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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, a schredule system could be great because performance of my network are bad when SyncApp run Great job! MrSigma
  2. Hey Guys, I'm not able to throttle the bandwidth via options. The two boxes for up-/ and downstream are checked (I entered 2MB max.) but this does nothing. What can I do? Thank you already for your help
  3. Currently using Resilio Sync on a DSL network (5 Mbps down). With Resilio Sync running, my internet speed drops to less than about 300 kbps. I have set Resilio Sync Global Limits to 128 KB/s for both up and down - but there is no change on internet speed. With Resilio Sync on Pause, home bandwidth goes right back to 5 Mbps, but as soon as I resume syncing, bandwidth drops to about 300 kbps
  4. The SOURCE Peer is uploading to the TARGET Peer which is downloading. Notice from my screenshot, that upload shows 3.2KB/s and the download is 9.3MB/s. Looks like a bug to me. CORRECTION: This sync folder has 3 peers. I'll re-run the test. The 3rd peer is on a VERY slow circuit. I'll bet the same issue will occur. SOURCE is running 2.5.8 (Windows) TARGET is running 2.4,4 (Windows)
  5. [sOLVED] See below. We have a setup where I use BTSync to synchronize classic folders of file updates with other members of a team. All users are trusted, but on one machine I only want to sync over LAN because of bandwidth restrictions. My laptop is connected nightly on an unlimited internet plan, while a desktop is within a LAN on a metered connection. I download updates from an always-on server when I am home on the Laptop, and open up BTSync on both devices so that they can sync over the LAN. Laptop: Moves between connections. Syncs with internet and desktop. -Windows 10 -Sync 2 -U
  6. Does btsync automatically choose between syncing over a local network vs syncing over the internet? I have a laptop that, when on my lan, I want it to sync locally only (to conserve bandwidth), but of course it would have to sync over the internet when I'm outside of the house Will the btsync clients automatically switch over to local syncing when it detects that I'm at home and on my own network? I know theres an option to only sync locally, but wondering if this process it automated if you leave both local and public options on Secondly, is there a way for me to check/confirm whether
  7. I am using BTsync 1.3.80 in 2 windows sites. I am now dowloading from site A to site B and it will take a few days to sync completely. The issue is that in site B the total down speed in the bottom of the app window is from 1.5 to 2 times the sum of total speed. Site B is dowloading now at a sustained rate of 210 kB/s at the bottom of the screen while the sum of the three dowloads at this time is 101 kB/s. What is the effective transmission rate? The same can be seen in site A but in the up direction. It has been behaving like this for days now. What is the explanation of that behaviour?
  8. I have btsync installed on my desktop, my laptop, my android phone, and my android tablet. The sync involves only mobile photos taken by the phone and tablet. My tablet has been off for days and I have taken no photos on the phone for at least a week, yet, according to my firewall (Comodo), btsync is constantly consuming about 50% of my bandwidth. Why is it doing this if there is nothing to sync (everything has already been completely sync'd)? Is my computer being used for some other peer-to-peer transfers (besides my own)? The tray client reports 0Kb up; 0Kb down, but Comodo says the
  9. Who can help me share a file (share will remain less than 300mb). I'll return the favor by helping you with your (comparable size) share :-) (-: Thanks, got enough help to do my testing :-)
  10. I think a transfer cap similar to the feature in uTorrent would be nice