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  1. Hey there, I am trying to backup my photos and videos from my android to my windows pc. What I look to achieve is that photos from my android DCIM folder backed up on one folder while videos on another. Currently what I have done is that I have created a backup with lgnoreList of *.mp4 so it will sync only my photos. But when I try to add the folder again it does not let me. What can I do to achieve my desired result?
  2. I am using resilio-sync on my android phone and seem unable to setup a read-only share (e.g. a share that if I delete a file on my android it is also deleted on the target machine). For example I want my Camera folder to be shared as read-only unto my raspberry; when I delete a photo on the phone I want it gone forever. There seems to only be an option for backup mode. Am I missing something? If not, why is this feature not available for the mobile (android) and can we expect it anytime soon? P.S. I am aware of this ( but it seems to be the other way around, e.g. create a RO share on the desktop and share that with your phone.
  3. I have created a photos backup with the Android app and it's working great. Now I want to create a new custom backup for my Signal backups. Add Add backup Custom Navigate to path Choose Folder Add Immediately taken back to the Folders list and the new backup definition is not present Anyone else run into this? Any workarounds? Version: 2.6.4 (8693) on Android 10, Google Pixel 3.
  4. A few years back, several cloud backup providers started to offer Resilio (back then BitTorrent Sync) backup server services. It was really simple, all you had to do is configure the encrypted RO folder and done. I understand that I can setup a personal backup by having a friend hosting my Resilio folders on their machine but if that's not an option, does anyone know about a cloud service provider offering Resilio backup services?
  5. I understand that Resilio is peer to peer solution and there is no centralized server storing the data. I just want to know what would happen to my data if I loose all of my devices that store it? Is there a way in Resilio to recover it or because Resilio doesn't store data on it's servers, there is no way to recover?
  6. Hello, I want to not only backup my personal documemts/files etc to my Synology NAS, but also access them externally. I have libraries in iTunes plus Photos app. Is there a good setup/configuration I can use?
  7. Hi, We. Have tested the access to older versions of office documents, spread over >5 machines. Due to the sync method used there is no "checkout" process and it will happen that document versions have "burried" changes, there are 2 issues with this: A) version numbers do not indicate the same file on all sync clients. This can lead to confusions when cooperating (especially in the same room). not all versions of a saved file are stored local If there would be a configuration switch to just copy all saved versions in a monitored folder to the .syncarchive local changes would also be cept. This might also help to solve issue A).
  8. Good Morning - I've used Resilio sync for a while now - well before it was BTSync. I own a Pro license and mostly use the service to actively sync folders between my PC and mobile devices for backup and file sharing purposes. One thing I haven't ever been able to get configured correctly was where a folder shared from my phone would only Read and not Write to my PC. Even when setting a shared folder as "Read", it still syncs files in both locations. This morning, I thought I'd try the "Backup" feature so after selecting the folder on my phone, clicked the "My Devices" option for my PC. Afterwards, it was indefinitely stuck in a "Connecting" state. I know I have connectivity to the system as folders actively sync. Below are other solutions I tried to get it to work Disconnected Backup on phone and created a new one this time sharing the link (via Join) which opened on my PC in Chrome. It showed that it was trying to connect the correct folder and stated "Just a moment while we start your request..." however nothing ever happened Tried restarting the Resilio Sync Service on my PC Ensured I was at the latest version on PC: 2.5.9 Build 1088 (Installed to run as a system service) Ensured "All" was selected when viewing connected folders on PC + tried searching for the folder in Resilio Despite sync working, thought perhaps it connects over a different port so disconnected from WiFi and enabled Mobile sync. Verified sync still worked, but still wouldn't connect Restarted phone & PC then tried all over again After all of the above, I still cannot connect the two. Any suggestions you could provide as to how to set up a folder which only reads from my phone / writes to my PC would be great. The phone is an HTC One A9 /w Android 7 and PC is Windows 10 x64. Thanks!
  9. Hi, Since I switched to version 2.0, I use the feature "My devices" in order to sync easily my folders. But with this feature I can't configure the access mode (readonly or read&write) so since this version I cannot use it to backup folder because if I modify or delete a file on my backup server, it will do the change on the other device. Did you plan to add more sharing options on "my devices" ? Or maybe define a device as a "backup device" so a change on this device will not propagate it on others. It would be great. I suppose that if I want to use this kind of backup feature at this time, I have to unlink my backup server and share my folders with it like any other device ? Thanks
  10. Trying out Resilio since Crashplan is giving up its non-business support. I have one Windows computer that securely stores all of my files (File Server). Other computers connect to that machine for file access. Resilio seems well provisioned to handle this task. I would, however, like to back up the File Server to a locally connected raid array. How can I set up Resilio to mirror the files on the File Server to a raid array connected to the same machine? Thx RB
  11. Hello, I'm about to reset my Android phone and before I do that, I would like to be able to backup my Resilio Sync current configuration of synced folders and settings. How can I do this? Thanks in advance, Shai
  12. I have my Camera Backup enabled; it successfully identifies two MBP's; one connects and syncs flawlessly; the other hangs 'Connecting...' and is, oddly, on the same wifi as the iPhone. Why won't it connect? iOS 10.3.3 macOS Sierra
  13. I have a single seat PRO license and just got a new desktop computer. I have a folder on my old machine synced to a remote backup machine. I plan to use an external harddrive to move the complete folder from my old desktop to my new machine. Is there a best practices way to make this transfer without re-syncing all the files to the remote machine?
  14. Hi, Since updating from BTSync to Resilio sync i've noticed a problem with the folder structure of my iPhone backup folder. With BTSync all files would back up in one folder, with Resilio sync they back up successfully but are in separate folder, 101Apple, 102Apple, 103Apple etc? See pic attached. I've tried deleting and re-adding the backup folder, is there something i'm doing wrong?
  15. Pardon if I've missed this in the updates, etc. and understand the purpose of sync/resilio is to sync folders/files across computers, but is there a way to sync two folders on same computer? If not, please consider this feature. I'm not really looking for a backup program/utility, but would like something like the old Microsoft SyncToy but better/easier to manage, so I could keep a certain directory or directories on my system sync'd to a flash drive. And vice versa. Ideally, it would not only check the drive letter, but the label on the drive, before syncing so it doesn't try to sync every flash drive I insert. Or, perhaps there's a better way to ID particular flash drives besides drive letter and/or label (since many drives come with same label from the box). Thanks!
  16. Hello, I've searched for this topic but I could not find an answer. I read that Resilio Sync does keep old version of modified files in the .sync folder, my questions is, how do I roll-back to an old version of the files? Does it have to be a manual process (renaming and moving each file) or does it have some kind of automated roll back process? I could not find anything about restoring old version on the web ui or web seaching... Thank you.
  17. In my family we have four phones that we want backed up to four individual computers, in two locations. So far sync has been great for creating a family backup/share system that remains constant between our two houses, but I'm unsure of how to proceed with the photo backups. What I'd like is for all the phones to drop their files into shared folder on a computer and then have those photos shared to the other computers. ie, the phone uploads each file once and once only. after that the syncing should be done between the other computers and any edits/deletes should sync across. I'm afraid that if I give the phone backup key to each of the four computers, the phone will have to upload each photo four times and then each computers backup folder will independent of the others and modifications/deletes will not be shared across. How? Thanks.
  18. Hi, I have about 7TB of data that I need to backup onsite. My current plan involves using rsync to mirror the data from my Mac Mini server to my NAS every 3 hours. All changes and deletions are propagated. I am able to use the snapshot feature on new Synology NAS to provide backup history. This setup is very efficient from a data use perspective as only file changes take up space on the backup. However rsync is not playing nicely and I'm considering moving to Resilio for the data replication. My questions are: Has anyone used Resilio to replicate 7TB of data? I was planning on setting up the sync with a READ ONLY key on on the backup NAS, anyone have any thoughts on this? My main concerns are: The original data being changed by Resilio. Changes and deletions not being propagated. If anyone has any advice or experience in a similar setup input would be greatly appreciated. I think it will work, I just need to be careful as this is a production environment. I'm leaning towards just massaging rsync until it works as it's a relatively proven tool and an industry standard. However, there is definitely an appeal in having the files constantly in sync rather that only every 3 hours... (rsync takes about 1.5-2hr just to index the data set...) Cheers
  19. A lot of people on this forum have a Raspberry Pi using BitTorrent Sync. Over the last couple weeks, since the original blog post of Sync + WD + Raspberry Pi, I have been working on a script for everybody to use to install, update, backup and remove BitTorrent Sync on their Raspberry Pi easily without worrying how to actually do that. And now I am ready to let you guys know about it. It does exactly what you would think it does: Install, update, backup and remove an installation of BitTorrent Sync using that script. Not more, not less. You can check it out on my GitHub page here: Raspberry Pi + Sync Script All the instructions and what to do is described there. Hope this will help people that are just starting to use BitTorrent Sync on their Raspberry Pi's.
  20. I plan on using bittorrent sync to share media between my home computer and my computer at University. Most of the media is just photos, but some of the media is downloaded movies, etc. Will I get in trouble sharing this media to myself essentially? This is using bittorent sync so I'm basically P2P to myself and not to others so the two computer's IP aren't public to be caught by a media company via DMCA.
  21. Hi.. I use Sync on my Android Samsung Galaxy S4, my wife's Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & a Galaxy Tab S to backup photos, and also to sync a file of music between devices, and selective sync some photos and documents (I have a pro license) - I also use Sync on a 2 desktop computers and three laptops (all Windows 10). All devices are kept up to date. A few days ago the Android devices stopped backing up, and although sync is still running all the folders are listed as disconnected and the camera backup isn't present. If I restart the camera backup it creates a new file and starts from scratch (which is a large upload!!), and if I try and link any of the folders again - same issue - it creates a new folder even though the original is still present on the SD card. Any thoughts would be appreciated as to what has happened and how I can prevent it.. otherwise I am going to be spending a lot of time re-syncing and have DCIM (9999) in no time!!
  22. Hi, I just was curious about the function of folders when they are copied. When I copy a folder from one hard drive (#1) that has a folder already being synced to another computer's (#2), when viewed on the new hard drive which I copied it onto (#3) it has the Sync label in the Mac finder view. Does this mean that the new copied folder onto the 3rd external drive will also be synced? It is under a different name and is not listed under the folders when opened in Sync, it is just the view in the finder that leads me to believe that. The drive #3 is a backup of sorts, if that makes a difference. Cheers and thanks! Included an image of the folder in finder as well.
  23. Hi! I activated iOS photo backup und my iPhone 6S with iOS 9.2 (now 9.3) to sync my camera roll to my Mac. What works is that it incrementally adds my new photos to the Mac sync folder, but it does not remove the ones from my Mac that I deleted from the camera roll on my iPhone, i.e., sync is not working. What to do?
  24. Hi, Over the last month, I've had a lot of trouble with BTSync and had to reinstall several times. Each time I've done this, I have lost all the config options (mainly the shares). I'm now on the official debian version, but am confused which config files I should back-up. I want to get to the stage where I can install BTSync on a freshly formatted device, restore a config, and all the old settings and shares are there and working. Can anyone advise which folders and files are essential to be backed-up to make this happen? Thanks Will
  25. Thanks for a great product. I have search for an answer to my question with no luck. What is the difference between how Sync and Backup behave in this product? I found this thread where others want to know the same thing. Thank you.