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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm many years of Sync user and sync my data between computers, servers and mobile devices. Currently I have P20Pro with Android and sync some audiobooks and photos form/to this smartphone to my servers and desktops. But for already a year I experience a problem with Resilio Sync. It stops operating after several days of activity. It just don't connect to any other device and any other devices can't connect to the mobile. From the interface it looks like Resilio is fully workable but deep sleeps. So I can open interface, select folders but the program keeps rejecting the synchronization. If I try to exit from Resilio - it can't. It is trying and trying to exit without any success. Only reboot helps. My preferences are: sync only at WiFi connection, doesn't sync if the battery is 15% and low. But connection to WiFi, 100% of battery and connected power sources - doesn't change anything. What to do and where to look for a solution?
  2. Hi @All, first, I am very happy with the functionality of "Resilio Sync". It works great. I am using it with multiple clients: 2 private ones (unencrypted) + 1 phone + 1 server (encrypted). I can predefine my static server IP in all desktop applications. And now I wondered if there is an option to predefine hosts in the Android App, as well ? Or how can I make sure that my phone is finding my server without using the relay, and tracker service? Thanks for your help