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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I am sitting with the problem of many companies associating the bittorrent protocol with piracy and just throttle or block it. To overcome this problem I have been thinking of using a SSH tunnel between my work network and home network. I am guessing that if the listening port or port 3838 is opened, the BTSync clients would be able to negotiate and connect with one another. Any advice on the matter would be appreciated. Regards ErgoPandemonium
  2. Since this year my school blocked the protecol of Bitorrent sync I think. I am not able to upload, download or conntect to other devices. I stopped using dropbox for privacy reasons. But now my bitorrent does not work. How can I deblock it
  3. I have BTSync installed on 3 pcs and my Android phone. Until a few days ago, sync worked fine but now each client is not seeing any devices. Also if I check for updates in the app, I get "Unable to contact Bittorrent Sync update server. I have tired from multiple locations / internet connections, without any luck. As mentioned, everything had been working fine for months, so I am wondering if the GFW (Chinas firewall) has started to block this server (if it is even possible to block, because torrent works fine). Any suggestions?
  4. Hello, I hope some of the developers come around here once in a while. I am doing this transfer and it suddenly stalled, I am running btsync in Fedora 20, if I go to the Web GUI things look normal, only that nothing is transferring even though the folder I am trying to sync shows that is not being synced. If I run: $sudo systemctl status btsync@user.service Where user is my username, I see that the above shows up, it shows up along with other problems but the other problems are normal and haven't prevented syncs in the past, it seems pretty clear that the problem is the line shown in the topic. Anybody has any idea of what causes that error? Wilbert