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Found 2 results

  1. In the marketing of BitTorrent Sync, I detect a shyness away from the cloud, but if Sync is as secure as it claims, utilizing the cloud with Sync shouldn't be a security issue and should provide extra benefits. Enter rainstash, an open source Amazon CloudFormation template to deploy an instance of the latest version of Sync in the Amazon cloud with very little effort. With security in mind, only necessary network services are made available, web traffic is forced to be https (though the self signed certificate doesn't validate, but that's expected), and a separate disk volume that is encrypted with cryptsetup is used to store Sync data. The upsides? Deploy one instance in the east region and one in the west region for better redundancy, or better yet, deploy five in each and two in Ireland! (I don't know why Ireland, the point is, it's easy to do!) The downsides? It still costs to run an Amazon instance, and the cheapest currently - t2.micro - plus data transfer costs is still around $10 to $15 per month per instance running 24/7 for an average use case. Please feel free to provide questions, comments, and improvements!
  2. So I thought I had successfully created a cloud on my EC2 instance, but it looks like I am missing one thing... I'm guessing it's a permission of some sort. I could post the link to where the interface is, but something tells me that might not be wise to do in a public setting, so I'm going to attach 2 screenshots. The web interface: And the Local interface: You can see that in the local interface I have not been able to get the "Amazon Cloud" to accept anything. What are your thoughts on why it wouldn't be taking part in the sync?