’t understand what’s the problem with files. "Selective Sync" is disabled and, as you can see on attached captured images, curiosly in "Details", ALWAYS appears "Last synchronization: Still no syncrhonized" (even if I force synchronization). What am I doing wrong?
  2. Hi I've got 'orphan' .bts files on my Android mobile devices after file upload. I uploaded a local file from my android tablet which uploaded perfectly and propagated across my devices, however I noticed a residual file called [filename].[file extension].bts, which remained on my tablet long after the successful completion of the file upload. I can't seem to delete or hide. I understand this some form of placeholder file to give the appearance of completion prior to upload concluding How do I remove or prevent this duplication from appearing? Is it something do to with how mobile devices show hidden or temp files? Cheers, Geoff. BTW, lovin' the platform. Details I have assigned ownership to android tablet Tablet version V 'Server' version 2.0.93 (Raspberry Pi running Raspian) .bts files don't seem to be on 'Server'. .bts also seems to show on iOS device from file uploaded from Android...mmm....but not in shared folder on Raspian...