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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, by considering the interest I have to this sync folders idea I need to know how to automatically synchronize folders betweend specified folders on computers (Linux and Android Tablet) wh It means I have an external HDD connected by USB to my router on which OpenWRT is running. Then I could synchronized some folders with my computers but I presume your program to synchronize folders between computers (as explained here must be available as a package like all programs on OpenWRT. As I do not know which program must be running on the OpenWRT (router) I proposed you compile a package that could be run on the OpenWRT (10.03.1 and 12.09 versions) : It must run on those two version because they are a transition between the old and new router on which OpenWRT could run. Then there will be more interested users. Sincerely thanks and have a nice day, Miguipda ;-)
  2. Hi, I have a WiFi router that runs OpenWRT and does not have a MIPS CPU but rather a Freescale PPC QorIQ CPU. So I tried the PPC QorIQ version of BTSync but got: ./btsync: No such file or directoryI figured it might be because OpenWRT uses uClibc instead of glibc. I can build my own OpenWRT with eglibc (notice the "e"!). But it takes time and I want to ask for advice before trying and wasting time. My question is: Is uClibc really the problem? If yes, does BTSync work with eglibc or is glibc really needed? Other remarks? Thanks!