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Found 3 results

  1. I have Sync installed on my android device and for some reason it is constantly doing small uploads. This seems to be from the latest update but i am not certain. When I go into the main app window nothing indicates that it is syncing in any way but the Notification icon and the status bar both show constant uploads, usually less than 25kb/s I have a suspicion that it might be showing up as a result of the large number of files that I have in a couple of the folders and that the constant upload is something to do with syncing the file status. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  2. My computer uses 1.2.82. My tablet is using the latest android version. Whenever the screen of the tablet is off, the syncing stopped. I have used "better wifi on/off" app to keep WIFI always on and the sync speed goes down to about 6 KB/s from about 1 MB/s when the screen is off. When I turned on the screen, the sync speed immediately jumps back up. Android 4.1.1 on Iconia A210.
  3. When I delete files (photos) on my Android folder that are backed up with BTsync, the same files (photos) also get deleted on my computer. I think that they should stay there since this feature is called "backup" not "sync".