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Found 11 results

  1. I've used BitTorrent Sync 1.4.111 on my family network for years, with some extremely large shares. I am considering upgrading to Resilio Sync Free. But I haven't been able to find a clear description of the features this version offers, especially as compared to the old BitTorrent Sync. It looks like the pro versions of Resilio offer some interesting features that may be worthwhile to upgrade to if I find the base product works well, but before I go to the great deal of time and trouble to switch over, I need to make sure I won't run into some artificial limitation like number of share
  2. Hi i will keep it simple. When i try to add a sync[folder] on my mobile's sdcard My phone is a samsung galaxy S5[sM-G900F] [/storage/extSdCard/Android/data/com.bittorrent.sync/files ] The app will crash and no folder will be added. I noticed that this problem should've been fixed in the last update: v 2.0.83• Fixed crash on adding a folder to external SD card I hope you can help with the problem. w12w
  3. Hi, Certainly heard of BitTorrent Sync never used it. So today I'll find a good opportunity to test BitTorrent Sync. I want to sync a remote server with my Synology NAS. Tried to install the latest package from this site but it fails to install. It outputs "This package is not supported on the platform of RackStation" I think this error is related to the DSM 5.2-5532 Update 1 I'm running. Is it possible to fix this? Edit: I have a RS2414+ so I tried to installed the x64 version
  4. Hi, Maybe the question can be stupid, but if I use a permanent server which is a kind of P2P client but always available, is it possible to use it as a DLNA server with BitTorrent Sync ? The server and all DLNA devices are in the same LAN (at home). Good night
  5. Hi everyone, I follow all the ways to install Bittorrent Sync. But none of the works for MybookLive 2tb. I tried this: -------------- wget bash -------------------- also this teps are following: 1. You need to find out your CPU type for NAS and download proper binaries; 2. Login to your NAS over SSH 3. Transfer binaries there 4. Unzip it 5. Made chmod +x ./btsync 6. Then in browser go to your_nas_ip:8888 and configure sync when I write the command chmod +x ./btsync i got the error menssage that : bash: /shares/Public/btsy
  6. Today we are proud to introduce to all the BitTorrent Sync community a new product we have just launched: Syncmade ( Syncmade allows you to add a cloud presence to BitTorrent Sync without the hassle of purchasing a server and configuring UNIX-based BitTorrent Sync on it. Such cloud presence will allow you to keep your files online 24/7 while at the same time boost transfer rates by adding a 1Gbps peer to your BitTorrent Sync network. Syncmade brings competitive advantages for general users by offering cloud geography, or the option to select where the files should ge
  7. When trying to start the bittorrent sync client with --config, to use the API on Mac OS X Mavericks the client just exits immediately. No output is given on stdout, no log is written in /Users/<me>/Library/Application Support/BitTorrent Sync/sync.log nothing. No hints. If I run the same command without --config it runs just fine and properly starts the client (with UI) as expected. I'm using the latest 1.3.109, but for sakes of testing also tried a 1.3.106 I found. See below for relevant details. Help? Thanks in advance! bash-3.2$ pwd /Applications/btsync/BitTorrent
  8. Hello, We are a Software Development Shop that uses file synchonization in order to develop on Windows and automatically sync source code changes to our linux servers and reload our development servers automatically. We've been using Dropbox for months, and recently decided to give BitTorrent Sync a try and we noticed that it takes for Dropbox usually 5 to 10 seconds max to sync changes to the server whereas BitTorrent Sync takes about 15 - 20 seconds. We think that the problem actually is not due to data transfer protocol latency but due to the Windows file watcher taking more time to
  9. Hello, Since I installed bittorrent sync (and nothing else), my laptop seems to freeze for a couple of seconds, when coming out of standby, behavior that didn't exist prior to installing it. Environment: Windows 8.1 64 bit Syncing with a folder on unbuntu 12.04.4 Thanks, Ronen
  10. Hello, I had setup bittoorent sync on my DNS-320 few weeks ago based on the helpful instruction at here, (thanks for providing the info) Everything worked very well for few weeks and all of sudden the web gui does not open again. Any hint where to start troubleshooting? Many thanks! F.
  11. Hi, I took a look around the forum and internet and couldn't find a solution. But basically my problem is this. My brother's laptop got stolen and we had a synced folder together. After his laptop was stolen I noticed that the folder continued to sync (that the person who had stolen his laptop was using the computer and didn't realize that bittorrent sync was still working). He didn't have find my mac enabled so there's no way to track this guy, except maybe through the ip. Does anyone know if bittorrent sync saves or I could view the ip address of the connected folder? I'm not even sure