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Found 1 result

  1. Hi I am a newbie so please bear with me I am doing a L4 Apprenticeship in IT for my company so I am learning as I go on, I have been tasked to start a back up process for our FTP server (I know it's not backed up, RIDICULOUS!!) so a member of staff mentioned using BTSync. I have never used it before and only ever overhear people talking about it (mainly how great it is). So I thought I would start here, I have a desktop set up beside me with BTSync installed and have created a folder which points to a mapped drive of our FTP, it is fully synced now and is indexing when changes are made so I am assuming all is ok? The next step is now the back up solution, what I had in mind is to set up a NAS drive on one of our other centres so its offsite, both centres are on the same IP range and bandwidth so unlikely to see any problems there. My question is though how would I set the NAS as the back up, I would like it so I can transfer the data across from my desktop onto the NAS so the NAS isn't syncing constantly. I have a lot of colleagues that accidently wipe data on the FTP so I want to use the NAS as a data recovery. Can anyone suggest what I would need to do for this to work or any other ideas as again I'm a newbie just trying to find answers and this is great to go alongside my apprenticeship. Thank you! Tom