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Found 3 results

  1. I'm using 2.4.4 and it keep on asking me to create an identity, but when I press the 'Create Identity' button, nothing happens! I am an administrator on the PC and I have tried to run the app as an administrator as well. I'm on Windows 10. The only thing I can then do is to press the 'X' in the top right, which means it continues to run in the application tray, but I cannot do anything like sync new folders etc. Any ideas???
  2. With selective sync enabled, if I double click a placeholder file in Finder it will begin downloading it from a peer. If I double click the placeholder file again before it has completed downloading (let's say I'm impatient...), the file disappears altogether from Finder. Once the download completes, the original file is correctly shown again. This is problematic because (AFAICT) I lose the ability to cancel the sync of the file.
  3. The Mac app has some unexpected window behavior. If I use ⌘W to close the app window, the dock icon closes but the sync icon in the menu bar stays open. If I use ⌘Q to close the app, both the dock icon and the menu bar close. Is this the expected behavior? It seems out of line with other app behaviors on the Mac so I'm surprised every time when my sync engine is suddenly not running!