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Found 1 result

  1. Dear all I'm still new regarding btsync and synology and my skill in "network" and "shell" are limited but not null I've recentely installed btsyns on my synology ds712+ using the syno community repo. As the repo did not had the laste version I upgradre manually btsync following the instruction on this post : I then installed btsync on bot my mac and my pc and had a try, everything seemed to work as I feel (even if some few advanced features would be welcomed) For a while, the bi-directional sync was working smoothly between the mac and the syno. However now, sync do not occur anymore and in the btsyn gui of the syno it says "don't have permission to write in selected folder" and this for all the synced folders. I check in Mac os what were the permission for the folder and it is in read and write for everyone in the gui (which should mean chmod 777) I actually don't like it but I can live with it for few days. So how a hell btsync can say he don't have the rights, especially when it was working perfectly the day before. When I saw you released an update recently, I tried to do the update manually (on the synology), following the same tutorial mentionnend above, but it stays on 1.1.48 and say it's up to date. Actually, the last non-update update solved the problem of permission I had. However now, maybe 24-48hours after the non-update update, the problem rise again. Any help. I wonder things like how can i create a group of user and user for btsync and giving it the right to read and write in my sync folders I also wonder if the problem could come from my fire wall anyway all this is un-understandable for me as it worked the day before and no settings change were done or if there is a trick related to the functioning of bt sync Please help, its getting on my nerve and if I don't find a relyable and enduring solution, I'll move back to at the end of the day more finished solution, cloudstation. But I like btsync Thanks for your attention Jo