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  1. Image files and video files will be displayed as thumbnails when downloaded. If you replace the file with another file with the same name, the previous thumbnail will be displayed. I tried deleting the cache, but it didn't work. Please tell me how to display the correct thumbnail or disable the thumbnails.
  2. I have a fresh install of Sync. On startup, Sync main window pops-up. It should stay minimized. Sync version and system OS details attached.
  3. We have been using Sync for 3 years now and still, once every couple of months need to audit the system to make sure that files have not been randomly deleted. I frequently have designers and producers come to my office and ask if files were moved. Entire folders and the content are being deleted and we can not figure out what is causing it. We can sometimes narrow it down to the machine that caused it, but not why they are deleted. Generally, If caught early enough, I can recover the files from the Archive folder, but it requires hours of cross-referencing to make sure we have everything that
  4. I have one machine in a group of 7 peers. It is randomly getting false status messages that it has been "disconnected by owner". I can't find any history of this happening to others. Furthermore, we're not using the paid features of BT Sync 2.0, so we don't actually have the capability to disconnect this machine except from the machine itself. I can't find anything in the log file that seems to indicate the disconnection that's going on. Can anyone offer some insight into what's happening? Thanks, -Kody
  5. I use plenty of apps that start in the background, whose windows I can access via the taskbar and they do not add a window to the desktop on startup. Examples: Backup and Sync from Google, Radeon Settings, Wincompose, Discord... They all have windows I can make appear via their taskbar menus, and yet, they do not do so unprompted on each startup. This issue appeared before. Although it was marked solved, after windows updated, the problem reappeared. Old thread: Sync Version
  6. Hi folks, I am a user of SYNC PRO, and I bought essentially because of the Placeholder function. But, before I get it to work, I made a case study of the possible behaviours of the program, and found three critical consequences, and two worrisomes actions. The criticals (in RED) in my opinion condemns its use because the original file is lost, if the unsuspecting user make the refered actions in the local computer! The worrisomes actions in orange only erase a file copy, but is undesirable too. This infos is summarized in the table. PH is the abbreviation of Placeholder. I
  7. For a really long time the Resilio icon in the macOS menubar has been set in front of a non-transparent background that makes it stand out in comparison to all other icons. It is really distracting and unaesthetic. I would love to see a fix. The problem appears in both the white and black menu bars, even with the macOS accessibility feature 'reduce transparency' activated.
  8. I am developer and I am using git for some chess module - as many others. I want sync my repositories between machines - as many others. What happen: I setup Sync on git repository path like "git-repos/git-xxx" on computer Alice. I setup Sync on other computer Bob and copy read-write code from Alice. Files was synced from Alice->Bob I do some development ... and push to Bob git repository branch e-xxx. Some files was synced but some not synced so on Alice there is not branch e-xxx. I do some compare to learn what happen. It is happen that Alic
  9. I just performed a sync using BitTorrent Sync v1.4.110. I am 100% certain BitTorrent Sync overwrote newer files with older files. I don't have any idea why it would do this, except for a serious bug. The file dates and file contents clearly show that new files were overwitten by old versions. I had performed a backup of some of the data before enabling the sync, and the backup confirms the problem. A little more detail: I had previously used BitTorrent Sync on these folders using 1.4.9x. Only 2 computers are using BTSync and they run the Windows 64-bit version. They are on the same w
  10. I found a bug in BTSync that is causing Window File explorer to hang for 30+ seconds when right clicking on files on a network share. It appears to be the "Share with BitTorrent Sync" contect menu When I disable the BTSync's context menu using ShellExView My right click works just fine and does not hang file explorer. I have been having this issue for almost a year now on multiple computers running windows 7. Today I tracked it down to BTSync by trial and error. I just updated to the latest and greatest BTsync 2.2.7(160) with the same re
  11. I've installed resilio sync on a couple new devices and I'm seeing inconsistent and incorrect behavior. Each of the last four machines I set to Disconnect state when initializing them, but as soon as I committed the setting, resilio sync started downloading all shares, and not selective. This causes a massive disruption, as the system then slows down so much that it takes forever for me to change each of the 40 shares back to disconnected and delete all the accidental share additions. Is anyone else experiencing something similar? Any ideas on how to fix this?
  12. Windows 10 Pro x64. System has 2 disks: Disk1: "C:" - Small SSD with system, and user accounts and documents (some folders syncing with resilio). Disk2: "D:" - Larger disk with a large synced folder. Say "D:\Data" "Default folder location:" was located at "C:\Users\<username>\SyncFolder" but was empty and NOT USED to sync anything. System was running unattended, for several days. When I checked today the system was choking for lack of disk space. It turned out that Resilio Sync had substituted for "D:\Data" a folder "C:\Users\<username>\SyncFolder\Data" As a
  13. I've been using bittorrent sync for a few months now and it is a lifesaver, but I recently discovered that when OS X aliases (similar to Windows shortcuts) are sync'd they are no longer recognized as aliases and do not work properly. For example, I have a folder sync'd between 2 Macs (both running OS X 10.8.4). When I create an alias to a .pptx file on Mac A, Mac B sees it as just a .pptx file (not an alias to a .pptx file) when it receives the sync. Therefore, when I try to open it, Powerpoint is launched and gives me an error that the file is bad, instead of the original file (that the alias
  14. I had a windows desktop and 2 android pads been synced for 1 folder with BTsync. I add some folder (with files) on desktop BTsync folder, and these will auto be synced with other 2 android pads, which is worked very good. eg: BTsyncRootFolder\sampleSyncFolder BTsyncRootFolder\sampleSyncFolder\file1 BTsyncRootFolder\sampleSyncFolder\file2 BTsyncRootFolder\sampleSyncFolder\file3 but problem is when I delete the folder (and the files in it), an empty folder keep coming back, eg: BTsyncRootFolder\sampleSyncFolder the only way I can get rid of this is I have to manually delete these empt
  15. Previously I was asked me to wait for until an update to the web UI about a bug I was having with cookies. With 1.3.105 the problem is still there. I've boiled the problem down to the smallest test case I can. Basicly if there is a cookie with a name that ends with "GUID" the HTTP request for the web UI errors with "invalid request" for me. Doesn't matter what the cookie value is. Test script: Sample output: Repeat of this post.
  16. BitTorrent Sync 1.4.111 continuously prompts with an update to 2.x regardless of the user’s choice to not ask again. Removing the checkmark from “Always check for updates to this version” makes no difference whatsoever. Please fix.
  17. I've removed my 1.4 shares, to upgrade to 2.0 shares (of course i've made a backup from the settings and the database). First i've set the new share to be preapproved when new client connects, but even if i approved the connection, the client wrote "waiting for approval". So approvals do not work, it's OK, i don't need it. So i've disabled the approve requirement, and tried again... but the client still writes "waiting for approval" while it isn't needed. Then i said ok, i've just restore to 1.4 database, so restored everything that is related to btsync, but that isn't worked, as the clien
  18. Hello, I have the pro version of Bittorrent Sync and I guess to have found a bug. I have two installations, one with my own identity and another with a test identity. Now the test: 1) Create a folder with some data to sync on the personal identity 2) Share the folder with the Android Device with the test identity and choose "Read Only" 3) Connect to the folder with the test identity 4) First, the granted permissions suddenly change to Read/Write and second, they are only changeable to Owner and Read/Write but not to Read only This can be reproduced at least on my fresh installation
  19. Since the upgrade to 2.0, some of my shares stopped syncing. I use several Linux servers and several desktop clients with 2.0. The main thing that is different from a normal setup is that I created the shares with a key that is 3x as large as the normal key. Simply 3 keys put together as one. This did work perfectly with 1.4, but with 2.0 my shares stopped working and only the ones with a normal key work. Also, in the desktop version the shares are now seen as ReadOnly, while the key is a normal read write one. Are longer keys not supported anymore?
  20. i've setup btsync on 3 computers all running windows 7 64bit. After one computer crashed because of BSOD several synced folders had all their contents removed. I looked in the archive folder to find them there. is there a plan to detect if a harddrive has been disconnected or other synced computer to know of BSOD. this has happened 3 times. you could reproduce it by disconnecting a USB drive during sync
  21. Hi, after several hours of trying, I'm able to short my bug report to this: I have 3 Computers, Two Linux (Raspbian/Debian, Ubuntu), One Mac (Mavericks). The Debian and the Mac uses Sync 2.0, the Ubuntu computer uses Sync 1.4. 1. When I add a 1.4-style read-write key to my mac, my key is one character too short (32 characters). Adding a space solves this, so I can add the folder. The key was once created with an older version of sync. It has no A,B or R in front of it. 2. Although it was a read-write key, the folder will be treated as a read-only folder. It only offers/shows me the RO ke
  22. So, running btsync on linux (64bit nixos), it is creating a new identity everytime I reboot the server. The btsync user: btsync:x:113:498:Bittorrent Sync Service user:/srv/data/btsync2:/run/current-system/sw/bin/nologin His home directory: drwx------ 1 btsync btsync 252 Apr 14 14:48 /srv/data/btsync2 The config file: { "device_name": "fancydevicename", "storage_path": "/srv/data/btsync2", "listening_port": 45654, "use_gui": false, "check_for_updates": false, "use_upnp": false, "download_limit": 0, "upload_limit": 0, "lan_encrypt_data": true,
  23. Btsync crashes on my Windows 8.1 Pro - I tried both the 64bit and 32bit version of current revision. It opens correctly till the welcome window shows and crashes when I click "continue" I am a new user, hence have not had it installed before. Win 8.1 is up to date as by Windows Update. It also crashes if I use the built in support request feature. /edit: I tried the older versions 2.0.93 and 2.0.85 in both 32bit and x64 and they show same behaviour. Windows error report: ------------ Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name:
  24. I have read a FAQ: If you try to add a folder to BitTorrent Sync and you see this message, it's likely that you've already used the "secret" you're entering for one of the other folders you're currently syncing. It's not possible to sync two separate folders on the same device using the same "secret". But this is not my case... I have directory containing about 60,000 files. Which according to FAQ should not be a problem. It is syncing fine, but GUI shows error BitTorrent Sync cannot identify the destination folder. Nevertheless directory is syncing fine, or at least I haven't found any
  25. I downloaded the latest version of Sync on my Pc and my iPhone 5s running iOS 8.1. I created an accound on my PC, and when i try to link my iPhone via the QR Code it gives me the following message: "Can't link your devices. Please check your connection and try again" Do you have any solution for this problem? P.S. I tried to link my devices both on Wi-Fi and 4G