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  1. Thank you for your interest in the Sync API and being part of our developer community. The varied ways you’ve leveraged Sync’s technology are inspiring and we’re excited to continue to enable them. We want to let you know that in June we’re planning an update to our API. This update will bring significant new functionality to the API, including access to 2.0 folders for all the existing calls. We’ll provide you with updated documentation and much more information around these features when the new API launches, but wanted to keep our current API users informed All calls using the existi
  2. Hello Resilio-Team, I am trying to get the JSON output from "****/api/v2/folders/activity" with the following code: <!doctype html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <script src="" integrity="sha256-ZosEbRLbNQzLpnKIkEdrPv7lOy9C27hHQ+Xp8a4MxAQ=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script> </head> <body> <script> $(document).ready(function() { $.ajax({ url: "", cache: true, dataType: "jsonp", jsonp: false, js
  3. Hi, Are you going to provide a command-line interface for BTSync 2.0? Or an API compatible with 2.0 folders? Or at least a way to deal with 2.0 folders with config file? I love BitTorrent Sync. But I used to deploy peers using Docker containers, it was super easy. Now I can't sync the new folders (2.0) without going through the web GUI... In some use cases, it's not even an option. Right now it seems like I have to keep working with 1.4 folders...
  4. Hi, We are new to using the BitSync. We installed it as a service. The GUI works fine The API always returns "Invalid Request". We tried calling the API using and with the same result. Can someone please help. We are using a trial API key for learning how to use the BitSync Torrent API. Thanks, Rupesh
  5. Hi I have emailed and submit the forum for an API and pricing quote, we are trying to test out the API for our local private P2P content delivery system, can someone from the customer service please contact me. Thanks Steven
  6. Hi, I use an evaluation API key for building an application around the sync API. Till few days ago everything worked well and I was able to call the APIs successfully. Now when I start the Sync on one of my machines with a config file (please see below), I can not open, it just shows "Invalid request". I get the same response on all API calls on that machine. This behaviour is the same across browsers: Chrome/Safari/Firefox. Interestingly, on other development machines everything works well and the APIs work as expected. So the evaluation key seems to be valid (i
  7. Hi, I'm trying the api and everything works well till now. I'm handling the file-related events (EVENT_REMOTE_FILE_ADDED, EVENT_REMOTE_FILE_REMOVED) so my app knows when files are created or removed by other peers. Now I want to do the same for subfolders, even when they are empty. I see that empty subfolders are synced but no event is fired. I would expect to have the same EVENT_REMOTE_FOLDER_ADDED and EVENT_REMOTE_FOLDER_REMOVED as I have for files. Am I doing something wrong or you do not have subfolder events implemented at the moment?
  8. Hello, so far I was using 1.4 sync api without issues. Today I've switched to 2.0 version of BTSync and now I cannot add folders via. API method (Both clients vere 2.0/Linux server and win8.1 PC/), can somebody help me what am I missing ?
  9. Is there a way to move synced file between folders using the API only? I want to create an app using BTSync API for which this method is fundamental, but I cannot find it in the API reference. If it's not implemented yet, are there any plans to do it in the immediate future?
  10. Hello! Is there api for getting download rate for concrete folder for btsync 1.4 ? I tryed to get it by api method get_files: (have_pieces - have_pieces_old) / time_elapsed * (total_size/total_pieces). But result differ from rate in btsync gui. (I use pieces,instead of size, because size return same value each time) Any clues?) Thanks!
  11. Syveren

    Piece Size

    Hello everybody! There are method in api http://[address]:[port]/api?method=get_files&secret=(secret)[&path=(path)] return smth like this: { "have_pieces": 1, "name": "index.html", "size": 2726, "state": "created", "total_pieces": 1, "type": "file", "download": 1 } How much bytes in 1 piece? Is piece's size constant value?
  12. Hi, i'm trying to add a folder using api request and get "{ "error": 105, "message": "Destination folder is not empty. Add anyway?" }" How can i force to make it anyway?
  13. Hi! I am add folder to sync through API interface:\!temp\sync_folder I am get answer: { "error": 105, "message": "This folder contains the data. Still add?" } How, I can answer "yes"??? or turn off this answer?
  14. Hi, I'm trying to develop an application based on BitTorrent Sync, written in C++. My main difficulty at this time is to manage the btsync process, I was wondering if there's someone here who knows c++ and who could possibly help me with that. In fact I've already asked on StackOverflow: As this question is intrinsically linked to Btsync, I though it would be a good idea to look for help here as well. So, if you think you can help, or know someone who can, please do! Thanks everyon
  15. Hi.I don't add folder's throught BTSync 1.4 with python script's. Throught BTSync 1.3 work is good. What are change API functions?
  16. The Sync App 1.4.93 running on Windows crashes when the get_files API command issued with the secret of the folder with "invite" type. How to reproduce: 1. Run the Sync App with the API and GUI enabled. 2. Share any folder on another machine, check the "Peers I invite must be approved on this device" and copy the link. 3. Using the GUI on the first machine, enter the key and create a folder. You should see the "Pending Approval" next to folder name. 4. Go to should receive the JSON response like this: [ { "dir": "\\\\?\\c:\\sync\\11", "error"
  17. Hi guys, I'd like to use sync and torrent to make sincronization between folders and ipad. I try to explain what i have to do. I have an administrator and some users. This administrator have one or more folders with inside some files, jpeg,pdf and video. The users have to "copy" and sincronize all those folders on local memory on Ipad.... users with ipad does not have permission to modify those folders on files, but only sincoronize. Sorry for my bad english I hope you can understand. I'd ike to developer this app with titanium appcelerate or firemonkey. There is a possibil
  18. While adapting the btsync-gui to BitTorrent Sync 1.4 I discovered that the method get_prefs returns a plenty of new settings not visible in the Windows/Mac versions: {"bt.dl_queue_factor": "4","bt.extra_ul_max": "10","bt.extra_ul_rand": "128","bt.few_pieces_thres": "4","bt.http_pending_limit": "4","bt.prio_piece_thres": "20","bt.sequential_download": 0,"bt.sequential_files": 0,"bt.ul_queue_factor": "2","choker.interval": "10","choker.interval_auto": 1,"choker.interval_optim": "30","config_refresh_interval": "3600","connect_more_peers_interval": "1","device_name": "debpoldo - leo","disk_low_p
  19. Hi! Bt_sync 1.4 don't get/set secret on Pythhon Script. BT_sync 1.3 - it's well done.
  20. Hi everyone, Is it possible to set a different speed limit to LAN transfers than the one set in download_limit and upload_limit? I know there is rate_limit_local_peers (as described here, which defaults to 0), but it's not quite what I want. Thanks!
  21. I'm currently writing an application with Node.js which uses the BTSync API. Reading through the emailed materials and the Terms of Use, it appears that BitTorrent wants the API key to be kept secret. How do I distribute the application without revealing the API key? How can users use the included config file without seeing the key? And how do I ensure that the key is not revealed when the application itself is open-source? One solution I can think of is to create a closed-source executable binary in a language like Java, C, or Python (using cxfreeze) for each system which serves solely to s
  22. A few months ago I created a wrapper library for the Sync API as part of a much larger project but I never got around to publishing it. It is slightly more than just a wrapper as it also contains binaries and will take care of starting and stopping Sync so it makes working with Sync within Java applications much easier. Now that I had a bit of time I finally published the project to the Maven Central Repository. It is still in a very early stage and needs a lot of testing so please let me know of any problems you encounter. See the project at: Bitbucket -
  23. I was just wondering if anyone else was seeing this behavior. I have selective sync enabled on the sync folder. However, when I try calling the api to disable sync on a directory, the file info returned doesn't indicate download is equal to 0 and the directory is still synced. Has anyone encountered this and found a solution?
  24. dukex

    Golang Client

    I started a client to btsync for golang apps Every contribution is welcome
  25. According to the documentation: http://[address]:[port]/api?method=get_secrets[&secret=(secret)&type=encryption] When "type" is set to "encryption" the response should also contain the encryption key This worked with version 1.2.82 but as of version 1.2.91 it no longer returns the encryption key. Side note: The API docs need version markers and be more consistent.