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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Changes on EXIF dates (done with help of Picasa) is not recognized by Bit Torrent Sync. Any Idea how this could be achieved to have the Picture in sync between 2 PC's when just chaning the EXIF date? Renaming of files does not help, because on the remote PC the local files will be renamed, so the EXIF date of the pictures wil still be incorrect. thanks.
  2. I am using bit torrent sync to sync a folder on 3 macs and 2 pc's. I do most of my work on 1 of my macs, the other 2 macs sleep during most of the day, and my 2 pc's are always awake. I regularly notice that when I open BT Sync on my Mac that I've been working on all day, it doesn't list any devices. When I open BT Sync on the PC right next to me, it lists the 2nd PC as a connected device, but nothing else (the two other macs are asleep, so they shouldn't be listed). So my mac that I'm working on doesn't notice the PC's, and the PC's recognize each other, but not the mac I'm working on. If I restart BT Sync on my work mac, then the 3 "awake" computers recognize each other, and the files begin to sync. When I go home, I wake up one of my macs that has been asleep. It doesn't see the other computers. I'll open up my work mac laptop that I've been using all day, and sometimes it doesn't notice the other computers either. To fix the issue, I have to restart BT Sync on *both* macs, otherwise neither mac recognizes any other devices (sometimes restarting one mac will get it working on that computer, but often times not the case). This is super bizzarre. I think it has something to do with BT Sync getting d/c'd when the mac goes to sleep, but I'm not sure. Please help! It would be highly impractical for me to have to restart my BT Sync on all of the computers every time I wanted to sync a file! Thanks in advance.