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Found 2 results

  1. I have couple of hundreds GB of data on several machines running btsync. I also want to access them from android phone. Obviously I don't want t sync all data to the phone. I want download some files on demand (dropbox style). I tried to use the folder in NON auto-sync mode, in this case is does not work. In auto-sync mode is tries to download whole folder. When the auto-sync is off there is Synchronized label under the folder name, which seems not logical. It is not synchronized, just a couple of files were downloaded. One more issue. I have one more folder on the phone with as little as 50 Mb of data. This folder is on auto-sync. Now the data in this folder is perfectly in sync on all devices. But for some reason under this folder there is a label Sending. But it is not sending anything and it should not! Its already in sync. Just in case you ask - yes I have read the manual.
  2. Is there an option to change whether or no BT Sync will auto sync all files to a new device? If not i would like the option to turn on or off automatic sync, it's a cool feature for sending a specific size/amount of files to someone, but i would like the ability to see what's in a folder and choose what i'd like to pull rather than having the entire folder sync. Thanks for BT Sync. P.S. Im not sure if that feature was left out so as not to make it like a cloud service, but if it wasn't it would be nice to have.