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  1. Long time, lifetime BitTorrent Sync user. With Google announcing they are going to be charging for cloud photo storage, i was reminded i had setup my phone a long time ago to use Resilio sync. in the past i used it to save my photos to my own server so i didn't have to worry about compression or limitations on my photos/videos i had on my phone. I just noticed my mobile client is not running nor connected to my server. i launched the app and it started syncing months of photos. i have auto start-start enabled on the app but when i restart my phone the app never starts. I've tried disabling autostart, restarting my phone and re-enabling it and a few other combinations and the app will never auto start. I'm running android client 2.6.4 (8773) on an Samsung s10. any recommendations?
  2. Hi! I currently have the problem that Resilio Sync crashes on my Android (7.1.1, Nokia 7) Handy about one second after I start it, after having worked faithfully for years. Unfortunately the crash is so quick, that I cannot report the problem via the menu. It also doesn't show any "Application has crashed" screen - it looks like it just finishes itself. What to do? I had enabled the debug log, but I'm not able to find it with a file explorer. Where is that file saved? BTW: I think the problem is related to long file / directory names and / or unusual characters in file names. This started happening shortly after I introduced some new files with pretty long names which also contained characters like ' . But it doesn't go away now even when I remove that folder or the toplevel folder via a file manager. I also removed those files from the peers, but that doesn't help. Thank you so much! Hans-Peter
  3. Hi, I'm using a Note 20 Ultra 5G, and it appears that since some recent Android API level (29 I guess...) when you're accessing an image or a video file, you can't read the GPS data. I found out that you're dealing with a redacted file without location information. Which means that the synced files are lacking the location. Hence the backup is incomplete, which sound to me like a bug Further reading lead me to the API MediaStore.setRequireOriginal which allows you to read the original file, unredacted. It could be nice to have sync fix this issue so that the backups are not incomplete Thanks for your time and comments.
  4. Hi, I am trying out Resilio Sync I looked at the toppic: "Files deleted on desktop won't delete on Android device", as I am having the similar problem. My folders are set as "read & write" on Android -from there I started the sync, sent links to my PC, and synced. However - my folders are set as "copy only" ON my PC. And the option ON PC is greyed out - I can't change it. So - when I delete synced files on my PC - the files on the phone are not deleted. Question: can a free version Sync files or just copy from one device to the other? If yes - how can I change the option? Is there a bug at my installation of Sync? Thanks, cheers, Nika
  5. How do I go about creating a share on an Android device and then generating/creating the encryption key to be shared with a backup server? I can't locate the "key" tab/area on Android. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, ANDROID TV USERS: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LIKE(hit like, add +1, etc) THIS POST TO MAKE THIS REQUEST HIGHER On there are several devices with Android TV built in: - Sony BRAVIA - Xiaomi Mi Box - Nvidia Shield TV - Razor Forge TV In my case, I take a lot of media on MacMini, Dell Laptop and two Android TV players (nvidia and xiaomi), I'd like them all to be synced between each other. I've contacted support team for *.apk version, but it's work unstable on Android TV. It crashes every 1-2 days and I should restart the app manually. And there is no any user-firendly UI for tv-remote, it works only with mouse. Android TV support would be nice. Many Thanks!
  7. I am using the Pro license, I have a single folder shared among several linux hosts. When I scan the QR code in some device to link it to my phone, the previous one I had linked disappears. In other words, the phone always shows in My Devices the "this device" and another, last linked one. Not sure if this also results in the shared folder being re-added with (1) appended (I noticed this wrong new copy of the folder, but I'm not sure if it was caused by this issue). Also, the folder has more peers (which is correct) than devices listed in My Devices, so certainly the app is aware of more devices.
  8. Hey there, I am trying to backup my photos and videos from my android to my windows pc. What I look to achieve is that photos from my android DCIM folder backed up on one folder while videos on another. Currently what I have done is that I have created a backup with lgnoreList of *.mp4 so it will sync only my photos. But when I try to add the folder again it does not let me. What can I do to achieve my desired result?
  9. I've had a number of times where, if I launch Sync, it will wakelock my phone and cause it to burn through the battery. I'm on a Sony Xperia XZ2 on build 52.1.A.3.137 (Android 10) and on Sync version 2.6.4 (8773). I don't use it frequently enough on my phone to know if it happens every time I launch Sync, but I know it has been happening since I started using Sync a year ago. I have attached a screenshot from GSam battery monitor, showing the wakelock time. I have to force quit it from Settings>Apps to stop it from continuing to wakelock the phone. Any ideas? (I do also have a request in to Sync support, so we'll see if they have any ideas)
  10. First of all, seems like BT Sync is the best kept secret in tech today:) I stumbled upon BT Sync googling for a specific solution, but I think I can use Sync every day anyhow. 1. My original problem. On a new Android device, I copied all my media files from an older device via several cloud providers (Google Drive, Onedrive, dropbox), using several (paid for) Android apps to keep them in sync. Problem: The timestamps are reset as new files! This kills many features of many apps that need to know the age of the stuff. So, the question: If I get BT sync on the new device, and old device, and Windows-10 desktop (which has synced folders to Gdrive, 1Drive, Dropbox) will BT Sync (after deleting the erroneous stuff from the new device) copy/sync everything to the new Android device, retaining the original timestamps? If so, does my desktop need to be involved? Can the two android's accomplish this? (Not that I don't want my desktop 'involved', but want to know how this works.) On the flip side, do I need the old Android to accomplish this with bt sync? 2. Going forward: Can I replace all my Android syncing apps, (FolderSync, DropSync, etc.) with BT Sync? Can I sync win-10 Desktop folders with my Android devices remotely without any cloud?? 3. Groups. Can I have a group (about 30 people) all sync some folders on our desktops (Windows & Linux) and devices Android and ios? (That's at least 60 machines.) How does pricing work in this scenario. Woops. I went off topic. Am too excited. Thanks. nat
  11. I installed app on my Android phone and on my QNAP device. I created a user/pass and id on the QNAP device and set the default folder and file download location to /share/CACHEDEV3_DATA/Backup/ResilioSync I want to be able to create folders in this location for each device that I want to have backup/sync'd folders for. i.e. MyAndroid MyLaptop In MyAndroid for example I would like to have several backups or sync'd folders that are mapped to locations on the QNAP NAS as examples DCIM -> /share/CACHEDEV3_DATA/Backup/ResilioSync/MyAndroid/DCIM Downloads. -> /share/CACHEDEV3_DATA/Backup/ResilioSync/MyAndroid/Downloads Music -> /share/CACHEDEV3_DATA/Backup/ResilioSync/MyAndroid/Music My issue is I don't know how to do this and finding instructions has been a task in futility. I know that when I'm on my Android device and click the + I can then create a Camera Backup that creates a URL which I can send to myself ... but I just want it to know about the device I want it to backup/sync upon so I can add other folders as well instead of one at a time. Am I missing something in this process or is it this much of a back and forth setup between devices? It seems odd that if I want someone else to be able to use Resilio i.e. my wife I have to have her set these up on a device then have me manually add every single new folder she wants to backup but maybe I'm missing something.
  12. I am using resilio-sync on my android phone and seem unable to setup a read-only share (e.g. a share that if I delete a file on my android it is also deleted on the target machine). For example I want my Camera folder to be shared as read-only unto my raspberry; when I delete a photo on the phone I want it gone forever. There seems to only be an option for backup mode. Am I missing something? If not, why is this feature not available for the mobile (android) and can we expect it anytime soon? P.S. I am aware of this ( but it seems to be the other way around, e.g. create a RO share on the desktop and share that with your phone.
  13. I have created a photos backup with the Android app and it's working great. Now I want to create a new custom backup for my Signal backups. Add Add backup Custom Navigate to path Choose Folder Add Immediately taken back to the Folders list and the new backup definition is not present Anyone else run into this? Any workarounds? Version: 2.6.4 (8693) on Android 10, Google Pixel 3.
  14. Hello I'm trying to always have synchronized a folder between my NAS and my smartphone. I usually do any kind of operations with files and folders on both devices. I don't need a cloud, but just what Resilio is supposed to be. So I’m using MyCloud with BitTorrent (synchronizing a folder in an ext4 filesystem) and a Samsung S7 with Resilio Sync (synchronizing a folder in an exFAT filesystem on a mSD card). Apparently, all is working fine … but when I pay attention, is not working exactly as it should. I can create/delete/move folders in both devices (smartphone and WDNAS) and changes are coherent and fast. However, when I move files on smartphone, those files, instead of being moved, appears like same files but with “.bts” extension and 0 bytes in my WDNAS and if I create a file o copy a new file to the shared folder in my smartphone, it’s not copied to my WDNAS. The inverse action (WDNAS to SMARTPHONE) is working fine both, folders and files. So, the issue is related only with FILES when I MOVE or CREATE new ones. Even if I force a synchronization from “Sync” on my smartphone, file operations (except delete) are not synchronized. I don’t understand what’s the problem with files. "Selective Sync" is disabled and, as you can see on attached captured images, curiosly in "Details", ALWAYS appears "Last synchronization: Still no syncrhonized" (even if I force synchronization). What am I doing wrong?
  15. Its been a while since I have posted because Resilio has been working so well for me. So, we just got two identical Android phones; one is about two weeks older than the other. Both are LG Xpower3 phones. A bit of background first: I have a few FreeBSD servers all running full sync for multiple folders we will call A to G. Rock solid. Also have one Ubuntu laptop running full sync to two of those folders A and B. Also rock solid. Two weeks ago I added Sync to a brand shiny new LG Xpower3 phone, and added A and B, but in "Selective sync"mode. Also rock solid. Yesterday we got a second brand new LG Xpower3 phone. I can add A in "selective sync" with no issues, and it seems to be perfectly fine. When I add B on this second phone, after a couple minutes the app stops responding and you can feel the back of the phone heat up. The syncing process says it synced, but the files in there are greyed out, and even if I touch them to sync nothing happens. If I force stop the app and restart I get the same result. I have tried everything I can think of including removing and re-adding B, clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling (and I did that also trying to deleted those two sync folders created in Downloads to purge any hidden data). Nothing I try matters. A works fine, B just locks up the app and heats up the phone. If I add A and nothing else, Sync seems fine for as long as I let it remain. If I add B by itself the app freezes. Note I even currently have no files in B, I removed them all just to see, and I let all the other devices sit for 30 minutes (it was supper time) before I tried adding B on this second phone. The only other thing I noticed is when I touch the sync folder inside sync it takes a long long time to show the contents, whether it be nothing or files. I assume all phone versions are correct, but have not checked yet. And all machines, except one FreeBSD server, sits on the same LAN (L2 broadcast domain). And my two weeks old LG phone works perfectly fine on wifi networks outside my home network, as well as the mobile data network. I'm stumped, any thoughts?
  16. Hello. Until a few days ago I synced my music library between my PC and my Android phone on the internal storage of my Android phone. Everything worked fine. But it's gotten pretty big so I decided to move it to my SD card. In the Resilio app I disconnected, deleted the folder on internal storage, changed the default storage for the folders on Resilio to my SD card and connected to the library on my PC again. In the file explorer everything works. The music files are there. When I click on them in the file explorer I can open them in a music player and they play. But if I open the music player it (the folder with the music) either doesn't show up at all (Pulsar Music Player and others), or it shows up but I can't see the titles (the Sony music app). When the library was in the internal storage everything worked just fine. And when I move the library manually to the SD card (using my PC) everything works, too. It only doesn't work when Resilio sync the library to the SD card. Is there any solution to this?
  17. Hi Sometimes I'm wondering, why sync does not work anymore. In the app I see that there is no Peer (Peers: 0). I have to stop the app on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and restart it. Then it works again for about one week. Does anybody have the same issue? Thank you Marco
  18. Android: Name a sync to something other than the folder name e.g. to differentiate between DCIM folders on both internal phone storage and sdcard. Im probably an idiot but only just realised that the 'rename' section on the android app actually moves the folder that's being synced.
  19. Hello, I have created a new subfolder (through the Sync android app) inside an already synced folder. Since this new subfolder is empty, I can see the message "This folder is empty", but when I'm selecting a file to add, the file explorer just closes and the file is not added into Sync. And when I try to copy the file directly to my subfolder using the file explorer app, Sync still shows the folder as empty (even though a file now exists in the subfolder). Is there something obvious I'm missing?
  20. Scenario: As a user, I run into a problem with Sync. I want to provide useful information to the developers so that they are actually able to solve the problem with a reasonable amount of effort. Current situation: I turn on debug logging in Sync's settings. I do a web search to find out where I can find my log. Sync documentation on logging defers to Sync documentation on "data folder" location. This documentation shows a path that is only accessible as a root user on Android, and notes such. Ideal situation: Sync for Android provides either A) An option to set the location of the log file B) An action to send the log file
  21. Long time Sync user here. I've gone through several Android devices since I've started using Sync. On every new device (or after doing a factory reset) I set up the automated photo backup, thus I end up with a new 'Camera uploads' share every time which I have to set up on all other nodes. I'd love to see a way to allow multiple devices to back up to the same folder, preferably by setting a custom share key when setting up a backup folder.
  22. I would like to connect an external hard drive to my android tv and then be able to have kodi play files off of it. As of yet I am unable to find a way to tell sync to store folder on the harddrive. If anyone has a solution that would be very helpful.
  23. Hello, My Android 7.0 phone got update today from Google Play Store and now it's running Sync 2.6.0 (7871) I have 2 connected folders and now they both show "Can't open the destination folder". The destination folders are on my phone's external SD card and I am pretty sure Sync 2.5.x didn't have this problem (I granted SD card access). The SD card is mounted correctly and I can see all synced files from a FileManager app. I did: 1. reboot the phone 2. check System Settings / App permissions, and Sync 2.6.0 does have "Storage" permission. I suspect that Sync 2.6.0 somehow lost SD card access permission ... is there any way for Sync 2.6.0 to check/ask for SD card access again? or any ideas to fix this issue? Thanks.
  24. When the camera roll on my iphone is synced to the folders on my computer they retain the original file name. I wish the file name was a date or customizable instead of dcf450394.jpg.
  25. An image worth 1000 words, so here is what I am talking about: I added my Nexus 6 Android phone to my Resilio, and created an "Camera backup": Then on my computer, it appears like that: With the name "DCIM". I tried to add another folder but it just keeps the folder name (Like "Downloads" or stuff like that). I like to keep my thing clean and I would love to simply have a "Nexus 6" folder that contains "DCIM", "Downloads", and other folders I would like to add. Or at worst, be able to rename the folder on my computer to "Nexus 6 Camera backup", but I cannot find the menu to "rename this folder locally": (and in "Preferences": Does anybody knows if it is possible? Also, quick note for to the devs: "Clear" == "Remove from device" was definitely not 'clear' in my mind I love Resilio, so keep up the work and I can't wait to be able to use it as I want!!