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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I need to get rid of duplicate Bittorrent sync folders, if i go to the Bittorrent Sync Mother folder at the top of the hiearchy, I have 2 of every folder that I am trying to sync, inside each is only the placeholder files, however bittorrent sync is only installed once. What can i do to safely delete the duplicate folders without deleting all my data from the shared folders, (which are also on another device and I'm afraid if I delete the placeholders that they will remove the files from the other device. Thanks J
  2. I have just setup Sync and I am syncing all my pictures/videos/music data from PC to Android and vice versa, works great, really pleased. However I have setup a folder on my computer to save my Facebook photos, I have this synced with the directory that Facebook puts photos onto my Android device 'Pictures/Facebook', works great, whenever I take photos/upload via Facebook on my phone or PC they sync. The only issue is that if I download an image from android Facebook their app saves it in a different directory 'DCIM > Facebook' as opposed to 'Pictures/Facebook' as it is download not my own photo. I can sync this by just creating a new folder called Facebook Downloads, but I was hoping to just store the photos from this location into the same Facebook folder, is this possible currently with Sync? Thanks, great product! No cloud