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Found 2 results

  1. ...if I have already *manually* paused syncing on that folder? Obviously I know that there's not going to be any syncing done on a paused folder. IMO, in this case, the message is just annoying and a waste of time. Agree or disagree?
  2. I've been using Bitorrent Sync v1.0.116 this afternoon and have already got most of my folders set up and syncing fine. I was a heavy Windows Live Mesh user till the service shut down, whereupon I've been limping along with just Synctoy. After setting things up and letting it do its thing I figured the network activity would pretty much die down to nothing once the syncs completed, but even several hours after finishing this was not the case. Instead, I'm seeing regular spikes of network activity up to 100 Kbps-ish between the various devices on the network I've just synced. The spikes seem to occur at roughly 8-10 second intervals. After fiddling with the folder preferences I have come to the conclusion that its down to peer discovery and it seems unusually "chatty" - I don't see why it should need to use quite so much bandwidth so regularly just to "ping" other peers, is there a way that this could be reduced? Kind regards Dave