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Found 2 results

  1. On 2.0 after "accept"ing approval request, the status stay on "Pending approval" on the client side of those invited, and the list of client stay on "offline" on the owner side. Owner side : 2 Mac OS X (10.9 and 10.10) syncing well each other from different locations Invited side : 1 Mac OS 10.10 and an Ubuntu I can reach the sync.conf file, and it's a well formed JSON file, so no connectivity problems. I was trying again to use BTSync instead of Dropbox, already get a 1 year pro account, but this new problem (because there is a lot of others little things) will certainly definitively ge
  2. I've installed BT Sync 2.0.124 using the FreeNAS plugin. I can sync a directory using the manual link between the webgui and my Win7 desktop (2.0.128) on the local LAN, but only if I don't require Peer Approval. When requiring Peer Approval, it just continues to say Pending Approval on the desktop client and no notification comes up on the FreeNAS webgui to approve. I do want this service since I also sync with users outside the LAN and connect via email. Is there any documentation of how the Approval process works at a lower level so I can troubleshoot? It seems the tracking and listening