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Found 3 results

  1. I just got an invite to the alpha, and I am already using it to sync a metric shitload of files. My impressions are mixed, but this is not wher eI want to write them down. I am a proffessional software testers, and I instinctively come up with various test Ideas. Because I have limited time to ACTUALLY perform this test in the near future, i thought i could at least write about it here. My test idea is described in the attached picture. Ask for clarifications, if necessary. <==== look at the picture now, then continue reading ===> <LATER EDIT> </LATER EDIT> <LATER EDIT2&g
  2. If we had a BTSync CDS (Content Delivery System), as a separate client with some extra abilities I can see endless possibilities. In this post I realized BTSync creates a new torrent for each file. This is a far more clever way to deal with updating torrents that what I would have imagined. Props to the devs who came up with it! If each file is its own torrent, then all we need (if it isn't so allready) to make a sofisticated CDS is to be able to construct a share out of the existing torrents, and distribute the appropriate keys to decrypt, or download the files. The most important feature of
  3. Dear BitTorrent, I had a great idea after reading about Sync and I thought I'd mention it because I think it would come as a very handy product to a lot of people who will be using Sync. What if you made a piece of hardware that you could connect to your TV and it would let you login to your Sync account allowing you to stream any video or music files right to your TV? I think this would be a great idea to put into motion because I've struggled with the problem of lag well watching many of my high quality bluray's on a cheap computer. Not a lot of people can afford really nice computer