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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, just wanted to point out to a new open source alternative to BTSync - syncthing There are a lot of questions/requests whether BTSync will be opensource. So in meantime this may be alternative for those who find open source important and necessary for security reasons. Accesible open source means possibility of independent security auditing and knowing what the application is really doing. Otherwise it may very well be trojan horse. I hope this will motivate BTSync team to reconsider their position on open sourcing BTSync.
  2. When I click the BitTorrent icon on my desktop, the table displayed shows tabs for Devices, Shared Folders, Transfers, History, and Preference. Clicking on shared folders, I see a list of "folders" on my C:\ drive. I would like to see two wide columns, one for "Source" and next to that, "Destination". The columns could also be called "From" and "To". The column widths should be adjustable. I am trying to use BitTorrent Sync to create backups of files from my PC and put them on a Seagate network drive. Can not tell if it is doing it. Also need an easy way to view the files on the Seagate network drive and tell how much space is left on the drive. And I need an easy way to add or delete files and folders from the "Shared Folders, Source and Destination" lists. In the future I would like to use BitTorrent Sync to also create backups of my files on my daughter's external network drive, through our Cox ISP. Any comments or suggestions appreciated.