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Found 3 results

  1. I recently abandoned SASS file synchronization in preference of DIY solutions, namely ownCloud and BitTorrent Sync, the latter of which I prefer for its design. I got excited about this and so I set it up on a few of my devices and everything was going just fine with new directories I made for trying things out. I felt ambitious and decided to sync a bunch of my existing files (for which I'd previously used GoodSync across devices). I was synchronizing my pictures folder when I noticed that after the first sync, BT Sync wouldn't continue to update files. I tried fiddling with the folder and advanced settings and I wasn't getting anywhere so I turned on debug no avail. Nothing stood out and nothing looked like the source of the problem. Then I remembered something: I'd moved a bunch of my pictures from my Mac system onto my (almost exclusively) Windows systems. Windows has restrictions on what characters are allowed in file names and Mac OS has none to my knowledge. Long story short, I ended up renaming two offending files: >@3.jpg
  2. I have BTSync working great on a couple of headless linux boxes, as well as on my linux laptop... I do not want to forward port 8888 from each router to the particular local headless box, instead I wish to use the WebUI over an SSH tunnel. As I am also using BTSync on my laptop, it means I cannot forward my local port 8888, as it is in use, so my usual command would be: ssh -L 8889:localhost:8888 user@remotehost Then viewing http://localhost:8889 actually loads the WebUI of remotehost running on port 8888. Unfortunately this does not work properly, as the WebUI seems to have hardcoded in the location of AJAX calls - so it tries to perform actions on localhost:8888 (which is not the correct address!) One workaround of course is to use a config file to change the WebUI port on each system, so that I can forward the same port as is being used (e.g. ssh -L 8889:localhost:8889 user@remotehost) - but this is not an ideal solution!
  3. We have been using BitTorrent SyncApp for collaborating at work since we were invited to the Alpha last week. So far, the product is fantastic and we hope it improves in the future. Keep up the good work. This is more of an unexpected behaviour bug than a technical bug. BtSync in this case doesn’t behave similar to DropBox or other file sync systems. Use case: Two users on two separate computers are editing different files in different folders stored in the same BtSync shared folder. User1 has file1 in folder1 open and is editing. User2 renames folder1 to folder2. BtSync detects the change and synchronizes BtSync folder now contains folder1 with only file1 and folder2 with all the other files User1 saves file1 and deletes folder1 User2 still has folder1 until he deletes folder1 The desired behaviour would be that folder renames are propagated and synched between computers, even when a file inside the folder is being edited.