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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I recently updated my application from 1.0.75 to the latest 1.0.134 (love the new logo much better, haha). Anyways, I now notice that some of my folders contain a ".SyncTrash" folder, some of which are quite large. Is it okay to delete this folder? If it helps, before I was syncing individual folders within "My Documents". Now, I sync all of "My Documents." Joel
  2. Hi, I use BitTorrent Sync in read-only mode. It works almost perfectly (bug with some files, still no resolved) but I'm wondering if it's possible to let the synced files where they are when they are deleted on the other side? Explanation: - I have a Linux server 'A' and a NAS 'B'. - I create a sync on 'A' - I put the read-only secret on 'B' - Files are synced correctly and when I delete a file in 'A', I find this same file in the SyncTrash on 'B'. And I would like to know if it's possible to not move this file in 'B' when I delete it in 'A'. Thank you for your help and excuse me for my bad english.
  3. I started using Sync with Ubuntu 12.04 last week. Over the weekend, for some reason the size of one folder in the hidden .SyncTrash directory skyrocketed, and when I started using the computer today my hard drive was completely full. I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar and might know what caused this problem, and what I can do to avoid it in the future. Thanks.
  4. Testing restoration of files after they have been deleted and sent to .SyncTrash folder. Windows works as expected. I delete a file on Computer 1 (windows) and it moves the file to .SyncTrash on Computer 2 (windows) and Computer 3 (Mac). I then cut / paste file from .SyncTrash to original location on Computer 2 and it restores the file for all computers (New File). I then repeated the process and opened two windows and Moved deleted file from .SyncTrash to original location... it restored on all computers. I then delete the file on Computer 2 and file is moved to .SyncTrash on 1 & 3. I then use Computer 3 (mac) to restore file and get no joy. It is not recognized in file history and not synced back to Comp 1 and Comp 2. The only way I can get the file to restore is to move it to another folder outside of the sync folder file structure and then back again. Also deleted files don't enter the .SyncTrash folder on the computer they were deleted from.