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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Synology today released its public DSM 7.0 Beta. I updated my DS414, but the Resilio package is not compatible. Would it be possible to update the Synology packages please? Thanks in advance,
  2. Peer: Android 5.1 Beta. SD CARD. Peer: Windows 10 Desktop. Mostly syncing ok. But I have folder(s) that won't sync on the Android, but the Android Sync app knows about them and allows me to sync 'manually'. Details. On the desktop, I copy about 30 files into a synced sub-folder. On the Android (even days later) they DO appear BUT ONLY in the BTSync app, as NOT Synced. Why? How do I get all the files, to appear in my standard Android file-explorer? I don't want to manually tap each file (in the BTSync app) to have it sync. I want all peers to sync without the need to open the btSync app. Am
  3. About how many people are using BitTorrent Sync? I feel like using beta software for such a critical function is questionable. However, the price is right, the functionality is excellent, and at least for me, it works really well. Actually, I should say I think it is working... it's possible there are tons of corrupted files that I just haven't opened yet! If there were 10 other people using this, I wouldn't even consider it. Not enough data to have any confidence that it is reliable. On the other hand, if there were 1 million people using this regularly, I probably wouldn't care muc