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Found 9 results

  1. Long time, lifetime BitTorrent Sync user. With Google announcing they are going to be charging for cloud photo storage, i was reminded i had setup my phone a long time ago to use Resilio sync. in the past i used it to save my photos to my own server so i didn't have to worry about compression or limitations on my photos/videos i had on my phone. I just noticed my mobile client is not running nor connected to my server. i launched the app and it started syncing months of photos. i have auto start-start enabled on the app but when i restart my phone the app never starts. I've tried disabling autostart, restarting my phone and re-enabling it and a few other combinations and the app will never auto start. I'm running android client 2.6.4 (8773) on an Samsung s10. any recommendations?
  2. Friends I run Windows 10 Pro and have the free Resilio Sync version 2.5.9 installed. I have a problem with the autostarting of the program. I would like for it to NOT start automatically, but even with the "Start Resilio Sync on Startup" unchecked it still comes up every time. It slows down my comp startup even more when it is already slow, so I do not want it to start up unless I need it. What can be done? Thanks Calle
  3. I am not be able to autostart btsync after a reboot installed with apt-get I followed the instruction on the blog, but I do not know if I missed something on user permission, I am not an linux expert. do you know if there is a guide or you can help me? thank you
  4. Hello, I have installed BitTorrent Sync on my LaCie Network Space 2 and it is running nicely. The NS2 uses initng with its '.i' files to manage starting and stopping services (such as ftp, ssh, etc.). Could anyone provide me with guidance as to what the content should be for a btsync.i file? For example, the proftpd.i file is: #!/sbin/itype# This is a i file, used by initng parsed by install_servicedaemon btsync { need = virtual/net sshd/generate_keys; exec daemon = /usr/sbin/proftpd; pid_file = /var/run/; daemon_stops_badly; forks;}I have a working knowledge of the Linux command line, but my daily use of Linux was fifteen years ago. I'm not familiar with the initng process manager, and haven't been able to find any information on using it to automatically start btsync on boot. Many thanks, Jolin
  5. Hello, I recently installed Bitorent sync on my debian server. It was working perfectly until i tried to reboot my server to see if it restarts or not. I used this tutorial to install my server. The autostart script do not work and when i try manually i get this error message: root@sd-41249:/home/btsync# service btsync startJob for btsync.service failed. See 'systemctl status btsync.service' and 'journalctl -xn' for details.If someone has an idea of what is wrong. Thank you,
  6. Hi All What is the easiest / best way to get btsync to start when a CentOS server starts up? Thanks David
  7. Hi all, I am new to BT Sync and fedora. I have installed BT sync in fedora machine and able to get it to run and sync through the browser gui etc. However I have a hard time getting BT Sync to auto start when the machine starts. May I know how can i do it? I know there is a lot of tutorials on this but there are for different distro. How to get it run specifically for Fedora? Thanks.
  8. hi guys, I'm trying to finish my btsync configuration on my DNS-320 but I'm really stuck in the autostart script. I've been able to install the fun_plug, the btsync and I'm ready to synchronize but each time that I power off the nas..... i have to do telnet, login as root again and type ./btsync I've been during two days digging in the forums and google trying to find the solution but... I've not been able to make it works, so here I am asking for help. I'm almost sure that my problem is that I don't really understand how does it work, a bit noob with this kind of systems Maybe anyone with this NAS and a bit of patience can help me? Thank you!!