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Found 5 results

  1. I have just one folder shared across a laptop and two desktop machines. Two machines are running Windows 7 and I am therefore running BT Sync 2.1; but the third machine needs to keep running Windows XP for the time being (long story!) and so I have BT Sync 1.3 on that. All was running fine, the two Win 7 machines upgraded to 2.0 when it came out and all continued without incident. Yesterday I had to reformat and fully reinstall on one of the Win 7 machines. I 'fiddled' with BT Sync without fully understanding what I was doing but eventually managed to get the two Win 7 machines talking to each other and syncing fine. However, I now seem to have broken the link between both of those and the third Win XP machine. Ver 2.1 on the Win 7 machines seems to have a 'key' which is different from the 'secret' in the Ver 1.3 install on Win XP... and when I try to copy the secret / key between the two machines, each says the code from the other is invalid. Any help welcomed here, please
  2. Is it now impossible to backup the camera on my iPhone to a computer running the 1.3 client? It only allows you to send a GetSync URL, not the actual secret. I derived the secret by installing 1.4 on another machine and beginning Sync, but when I attempted to add that secret to the 1.3 client on the other machine, I got 'You don't have permissions to share part of a read-only-folder'. Very strange. I tried it again but pointed it to a different folder on a different drive and it worked. Any idea what that error msg was about?
  3. Dear all, I’m happy to announce the BitTorrent Sync 1.3 public release. Changes affected all supported platforms, plus we are proud to introduce support for a new platform: Windows Phone. Detailed change list: Desktop changes Support TCP connectivity between peers, tracker and relay (work when UDP is not available) Greatly reduced parasite traffic when between peers, tracker and during LAN search Improved behaviour with case-insensitive file systems (rename correctly) Extended attributes (OS X) and file streams (Windows) support Improved getting started assistant Sync notifications redesigned New advanced option: external (NAT) port can be configured Optimized folder indexing Added log rotation Fixed issue with permissions transfer on Linux and Mac during initial scan Fixed issue with sync getting stuck after folder removal Fixed issue when deleted files get restored after peer comes online Fixed issue when new version not checked on Linux and FreeBSD Fixed replacing invalid chars with "_" after sync Fixed sync stuck issue due to case-sensitive rename Fixed indexing hang when unable to access folder due to permissions Fixed sync hang due to network change until app restart Fixed Linux executable attribute loss when file modified on Windows PC Fixed app crash when entering invalid secret Added log rotation value in Advanced preferences Fixed several issues with freeze on Mac Fixed missing notifications Fixed issue with updates on Linux Added tooltips in Devices tab on Windows Fixed occasional app crashes Fixed stream appearing as after updating 1.2.91. Fixed issue with executable flag dropped after merging changes from win client to linux client Fixed issue with merging files tree Fixed issue with file moved to .SyncArchive after renaming (change case of letter). Fixed app hang when trying close app. Fixed check-for-updates issue on Mac Fix for Linux sync issue Fix for the crash on encrypted node Cosmetic fixes and changes UI improvements Android-specific changes: Fixed issue with app crash on switch from wifi to 3G Fixed crash on first run and help on Android 2.2 Removed mobile-to-mobile share tab Fixed issue with auto-sleep Fixed issue with QR recognition Added ability to cancel selective sync files Fixed issue with cellular data usage Android 4.4 ExtSD limited to OS designated folder Cosmetic fixes and changes iOS-specific changes: UI redesign Add possibility to share your sync folders via email, QR code or other apps from folder preferences bar Improved Auto-sleep and other battery saving options Optimized mobile data usage Made "Open in" option available while tap and holding Added filters in folder view Other fixes and improvements You can get Sync for all the platforms here.
  4. I upgraded to 1.4 on all my Windows machines. Not really working that well. My Win7 machine is prone to Not Responding and often shows slow script error messages. How can I revert to 1.3 while preserving my shares? I appreciate all the new indicators and features added to 1.4, but I think the move to an encapsulated web GUI is a bad move. The app used to be very tight and lean. Now the graphical footprint is unnecessarily larger, with bigger fonts and too much spacing in between.
  5. Hi, some time ago I’ve set up a dedicated ubuntu linux VM for btsync 1.2.82. It’s running behind a firewall, I only opened outgoing port 3000 udp and from the beginning it worked like charm. It takes about 2 seconds to connect new peers and the sync starts. Now I did an update to 1.3.94 by switching the btsync executable, I left everything else as it was but now the peers won’t connect anymore. I already compared the sample config from 1.3.94 with my running config but it doesn’t seem as if there were many changes in the structure of the config file from 1.2x to 1.3x I restored my VM from backup and everything is working again. Somebody got an idea how to update without breaking everything? Regards, Michael