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Found 1 result

  1. The intention of experiment, is to use BTsync as an efficient transfer mechanism, to copy archive files between servers. As according to this forum info, versioning is not reliably working, I had an idea, to catch, when particular file is completely transferred to server #1, and use additional tools on server #2 to move ready file from particular sync folder to archive folder. For example: 1. Server #1 prepares archive, and places it in sync folder, linked with BTsync to Server #2 2. BTsync start transfer (new file on Server #2 meanwhile has a name with .!Sync extention). 3. When the file transfer is completed, it becomes without .!Sync extention on Server #2 4. Check this status on Server #2, and invoke script to move the file to Archive folder, from Sync folder on the same server #2 5. By moving file to Archive folder, this would invoke delete procedure of file on Server #1 via BTsync principles, thus freeing up space on Server #1 There are a couple of complexity scenarios regarding interrupted transfers, versioning, changing the content of synced file, etc. But for now, this would be the simple scenario - when file is uploaded to server #2, move it to another Archive folder outside BTsync functionality, and invoke delete on Server #1. The question is - how to reliably find out, if the file is completely transferred to server #2? Or, does server #2 has complete correct file copy, to start other operations on it? Looking in log file, didn't give any reliably signs nor entries, that file transfer was completed successfully, which was the first place I was looking for confirmation from BTsync process. But there are no such. May be somebody can throw some ideas, on how this might be achieved? Or may be other solutions can result in this scenario completion? The main idea is to move archives from server #1 to server #2, and delete them from server #1 after sync.