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  1. Hello! I'm running stock Marshmallow on my Asus Zenfone 2. I have a problem with trying to access my SD card on Resilio Sync. With other applications, I am taken to the document picker and am able to choose my SD card and choose the root SD folder to grant permissions. I have done that with Total Commander and X-Plore among other applications so I know this is not an OS bug. When I select the SD card in Resilio Sync however, I'm taken to a document picker with nothing to pick. I have unistalled and reinstalled Sync several times, trying various options like clearing the cache, but have the same problem. You guys have the right idea but the implementation seems to be faulty. Please advise. And hopefully fix this? I have a pro license and am a paying customer of this software. ☺ Would love to sync my files to the SD card instead of my internal phone memory. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I sync my music files/library to the '/music' folder on my Synology DS218+ NAS using Resilio. When I look on the NAS file manager, I can see the files. However, the NAS audiostation/mediastreaming app cant access/see/use those music files. If I manually delete, then drag and drop the music files into the NAS it all works fine. Looks like I am having a permissions issue I think(?) What can I do to fix that?
  3. Hello, I clicked the + button and used "Create folder" to add my DCIM directory on my SD card to which my phone's camera saves all of my pictures. Initial sync made sure that all my photos are on my Desktop. Now that I've got them there, I moved (ie. deleted) them to another directory on my PC so they no longer exist (hence deleted) in the Resilio Sync directory. With Read/Write permissions, I would expect Sync to now delete this pictures from my Android device, but this didn't happen. What might I be doing wrong or did I not understand how Sync should work? Resilio Sync app for Android version 2.5.9 (7471) Resilio Sync app for Windows version 2.5.9 (1088) Android version 6.0
  4. Hello, I tried add some folder to sync (for example /var/www/) but I see error "Don'thave permissions to write to selected folder" I can't change permissions for this folder, can I up permissions for resilio? Than You! CentOS 7 resilio-sync-2.5.8-1.x86_64
  5. Hey Guys, first of all sorry for my bad english :). The Advanced Folders have the nice option, to change the permissions for the devices once the folder is created and shared. I use 2 Android devices and 1 Windows computer. On Windows there's the option to chage the permissions of the Android devices, on Android, I can't change them, basically I can't create Advanced Folders. The only possibility is to create an Advanced Folder on Windows and share it with the Android device. Also, why can't I change the permission from my Windows computer? It's always Owner and can't be changed to Read Only. Kind Regards David
  6. Does the sync also bring over the file/user privileges with the files? thanks
  7. Hello, I had a problem when I switched SD cards (disabling synchronization temporarily). My sync folders are in the first SD card, but I needed to use a second one temporarily and when I put the main SD card, that has the sync folders, back on sync said it didn't have permission on the folders. Thank you
  8. I have four directories on my linux system that I want to sync. For local security and management purposes, each folder (and all its contents) should have a different group owner and umask 0027. So, I thought I would initiate four parallel installs of rslsync. Each would be configured with just one of the folders shared. And rslsync would be launched with the desired group and umask settings four times. I've run into trouble because it seems the configuration for the second "instance" is clobbering the first. (which was initially working fine) I don't understand how to use these options appropriately. --config <path> Use a configuration file --storage <path> Storage path for identity and license Right now, without either specified, the second instance has interfered with the first. There is the .sync folder created in the shared folder. But there is also the .sync folder created... I guess under the working directory of the rslsync executable. Can anyone explain the stuff in the later folder, and how I might keep it all separated?
  9. hi How might one get Sync to write synched files with file permissions different from the defalt (755) to (775)? Here is context. I'm synching well, however when I use my Filezilla client to delete a file synched by Sync i don't have permissions My 'fix' is to add my user to the group btsync, however permissions aren't write for group, so my user can't delete files. (would this work? i think so but I'm a bit of a noob) or during configuration can i make btsync user my username to write ? Cheers, Geoff.
  10. I have Synology 212j and I successfully installed BTsync. I want to create encrypted folder to NAS, but I cant.
  11. I'm using QNAP TS451 with 4.2 firmware. I plan to sync photos across my iPhone and wife's iPhone, or at least back them up on the server. Every other app has sucked so far, so this looked promising. First time I loaded the qpkg just by searching with the built in QNAP app manager (ver 2.3.6) and though the btsync screen loaded beautifully and was user friendly, if I tried to link my phone and set a destination folder, it errors saying "sync doesn't have permissions to this folder" no matter where I put it. Even pre creating the folder in QNAP. I tried to change permissions to give admin (and even a group called btsync) access to the folder and still no joy. So I saw a tutorial recommending installation of btsync by manual installation in the QNAP app screen, so I uninstalled and reinstalled manually and now the btsync screen won't load at all. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the other way and still won't load. Any ideas???
  12. Applies to: BTSync v.2.3.3 (296) Windows 7, 8/8.1, Windows 10 -- Home and Professional. BTSync prompts to install as a service -- but doesn't follow Windows service account conventions as other programs do, (IIS, MySQL, SQL Server, etc). Issues: Software Defect: Some installations, (like BitTorrent Sync), will not install the Windows Service -- unless a regular user account is specified. Expected Behavior: Should automatically provide the correct NT Service account identity, or at least allow the user too. Security Issue: The user is forced to create another regular user account, [which as a best practice, should never be done]. Workaround: After the Appropriate Service Account is specified, this temporary user account should be deleted. References Windows does not use "Service Accounts" -- in the Linux sense, but rather "Virtual Accounts" and "Managed Service Accounts, (for machines participating in an LDAP environment. Service Account Naming Convention: By Naming Convention, it appears that the virtual accounts should follow the form, "Command Name" - [Extension] + "svc" "btsync.exe" becomes "NT Service\btsyncsvc" Creating the Virtual "NT Service" Account: Open up the Local Services snap-in, "services.msc" Navigate to the desired service, (btsync), right-click "Properties". Select the "Log On" tab. Select the option to specify a user. Enter the "Conventional" service name, described above: (without quotes). NT Service\btsyncsvc REMOVE the passwords. Save - Apply Restart the Service. Setting Folder Permissions: Set folder permissions -- using the full account name: "NT Service\btsyncsvc", (using quotes may or may not be required depending on the context ...) ... It is not necessary for the btsyncsvc to have execute permissions, so remove if you like -- otherwise, full control. Error - Service Fails to Start due to "No Mapping Between Account Names and Security IDs": For example, this error will occur if you specify, "NT Service\btsync" rather than "NT Service\btsyncsvc" ... The following command will return the list of current service account names. Using PowerShell, (PS), Verify the list against the one you have specified to use for "Log On": PS > get-service | foreach {Write-Host NT Service\$($_.Name)} Error - Service Fails to Start because the Account has not been Granted Log On as a Service Permissions: This error can occur if you have specified the incorrect "Conventional Name", or if the permissions really are missing -- though will be automatically assigned if the correct convention is used. In Windows 10 Home, the User will not be able to use the local security policy snap-in to configure this, (secpol.msc) -- and must be done manually, through PowerShell, or other utility. PowerShell Scripts: To fix this, it is possible to use PowerShell. "Grant-Log-on-as-a-service PowerShell Script, from Technet Gallery": If PowerShell reports an "ExecutionPolicy Error", it may be necessary to change the ExecutionPolicy: PS > Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned ... May Result in a signing error -- And then changed to: PS > Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted And then use the Script to assign the permission: PS > .".\Add Account To LogonAsService.ps1" "NT Service\btsyncsvc" Reset the ExecutionPolicy if desired: PS > Set-ExecutionPolicy Restricted Hope this Helps!
  13. I'm not sure whether this is one or two bugs, but the problems are manifesting like this: 1. A friend shares an "owner" link with me, but I get only "read & write" permissions. When I hover over the share button, it's greyed out and says, "Only an owner may share an advanced folder." 2. I add a folder, but my only share permissions available are "read only" and "read & write". I've got six shared folders, but in fact only the first one lets me share "Owner" permissions.
  14. I already fixed it, just thought other people might experience and this might help. I have an encrypted device (SD card) mounted to drive letter "Y" Every time I tried to direct BT Sync to the drive, I received the "Don't Have Permission To Write To The Selected Folder" error. I was using the "manual connection" and pasting the link. After basically reviewing every permission and setting and wasting hours... I realized that BT Sync was adding another \ to the destination path. So Y:\Folder became Y:\\Folder - causing the error. This ONLY happened on the encrypted SD card - when I used an unencrypted sd card or just browsed to C, this didn't happen.
  15. I was ready to fully embrace BitTorrent Sync (2.2), but have come across permission errors. Folders that are server shares are not able to be synced, even if they are physically attached to the computer and not shared via network. It complains that it doesnt have write permissions, which is understandable, as read&write permissions are only set to group and using ACLs (Access Control Lists). BTSync could very easily be able to write to those folders, by authorizing itself to do so by entering the user/admin password in OS X. That is how all other software gets to write to places which need higher permissions like system folders. If BTSync does not have hightened permissions than its useless in an environment where permissions are set properly. That would be a real shame and I dont see any reason why it shouldn't. ANY other software has permissions to write to those folders, so why would BTSync not be able to have permissions? Thanks for considering, Armin.
  16. Right now, I am just using the free version of BTSync (and I am past the Pro Trial). Can multiple identities have their permission set to 'Owner' for the same shared BTSync Folder? When I share a folder, and I choose "Owner" under permission, the other user does NOT actually get that permission when they add that share folder... they don't get the owner 'crown' icon & they cannot create a share link for that folder.
  17. I am currently running Android 5 Lollipop with Sync installed. I am trying to point Sync's default save location to my Music folder on my SD card. However, I keep getting an error stating "Android OS restricts write access to this directory" wherever I try and create a folder or select a folder on my SD card. I thought this restriction had been removed in Lollipop so apps can write to their own created folders on SD cards? I can grant write access to other apps, such as file explorer apps which I can copy and move files with to the SD card with no issues. I really need to be able to sync to my SD card as I have many GBs of music I want to store there. Does anyone have a fix after having similar problems?
  18. Hello, It seems that Bittorrent Sync always tries to open files on file system with read-write access, or at least checks if read-write access is possible. If there are files which Sync process doesn't have a permissions to write to, then these files are not transferred to other devices. I can understand that write permission is needed to update a file from other peers if it is changed on that peers, but what if all other shares used only read-only key, would it still be needed? Would it be possible to add such a feature to create a share with possibility to expose only a read-only key, thus allowing Sync to access files from file system in read-only mode? The use case for me is the following. I'm trying sync backups created by 'Bacula' software. On my computer Bacula creates backup files with 'bacula:tape' ownership and 0640 permissions (so group has only read permission). There is no built-in possibility to configure umask for bacula backups. For Sync I use separate user 'btsync' and group 'btsync'. If there were the feature I described above, I would add 'btsync' user to 'tape' group. I believe Sync could work with read-only access to files. I'm using 1.4.93 beta on Ubuntu Server 14.04.
  19. Hi there. I'm looking into BTsync and how it could fit in our movie pipeline. We would use it for syncing material from on-set to our facility and to our SAN via a server with Xsan and fibre access to SAN. The issue here is that the DIT will have to delete files from his/hers local storage every now and then. I don't want to sync those deletions but i do want to sync everything he/she adds to shared folders. We would have the same setup when it comes to VFX. We would need some extra control over what they locally deletes that ripples through to our side. Cheers and thanks.
  20. Hi there! Sync 2.0 seems to be working so far...after quite a challenging setup for three pc's and two Android devices. Thanks to the developers for all the work! If, after updates, this keeps on working like how I set it up, I would buy the software. One thing though, I notice that no matter what settings I fondle with, when I share folders, with "disconnected" setting by default, other linked devices can always add those folders to sync, without me having to give them permission. Even though I select that permission is required. My setup is the following: PC 1 shares folder "shared" with PC 2, and Android 1 & 2, read/write. PC 1 shares folder 1 with Android 1. PC 2 shares folder 2 with Android 2. Also I like two-way sync backup of the camera folder of the two Androids. Android 1 camera to PC 1. Android 2 camera to PC 2. This was a little tricky. I had all the pictures on the PC already via USB (which turned out to be necessary to get my desired setup working). I then renamed the DCIM\Camera folder to DCIM\Camera_old. If I would not do that, when adding the desired PC's folder for the camera sync via QR code to the Android camera folder, it would give an unknown error. So I created the camera folder over again on the Android, and pumped back the pictures from the PC to that folder, for both PC 1 & Android 1, and PC 2 & Android 2. Ok, no problem. At least I got it working. And tomorrow I'll setup a network backup with a backup PC, PC 3. I'll have PC 1 backup folder "shared", folder 1, the Android 1 Camera folder, and it's Lightroom database & pictures with backup PC 3. And PC 2 will backup folder 2, the Android 2 Camera folder and it's Lightroom database & pictures also to backup PC 3. Only thing is, PC 2 can, without PC 1's intervention, automatically connect to the default disconnected folder 1 and the Android 1 Camera folder of PC 1. And in turn PC 1 can also automatically connect to folder 2 and the Android 2 Camera folder of PC 2. The Androids can also connect to the disconnected folders. I would like this not to be possible. Any tips? Thanks in advance!
  21. Dear all I'm still new regarding btsync and synology and my skill in "network" and "shell" are limited but not null I've recentely installed btsyns on my synology ds712+ using the syno community repo. As the repo did not had the laste version I upgradre manually btsync following the instruction on this post : I then installed btsync on bot my mac and my pc and had a try, everything seemed to work as I feel (even if some few advanced features would be welcomed) For a while, the bi-directional sync was working smoothly between the mac and the syno. However now, sync do not occur anymore and in the btsyn gui of the syno it says "don't have permission to write in selected folder" and this for all the synced folders. I check in Mac os what were the permission for the folder and it is in read and write for everyone in the gui (which should mean chmod 777) I actually don't like it but I can live with it for few days. So how a hell btsync can say he don't have the rights, especially when it was working perfectly the day before. When I saw you released an update recently, I tried to do the update manually (on the synology), following the same tutorial mentionnend above, but it stays on 1.1.48 and say it's up to date. Actually, the last non-update update solved the problem of permission I had. However now, maybe 24-48hours after the non-update update, the problem rise again. Any help. I wonder things like how can i create a group of user and user for btsync and giving it the right to read and write in my sync folders I also wonder if the problem could come from my fire wall anyway all this is un-understandable for me as it worked the day before and no settings change were done or if there is a trick related to the functioning of bt sync Please help, its getting on my nerve and if I don't find a relyable and enduring solution, I'll move back to at the end of the day more finished solution, cloudstation. But I like btsync Thanks for your attention Jo
  22. I've installed the latest version available in the app store on my iPad mini 3 running ios 8.1. I'm unable to set up camera sync due to permissions issues. The error is that I need to allow sync to have permission to photos. However, sync does not appear under photos. It does, however, have permission to "camera" (which I assume is only for qr codes).
  23. I'm experiencing a camera backup permission problem on 8.1 IOS that I hope someone can help me with. New install of iOs 8.1, just downloaded and started using Bittorrent Sync. When I swipe to enable camera backup, error says "Bittorrent Sync does not have permission to access your photos. Go to Privacy > Photos > Bittorrent Sync to enable." But, when I go to the privacy settings in my Iphone, Bittorrent Sync is not listed among the apps requesting permission. Any insights or work around? Why isn't Sync requesting permission to access my photos? All I can find on the topic are references to the camera roll problem being resolved by 8.1. , but I just switched to 8.1 before I even installed bittorrent sync.
  24. openSUSE Factory x64 ~ Cannot write to /home/fleamour/Music despite chmoding folder with 777 switch. Is this a bug?
  25. I would like to see the ability for a multi-user sync to allow multiple file owners, each file having its own read-only or write permissions. A typical scenario would be a sync shared with multiple people, each having permission to contribute files to the sync. Users who contribute files would only be allowed to modify their own files, and not the files other people contributed to the sync, unless specifically given that permission to other individuals or everybody. Unfortunately, in order to contribute files today, those same users have the ability to modify all other files in the sync. This has the potential for abuse, where a single user with permission to contribute can also contaminate all other files.