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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I would be great if that would be the case, so I don't have to manually copy .SyncIgnore to all machines every time I make a change. This is especially useful in situation where I'm syncing my development projects between machines and don't want the compile / build artifacts to be synced as well. Right now, .SyncIgnore is serving 2 purposes, the outgoing ignore and the incoming selective syncing. I think that it should serve only the former and sync automatically to all machines, and if you guys want to support selective incoming syncing, to use another settings file for that purpose, local to each machine, that doesn't get synced. Thanks, Ronen
  2. Some countries are crazy when it comes to punishing torrent users, and some users want to be a bit extra prepared just to be on the safe side. Some people prefer their personal privacy. Lets just say if someone for instance where an active TPB user, downloading american shows, but don't want to be detected by people who wishes to cause problems. Would this scenario be a safe way to hide behind the radar?: 1: Use a browser through a proxy, for instance Tor to look on TPB for desired torrents. 2: Use an anonymous vps, which has a torrent client installed and web UI to add the torrents and download them on the VPS. 3: Transfer the media file after torrent is completed using BitTorrent Sync to my personal computer to enjoy the show. Is this a secure solution, or do you recommend something else?